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  • MC: Get everyone warmed up by getting to know one another.High Five and introduce your names.Bump Knees and say where you are from.Touch elbows and say how long you have been with Nu Skin.Ask everyone to participate fully and in a positive attitude. Be a team player.
  • Clear the timeDo you have a minute? (clear present time)Do you have any plans for tomorrow at 7pm? (Clear future time so they don’t come back and say they will be busy at that time after hearing the invitation.)Compliment (be genuine)You know I always respect your leadership skillI know you are one of the best businessman I knowI really like how you always try to help othersI can always count on you for your opinionetcCreate CuriosityI am calling you because I just learn of a way to retire before 65.I just started my own business and I want you to check it out.You always wanted to do something different, I think I found it. Etc=> I want you to come and check it out at 7pm tomorrow.ControlThere will be questions, but it is your job to keep the curiosity level high. You can’t not personally answer these questions, instead just tell them: “All of your concerns and questions will be answered. I am not asking you to commit to anything, I just want you to come and find out with me. CommitmentThis part is CRITICAL. After you followed the first 4 steps, you must ask the prospect to commit. It’s tomorrow at 7pm, can you promise to show up? I will arrive at 6:45pm and will be expecting you, ok?
  • Be in agreement. You made a valid point.That is an excellent questionYou are thinking what I was thinkingExploreWhat exactly do you mean by that?Can you please tell me more?Conditional Question: If……would you….?If I can show you it’s not the people on top who make all the money, would you do the business?If I can show you it won’t take too much of your time to do this, would you do it?If I can show you it doesn’t cost a lot to start, would you do it?If I can show you don’t have to sell to make money, would you do it?
  • Nu Skin Training

    1. 1. BREAKING THE ICE ắ
    2. 2. Agenda: 10:00am: 10:10am Break The Ice 10:10am- 10:15 Why Are You Here? 10:15am – 11:05amWhy MLN Why NS Why Now 11:05am – 11:20am Duplication Plan (Emerald Pan, Ruby Plan 1000, Power of One) 11:20am – 11:30amGoal Setting 11:30am – 11:35am Create Contact List 11:35am – 11:45am Inviting 11:45am – 12:00amPresenting 12:00pm – 12:10pm Getting Started 12:10pm- 1:00am Skitz/Role Play (Invite, Present NP, Getting Started) 1:00pm-2:00pm Lunch 2:00pm-2:10pm Prospecting/Follow Up 2:10pm- 2:25pm Handling Objections 2:25pm- 2:35pm 2 Minutes Story 2:35pm-2:50pm Edification/3 Way Call 2:50pm – 3:00pm 3 Way 3:00pm – 3:25pm Skitz/Role Play (Edification, 3-way Call, Handle Objections) 3:25pm-3:40pm Product Knowledge/Recognition 3:40pm-4:00pm Recognition and Wrap up
    3. 3. A new $150M Innovation Center
    4. 4. WHY NOW
    5. 5. WHY NOW
    6. 6. Duplication Plan
    7. 7. EMERALD PLAN 1. How many people? M1. 6 M2. +1 M3. +1 3. Investment: M1. $360 M2. $102 M3. $102 2. What to buy and use? M1. 350 ADR M2. 100 ADR M3. 100 ADR 4. Income: M1. $105 M2. $47.50 M3. $16,540 EXECUTIVE QUALIFICATION Month 1: 1000 GSV Month 2: 1500 GSV Month 3: 2000 GSV Total: 4500 in 3 consecutive months
    8. 8. MONTH 1 (5% of L1) Start with 350 ADR order and 100 ADR order each month after. Share with 6 people like yourself to start building your network. 350 350 350 350 DISTRIBUTOR 350 350 350 350 PV 350 x 6 = 2100 L1 GSV * 5% = $105 + 2 FREE package ($450) When you started, you are a distributor.GSV = 2450 You are paid 5% on the volume of the people you personally sponsored.
    9. 9. MONTH 2 (5% of L1) You: Share with 1 more person Help the first 6 each share with their 6. Each follows the 350 PSV and 100 ADR plan. DISTRIBUTOR 100 L1 GSV 950 * 5% = $47.50 L2 GSV 350 * 36= 12,600 100 100 100 100 100 100 350x6 350x6 350x6 350x6 350x6 350x6 350 GSV = 13,550 You have accumulated more than 4500 to qualify as an EXECUTIVE.
