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Gender in tv drama


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Gender in tv drama

  1. 1. GENDER IN TV DRAMA Hanna Burrows
  2. 2. STEREOTYPES OF GENDER  Its common in TV dramas that the males go out and work and are more intelligent, whilst the females stay at home and cook, clean and not like football. These stereotypes are common in TV drama and in the media but not (most the time) true.
  3. 3. CAMERA SHOTS AND MOVEMENT Gender is presented through camera shots, angles, movement and composition because when you are watching a TV drama you also get close ups on their faces, which allows you to see their face in detail and to know that they are a female/male. Movements of women in TV dramas is a fast, standing tall walk, mostly in heels and they flow as they walk to show of themselves. This allows us to know she is a female. The movements of males is slow, relaxed and very casual. The TV drama Keeping up with Kardashians shows the way they think women should walk very tall. Also Rob Kardashians is a good example of how males are seen in TV dramas because he walks very slow. This links to the male gaze as because the Kardashians are on the TV a lot they want to look as girly as possible.
  4. 4. SOUND Sounds shows how gender is represented because everything thinks that when they hear a high pitch voice its obvious a women and when they here a low one it’s a males voice. This is just a common thought everyone has because they were brought up in a society where they were given gender roles. This links to the male and female gaze as both want them to be as feminine and masculine as possible.
  5. 5. MISE-EN-SCÈNE  Women tend to wear heals and revelling clothes which allows the males to see there figure and allows them to be show offs in most TV dramas. Teenage boys tend to wear jogging bottoms and trainers. This links to gender because each male/woman shows their selves through their clothes, and males and women both show off to the other sex, clothes helps them. Basically all TV dramas use clothing to attract the opposite sex and to also allow people to know what gender they are.
  6. 6. AGE AND CLASS AND STATUS  Age shows gender in three different ways, as infants, teens and elderly. As children they are commonly dressed in pink or blue depending on their gender. For teens they have crop tops and shorts for girls and long shorts and t-shirts for boys. For elderly you mainly see them in dresses for women and nice formal clothes for men. All these shows how age shows how gender works within each gender type. Eastenders shows this because some characters are young and others are older  For class and status most women/men are very formal or very casual. They can be shown at nice angles and seen as “royal” when they have a higher status or seen as “tramps” if they have a low one. They tend to where posh, formal and expensive clothes when they have a higher status. They can wear cheap clothes from Primark if they have a lower status. This also links to Eastenders because some people are quite wealthy and others are the complete opposite.