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Segmentation strategy


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Segmentation strategy

  1. 1. YouTube’s diverse target audience exemplified by the market segmentation strategies By Ryan Johnson
  2. 2. This page will provide an example of how this YouTube’s target audience will be exemplified. The large, red writing represents the larger group (demographic, geographic, behavioristic and psychographic) of the segmentation (Kokemuller, 2014). This is followed by a description of each larger group. Down the page on the far left are the smaller categories of the larger group and next to these are examples of each smaller category. This will be followed by a white box with a link in it to take you to the example on how YouTube appeals to each category. Below is an example of this. Larger group: Description of the larger group. Smaller category: Example of smaller category Link to that example on YouTube
  3. 3. Age: Gender: Education: (Kyds tv, 2013) (HarperTeen, 2006) Kids Demographical: The most traditional market segmentation strategy and is divided by several factual traits (Kokemuller, 2014). Teens Adults (Un Unitar, 2011) Males (Bennett, 2013) Females (MakeupbyMandy24, January 3, 2010) (CRMendinburgh, December 18, 2012)University High school (Vonwynn, March 7, 2012)
  4. 4. Geographical: This happens when the seller’s market is limited to sell their product in a certain place or area. This may appeal to a local town, state wide or even on a national level. Local: Regional: National : Town (WA Health, October 31, 2013) (HeatherVlogs, June 27, 2011) State (Russian Hockey Videos, May 25, 2014) Country
  5. 5. Psychographic: This category can be described as the popular interests, lifestyles or beliefs that people share with each other. Religion: Food preference: Christianity Muslim Vegan Omnivorous (By Faith, May 5, 2006) (TheDailyReminder, December 4, 2011) (Vegancookingwithlove, March 12, 2010) (HodderBooks, November 12, 2012)
  6. 6. Behavioristic: The beneficial factors for people to use the product or watch the video. This could include what will the target audience learn next week, what will they get if they get the product or watch the video or what happens if you use or watch the product or video for a certain period of time (Kokemuller, 2014). (Machinima, 2006) In this example, the channel, Machinima, gives prizes such as fan art, t-shirts and games to their subscribers when they enter competitions.
  7. 7. So you may be asking yourself what does this all mean? Well, allow me to explain. The previous slides conclude that YouTube uses all of the market segmentation strategies to appeal to every type of target audience. Now of course I have not mentioned anywhere near the total number of target audience examples within each of the four strategies as there are to many to count. Many markets use a combination of different target audience examples to even further pin point their specific audience. What I have done is provided some of the most prominent with examples of how the content of YouTube relates to that target audience. This clearly displays that YouTube is for everyone! No matter where you live, what you do, how old you are or even what food you eat, something on YouTube
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