    10. 10. MONTH 3 (9-20% of GSV) Keep duplicating and in month 3, the first 6 people you sponsor will qualify to become Executives. And you therefore qualify to become Emerald. EXECUTIVE 100 100 6x100 36x350 100 350 6x100 36x350 100 350 6x100 36x350 100 350 6x100 36x350 100 350 6x100 36x350 100 350 6x100 100 350 350 6x350 36x350 L1 = 1050 L2 = 36x100 + 7x350 = 6050 L3 = 36x6x350 = 75,600 Total GSV = 82,700 GSV 20% * 82,700 = $16,540
    11. 11. GOAL SETTING
    12. 12. 2012 AVERAGE MONTHLY COMMISSIONS MONTHLY $401 EX $801 1 2 $16,704 $2,720 $5,241 4 $32,640 RUBY 6 $10,532 8 $62,892 EMERALD $51,436 12 $617,232 BLUE ANNUALIZED1 DIAMOND For information on the average percentage of distributors at each level see the table below Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor $4,812 $9,612 $1,392 $126,384 DIAMOND requires considerable time, effort and commitment. There are no guarantees of financial success. These figures do not represent a Distributor‟s profit, as they do not consider expenses incurred by a Distributor in the promotion of his/her business and do not include retail markup income success. The average commission paid to U.S. Active Distributors each month was $133.92. The average monthly commission paid to U.S. Active Distributors who earned a commission check was $1,010.26. On a monthly basis, an average of 13.26% of U.S. Active Distributors earned a commission check. Active Distributors represented an average of 39.91% of total distributors.* 1- Average Monthly Commissions Multiplied by 12 2-These averages are calculated by taking the average of the total monthly distributor/executive payee *Total distributors includes all distributor accounts currently 14-US0513NR on file, irrespective of whether they have been active (e.g.
    13. 13. BUSINESS GOALS • How many hours working NS/week • How many new contacts/week • How many presentations/week • How much Group volume/month • How many bonus pool points/month
    14. 14. WHAT % FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH THEIR GOALS? Source: Brigham Young University, “It‟s Not About the Money” “That is a good idea” “I will do it” “I will do it by a specific date” Set a plan Told someone else about my plan Set a specific time to report progress 10% 25% 40% 50% 60% 95%
    15. 15. 1. State the goal (be very specific) 1. Why? 2. When? (be very specific) 3. What are you willing to give up for your goal? 4. Who will be your validation partner?
    16. 16. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT Very few people know exactly what they want out of life, and only 2% have a written plan to follow in order to achieve these goals. Method to use: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Find your WHY Set a GOAL Create a PLAN Make a COMMITMENT Take ACTION
    17. 17. WORK SHOP GOALS
    19. 19. YOU Friends 1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. __________ __ Family Business 1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. _____________ 1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. _____________ Communit y 1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. _____________
    20. 20. INVITING
    21. 21. THE 5 C’s 1. Clear the time 2. Compliment 3. Create Curiosity 4. Control 5. Commitment
    22. 22. CLEAR THE TIME Do you have a minute? Clear present time Do you have any PLANSfor tomorrow at 7pm? Clear future time so they don’t come back and say they will be busy at that time after hearing the invitation.
    23. 23. COMPLIMENT Always open with a GENUINE compliment: John, I‟ve always admired what you do, and your success…. Jane, your positive attitude has always impressed me…
    24. 24. CREATE CURIOSITY Use powerful words and say only enough to PEAK THEIR INTEREST Example for the Galvanic Spa “I‟d like you to see an incrediblenew technology that is literally changing the face of the anti-aging market. In just 10 minutes the improvement in the way people look is amazing. We have the exclusive rightsfor this technology. We are talking huge potential and no one elsecan get it. I want you to see this amazing DEMO Tuesday night at my home at 7 PM.” Don’t take more than 3 minutes!
    25. 25. CONTROL Once you have peaked their curiosity, they will ask you questions. DON’T ANSWER! If you satisfy their curiosity, they won‟t be there!
    26. 26. COMMITMENT Getting them to really commit, is the most important step! “I‟ll check my schedule…” 25% chance of show “I‟ll really try to be there…” 35% chance of show “I will definitely come!” 50% chance of show
    27. 27. THE SW FORMULA • • • • Some Will Some Won‟t So What Someone‟s Waiting
    28. 28. SYSTEM 7 PRESENT
    29. 29. 1. JOIN THE TEAM or 1-800-487-1000 Distributor - Order Products at Wholesale - Participate in ADR Program - Connect 6 Level Up
    30. 30. 52
    33. 33. 5. BECOME A RUBY You Executive Executive Executive Executive Every 6 Months: - Success Trip - Product Launch (LTO) - Recognition Event Executive
    34. 34. Skitz/Role Play Invite Present Getting Started
    35. 35. LUNCH BREAK
    36. 36. Prospecting
    37. 37. I N Prospecting: Direct Approach V a)You‟ve been very successful and I‟ve always I respected the way you‟ve done business T b)You are super sharp. Can I ask what you do for a E living? c)When you told me you (hate your job, need more money, wanted to find a new house,etc.) were you serious or were you just kidding around? Great! I think I‟ve found a way for you to (get it/solve the problem/make it happen).”
    38. 38. Prospecting: Indirect Approach b)Have you thought of diversifying your income? c)Do you plan on doing what you‟re doing now for the rest of your career? c)I think you will like what I do! I N V I T E
    39. 39. I N V If the prospect starts to ask questions, they are curious. This is good. I Just say the following: T E “I don‟t want to spoil the movie for you!” a) “This is exactly why we need to meet! I will show you everything then and I will also be able to answer your questions.” b) “Why don‟t you review the information, it will help you formulate your questions so I can help you better… I will call you back after you have reviewed the website.” Keep the curiosity high – don‟t satisfy it!
