How effective is the combination of your main


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Media A2 evaluation part 3

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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. The Ancillary Products  Magazine Cover Movie Poster
  2. 2. Main Product 
  3. 3. Theory behind the three products To gain the biggest interest from a target audience it is imperativeto find their preferred method of promotion – i.e.: which productthey are most likely to endorse. With this in mind, I decided tocreate a movie poster and a magazine cover to support my teasertrailer. Although it could be said that my ancillary products areboth Print media and therefore I am only targeting a “print-based”audience, I attempted to use multiple forms of promotion bycreating a live Facebook page for my teaser trailer - a place whereall three products could come together and be available across theworld (making use of the “global village”- a term made popular bythe theorist McLuhan). I included the link to this page in the lastshot of my teaser trailer. This also invited various commentsabout my teaser trailer (which contradicts the hypodermic needletheory that an audience takes in the information given by a textand does not question it).
  4. 4. Branding  The surveillance logo ( heading ) is found in all three of my products. I have chosen to incorporate this into all three products as I thought it effectively linked the three products together creating (in a sense) a brand. The Dictionary of Media Studies (by Nicholas Abercrombie and Brian Hurst) defines a brand as “A marketing device that links a range of products… by giving them a distinctive common identity”- which is what I have attempted to achieve when producing my main and ancillary tasks. The definition furthers by shedding light on the way in which people use brands: “ People define themselves through the brands they adapt”. In my opinion, this what makes thecombination of my main product and ancillary tasks effective, as every step of the way I have thought about my target audience and whether they would be endorsing the “brand” that I am creating; for example: I have included younger people in all three of my products because that is the age my product is aimed at.
  5. 5. Setting  The setting in my movie poster (the house etc.) is the same as the setting used in my teaser trailer. Therefore this creates a sense of continuity between the main and ancillary products. I also felt that this setting suited my teaser trailer as it is an up-market residential area – a place seen to be safe (which is very ironic really) as my teaser trailer reveals that this area actually isn’t as safe as it may seem.
  6. 6. Symbolic Codes The theorist Roland Barthes describes a text’s codes as “ a galaxy ofsignifiers”. Within (especially) my teaser trailer and my magazinecover, I have employed symbolic codes. For example; dress codes.During the Teaser trailer, Beth Pritchard is wearing very feminineclothing such as light pink high heels etc. to suggest to theaudience that she is young and modern, whilst the yellow checkedshirt she wears emphasises her wealth and middle class status.Similarly in the magazine cover, Dean Richardson is wearing abeige / light grey fleece – suggesting his need for comfort after thedeath of his wife. However, his dress code also highlights hisyouth as in the teaser trailer he wears a pair of chino trousers. I feelthat the codes that I have used are quite effective in combining my3 products as the codes are the same throughout each, thereforecreating a set of codes that are used each time and that can beeasily recognised by an audience.
  7. 7. Characters My ancillary tasks both feature different characters. Mymagazine cover features Dean Richardson (the main malecharacter) and my Movie poster is taken from his perspectiveshowing a picture of the main female character (BethPritchard). I feel that although at first this may not seem tolink, after closer observation, it is clear that Dean isobserving Beth – thus creating a stalker, victim) scenario.
  8. 8. Use of the Colour red Throughout all three products I have endeavoured toincorporate the colour red. In my movie poster I have used itto symbolise that Beth Pritchard is the victim / target as hercoat is the only thing that appears in a bright colour in theimage. On my magazine cover, I have utilised red colouringacross the top of my magazine and within the “Surveillance”logo. And, in my teaser trailer a red car was involved in thestalking scenes. I think I tried to make the colour red a motiffor danger and an indicator of the victim across the threeproducts. I believe that this helps to effectively combine mythree products into an advertising package.
  9. 9. More use of Colour The use of darkness in the movie poster relates to thelater shots in the teaser trailer whilst the greenbackground of the magazine cover relates to the gardenshots during the opening of my teaser trailer. I feel thatthis effectively combines my three products by creatingmental links for the audience to associate with.
  10. 10. Use of font In all three of my products the font varies; for example:the text used at the bottom of my movie poster differsto that at the bottom of my magazine cover. In myopinion, this gives each of my products a uniquequality. However, it could also be said that this is adownfall of my three products as normally apromotional package will use the same or similar fontsthroughout. I think that if I were to redo my threeproducts I would definitely bare this in mind in orderto make the combination of my three products moreeffective.
  11. 11. Tagline The tagline “Ever feel like you’re being watched?” used onthe movie poster is linked throughout all of the products.Whilst the movie poster explicitly deals with the tagline, themagazine cover and teaser trailer both make more subtlereferences to it; for example: the main image on themagazine cover is of Dean Richardson looking through hisbinoculars and the teaser trailer features various clips ofDean watching the house on foot under the cover bushes andfrom within his car. I believe that this helps to successfullycombine the three products, however this could be moresuccessful if I had made some more explicit references to thetagline within the teaser trailer – by perhaps using a voiceover of the tagline being read out or by incorporating it intothe opening of the teaser trailer.
  12. 12. Overall Overall I feel that the combination of my three productsis very effective. I have constantly thought about how Icould link the three and I think that shows in the depthof ways that they are connected. However, Iacknowledge that there are areas of weakness in thecombination, the main example being that the fontvaries between the three products; but this is somethingthat I can work on with future productions.