Collision Final Draft


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Collision Final Draft

  1. 1. Collision ByAshley Jackson & Hannah Rewbury Bridgwater College
  2. 2. FADE IN.INT. ELDERLY MAN’S HOUSE - SITTING ROOM - DARK ROOMEDDIE sits down in armchair, one leg crossed over the other. EDDIE Aah a bit of peace and quiet. Now where’s my pipe?Rummages in cardigan hung over chair. Rose likes the smell of baccy, but she always complains that I tap my pipe on my heel, or wipe the edge with the curtains.Chuckles and taps the pipe on his heel and sucks on pipe. Rose always gets my dinner about now. (smiles to himself) We like to have a bowl of soup and a crusty roll. Tomato’s her favorite.Ruffles hair. She said it was my hair that attracted her, ruffled with a hint of James Dean. (pause) Everyone loves Rose.CUT TO shot of dress in bedroom on mannequin. With her Marylin Monroe curves; she’ll always be a star to me. Don’t know what she ever saw in me. Always said I was the rock that kept her anchored.Sucks pipe. CUT TO.INT. ELDERLY LADY’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - DARK ROOMEvelyn is sat at a dressing table, running a brush throughher hair. EVELYN One hundred brushes every night- that’s what my mother insisted we did before bedtime. I like to look my best. Richard wants me to play the part, hostess with the mostess.Laughs. Entertaining all his clients
  3. 3. 2.CUT TO dining room, table set for dinner party. EVELYN isstood holding a bottle of wine and fills a glass, talking tothe empty room. "yes Mr Hiroshura, the veal is locally sourced. Would you care for more wine?"CUT TO EVELYN back in the bedroom at the dressing table.Picks up glass of wine and sips. Cheers. Richard never likes me to drink before 6, but what the hell. When the cat’s away the mice will play.Laughs and sips wine. CUT TO.INT. ELDERLY MAN’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - DARK ROOMEDDIE picks up nightgown and lays on bed and inhales smellfrom nightgown. EDDIE Chanel number 5, Rose’s favourite.CUT TO dressing table and Chanel bottle. She always said it was her one luxury. I used to collect my loose change in an old biscuit tin and when it was full I would go to Jolley’s and buy her a bottle. Her skin is still as soft as silk.CUT TO bathroom. Taps running. A simple girl she would say - ponds face cream for me and a drop of almond oil in my bath.CUT TO mirror. EDDIE walks forward towards the mirror withnight gown in hand. (Smiling) She would let me scrub her back - come closer Eddie she would say. Tendrils of hair falling down and brushing her neck. Oh to kiss her slender neck. That is what I will miss the most.Drape nightgown over mirror. CUT TO.INT. ELDERLY LADY’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - DARK ROOM
  4. 4. 3.EVELYN picks up perfume bottle with stopper and dabs behindears. EVELYN Richard and I went to Grasse last year. He treated me to my own parfum.EVELEYN places stopper back in bottle. (Pronounced in French - parfaa) A top note of verbier with bottom notes of vanilla and ylang ylang (pronounced yang). Good job my mother had the foresight to christen me with a decent name, l’eau d’Evelyne (pronounced Evehlean) has a much more distinctive edge to it. (Sounding bitter) Imagine if you were called Rose.CUT TO hospital ward and bed, with a sign on the wallreading ’Rose’. Eau d’Rose sounds like a lavatory cleaner. CUT TO.INT. ELDERLY MANS HOUSE - BEDROOM - DARK ROOMEDDIE sat on the edge of the bed gazing ahead, unfocused. EDDIE Why Rose? Did you grow tired of your bingo and nights down the club? Was the rough at the edges one time bad boy not good enough for you?Sighs. I will always love you Rose. My beautiful fragrant Rose.Lays down on bed, runs arm up Rose’s side of the bed. CUT TO.INT. ELDERLY LADY’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - DARK ROOMEVELYNE putting on red lipstick, then walks to the wardrobeand takes out silk ties.
  5. 5. 4. EVELYN I have been a good wife, obedient, subservient, housekeeper and cordon bleu cook. Richard has always been attracted to the finer things in life. He used to call me his Geisha girl.Fingers silk ties and puts around neck. What ever possessed you to put it about with a brassy barmaid? I’ve turned a blind eye in the past but this really hurts. CUT TO.INT. ELDERLY MANS HOUSE - BEDROOM - DARK ROOMEDDIE sits at the dressing table and picks up Rose’sbelongings in turn. EDDIE You always were attracted to the smooth ones, especially if they had the patter and (siren sounds fade in) a fast car.CUT TO ambulance leaving hospital. A silver XJs with leather seats,CUT TO car stopped on road, hazards flashing. No competition hey? He out did me.FADE TO EDDIE on dressing table stool. (sirens fade out aswell) What did I tell you Rose?CUT TO shot of no seat belt warning on dashboard of car. Clunk Click every trip, why were you so careless?CUT TO EDDIE on stool. No time for Goodbyes now.EDDIE sobs and sinks down onto dressing table. CUT TO.INT. ELDERLY LADY’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - DARK ROOMEVELYN frantically starts stripping the bed.She picks up Richards PJs and sits on the end of the bed.
  6. 6. 5. EVELYN What are you going to do now Richard, ? Or should I call you Dick? How does it feel to be all alone? (Sounding bitter) Was there a lot of blood, red like a Rose, trying to impress her were you? Well she’s gone now. (Sounding wistful) You know, don’t you. I will be here, waiting.FADE OUT.