    40. 40. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, IT’S ABOUT THEM • Listen, not just hear • Understand their needs See it from their perspective  Ask the right questions  Leverage available resources (media, PIP, YouTube, etc.)  Be prepared before you go
    41. 41. TIMING NOT “RIGHT” 1. “12 O'clock” principle 2. If the prospect is not at “12 O‟clock” a. Ask permission to periodically update them on the business b. Ask them to contact you, if things change Remember, You can’t make it 12 o’clock for Them. c. Always “keep the door open”
    42. 42. FOLLOW UP
    43. 43. “THE FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW-UP” Most people never follow-up with their prospects because they are afraid to be told “no.” If you just make the calls and then follow-up, you will succeed.
    45. 45. THE ART OF HANDLING OBJECTIONS • Leaders Sift & Sort • Some people aren‟t at 12 o‟clock • Others aren‟t right for this business • Only 4 “Aces” in a deck of cards • Some objections indicate valid concerns • Your response can enable your prospect to see themselves successful with their Nu Skin business
    46. 46. TIPS • • • • • • Get Help with Objections when First Starting Listen without Interrupting Don‟t Assume – Ask Questions Repeat for Clarity Don‟t Argue Be Precise & to the Point • Be Prepared • Tell a Story
    47. 47. DON’T HAVE TIME I Idon’t have time! What you’re saying is: “You’re busy, but if I could show you a way to be successful with the time you have, you’d be interested?” Leverage Part-time System Team
    48. 48. I HAVE NO TIME 1. No Time = No Leverage 2. It is like saying, “I have to walk to work everyday because I don‟t have time to learn how to drive a car.” 3. You will NEVER have time unless you find a way to Leverage your time. Every time someone tells me “I don‟t have any time” I immediately know they have zero leverage or lots of risk. 4. This business gives Leverage with near zero risk Remember, You can’t make it 12 O'clock for Them.
    49. 49. Is this Network Marketing? “May I ask what your experience is with Network Marketing?” Don‟t get defensive. Point to some positive facts about the company: 29 Years in Business Publicly Traded Award-winning Forbes
    50. 50. I don’t have money! Let me see if I understand: “You really want to do this business, but you’re concerned about the investment?” • Almost Zero Risk • Duplication Models • Massive Action • Make back their investment
    51. 51. NO SALES EXPERIENCE I don’t like sales! • Perfect!! • Many of our most successful distributors had no sales experience • We have a proven system that works
    52. 52. HANDLING OBJECTION AN EFFECTIVE STRATEGY: 1-2-3 1. Be in agreement. • • 2. Ask exploratory questions: • • 3. Your concern is very valid. A lot of people have the same concern. What do you mean by that? Can you tell me more? Conditional Question: If……would you….? • If I can show you that is not the case…would you do the business?
    54. 54. 5 Points to Tell Your Story 1. Your name („Hi, I am Sue‟ or „My name is John‟) 2. Where you are from (e.g. Brussels, Belgium) 3. What your background is (e.g. teacher, construction worker, secretary, fireman, corporate executive or real estate agent) 4. Why Nu Skin & Where You are Going (What is and what can be. The problem and the solution.) 5. My Sponsor is ___________.
    56. 56. Edification Why: •To Lend Credibility •To Create Elevation - Tee Up •What we Edify Goes Further What: •Nuskin Products, the Company, Upline, Downline, Sideline, System How: •Speak positively with Uplifting Introductions & Stories
    57. 57. EDIFICATION – WHY AND WHEN Use it for 2-on-1 meetings, 3-way calls, etc • • • • • Help with questions & objections Validate Training Duplication Stories
    58. 58. 3 Way Call A B C Advisor Bridge Client P D C A Plan Do Check Adjust
    59. 59. Responsibilities and Concepts for (B) 1. Educate (A) about (C) Before (A) meets with (C), you need to inform (A) about (C)‟s background, personality, work experience, current financial situation, future plans, etc.
    61. 61. 100% PRODUCT USER •Become a Product of the Products •Replace the products in your home with Nu Skin Products •Minimum of 25 products in your home
    63. 63. RECOGNITION: CORE: 100% Product User Please Stand if you have a Minimum of 25 products in your home Remain standing if you have 26+ products in your home. 27+, 28+, 29+, etc. 86
    64. 64. ATTEND ALL EVENTS Recommended by s7s and Upline There is an escalating series of Events & Calls that help new distributors gain a better understanding of and commitment to Nu Skin. Your goal is to encourage as many of your team members as possible to advance up the ladder of Events & Calls in order to build confidence and increase success through participation and leadership development.
    65. 65. BE A TEAM PLAYER ★Duplication ★Edification ★No Cross Lining ★Consultation
    70. 70. “With greater confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will set bigger goals, make bigger plans, and commit yourself to achieving objectives that today you only dream about” – Brian Tracy