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Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. Evaluation 2
  2. 2. Marketing TimetableThe marketing timetable for a film, is a key part of attracting the audiencesattention and encouraging them to go and see the film. When creating ourposter, magazine cover and trailer we had to take into account in whichorder they would been shown to the audience and how they would work inconjunction with each other. We agreed that the films poster would be thefirst to be shown out of the three. This is because these will be shownacross the country to engage initial interest into the film. They willparticularly target people who visit the cinema on a regular basis as theywill be shown at the entrance of many cinemas and also on the street or inshops. We then agreed that the magazine cover and trailer would be shownin unison as these will be the most effective marketing techniques whichwill be shown to the widest target audience. The magazine cover will beparticularly useful in targeting ‘film buffs’ who will regularly buy filmmagazines to hear about all of the new releases. The trailer will targetpeople who already visit the cinema regularly and who go to see films of asimilar genre which means this is the most likely of the three to draw in thebiggest audience. The three pieces combined together will address theaudience, as they each share a continuity and include the same film noirconventions. The combination of the three enables the film to be marketedat its full potential.
  3. 3. The PosterAs the poster will be the first piece of marketing to be shown to the audience we hadto ensure it would create a sense of interest and a lasting impression. A poster has ahard task; it must catch our attention and give us information about a film in one stillimage. We tried to capture the audiences attention in a variety of ways. We added amysterious effect to our photography which we felt followed the conventions of filmnoir and gave the audience little insight into the narrative of the film. For example wefeatured a gun on our poster which is not only iconic of the film noir genre but it alsoindicates todorovian narrative and that crime is a major aspect of the film. We alsoadded mystery by using low key lighting during our photography which blurred outhalf of the main characters face. By doing this it would stir an interest for audienceleaving them wanting to know more. We also didn’t include anymore information onthe poster but the bright red title of the film. The red of the text contrasted with theblack and white of the image, which had connotations of blood and danger whichimplied to the audience a possibility to what the film is going to be about. The posterworks in conjunction with the trailer as they share very similar mise en scene and bothfeature the main characters. The unique selling point of the poster was the revival ofclassic film noir which was shown through the style of the characters dress, the blackand white colour scheme and the props such as the gun. The poster also workseffectively in conjunction with the magazine cover as they both use the maincharacter of the detective as their main focus. They also share the same colourscheme of black, white and red which makes sure the film marketing keeps a clearcontinuity throughout.
  4. 4. The Magazine CoverSecondly the magazine cover would be released to the target audience. As the magazine coverwould be potentially seen by a wider audience we had to ensure that it was to a professionalstandard. By doing this we researched into a range of film magazine covers which allowed us tobuild a greater understanding into the typical conventions. With being on the front cover of a filmmagazine, this would indicate to the audience that the film is going to be sell out. This would also beused to address an audience who wouldn’t usually go to the cinema but will see the film advertisedon magazines in the shops. With having the film promoted on a magazine front cover, it could befound in any local store which would appear to a greater audience. Photoshop allowed us to be ableto add a range of different effects to the magazine cover. For example drop shadow, we added thisto all the copy on our magazine front cover. By doing this it added a more professional effect to thecover but also followed the conventions of film noir. It also allowed us to edit the photograph sothat there was a greater contrast between the light and shadows in the image, this added to thestylistic element of the cover. The magazine cover works effectively in conjunction with the posteras they both feature the main protagonist of the trailer. They also both feature the gun which tellsthe audience that violence and mystery is going to be a main focus of the film. However, on themagazine cover we have also chosen to use the character of the Femme Fatale in the top rightcorner. This offers the audience a new focus compared to the film poster and intrigues them as theywill want to find out what the connection between these two characters are. It also could possiblyattract a wider audience compared to the poster as the female character will draw in more males togo and see the film. The magazine cover also offers much more information to the audience thanthe poster does such as exclusive content into ‘Kelly and Hicks Noir smash hit’. The cover gives theaudience a small insight into the plot and characters of the film compared to the poster which wasonly used to gain initial interest. The trailer and magazine cover work in conjunction with eachother as they are both released at similar times. The magazine cover may evoke the audience toview the trailer and the trailer may prompt the audience to buy the magazine.
  5. 5. The TrailerFinally being released would be the theatrical trailer. This marketing technique will be the most profitgrossing of the three for the film as this will be seen by the widest audience. Not only would thistrailer be seen in cinema’s nation wide, but would also be found on the internet on website such asIMDB and Youtube. Both website have a very large fan base when it comes to trailers of new up andcoming movies. This will allow the film to stir an interest with an audience who would be interested ingoing to see the film. The trailer will also be found on national television during advert breaks, bydoing this the trailer will have an impact on an audience which might not usually go see this type ofmovie. This follows continuity of the poster, and cover as it is stylistically related to both. Although, thetrailer functions in a different manner as it allows the viewing audience to not only get a sense ofnarrative to the film but also be able to decide if they are wanting to go and see the movie.Throughout the trailer we used a mixture of long and short shots to build up tension and create asense of mystery. The intent of this was to appeal to the audience by making them interested enoughto pay to go and see the film. In the trailer we also used a voiceover which gives the audience moreinformation into the plot of the film that the poster and cover did, but it is careful not to give toomuch away and ruin the mysterious element to the narrative. We also used only the two maincharacters in the trailer which helps to link it with the poster and the magazine cover as they onlyfeatured them characters.Overall, I believe that the combination of my poster, magazine cover and trailer all work effectivelytogether at advertising the film. Each of the techniques features the stylistic elements of film noir andalso each one can be used to capture a different part of the audience, used together this will draw inthe largest audience for the film. They also each feature the USP of the film which was to mysteriouslyrevive film noir, this was done by not giving too much information away to the audience too early inthe marketing schedule.
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