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Financial Communications brochure

  1. 1. Know-How is securing what works best for Practice Leader for Financial Communications Designed & Printed by: MSLGROUP CREATIVE+
  2. 2. content 04-05 | Supporting your growth in Asia 06-07 | Emerging markets - Asia 08-09 | New era for financial communications in Asia 10-11 | Translating expertise into action 12-13 | What we do 14 | How we do what we do 15-25 | Case studies 26-27 | Partial client list 28 | MSLGROUP Financial Communications Team 29 | MSLGROUP Asia Senior Counsellors 30 | Our network offices
  3. 3. Supporting your growth in Asia “Asia’s rise is the defining story of our time,” declared UN Secretary- Today, we have grown into right audience – can pave the way towards a successful a network that includes acquisition, entry into a new market or investment capital to General Ban Ki-Moon in March 2012. Likewise for MSLGROUP, Asia’s 38 owned offices and fund further expansion. emergence has marked a significant period in our own evolution. 1,675 advisors in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, More than ever, businesses require the support and counsel Chengdu, Hong Kong, of financial communications advisors who they can trust to For 23 years, MSLGROUP’s Asia team has counselled global, regional Macau, Taipei, Tokyo, understand their business and provide expert-level advice and local clients, helping them establish, protect and expand their Seoul, Singapore, Kuala and activation – locally, regionally and worldwide. businesses and brands across this fast-growing region. Lumpur, Sydney, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, As an organisation, our growth has mirrored that of the region Bangalore, Chennai, – we have come of age with Asia, and are comfortable Hyderabad and Kolkata. navigating its complex market places. And while MSLGROUP An activation network of colleagues reaches an additional 125 has already emerged as the largest network in Greater China Indian and 100 Chinese cities, while a strong affiliate partner and India, respectively, I believe the defining story of our time04 is yet to be written. When it is, I have little doubt that our network adds 23 additional Asian markets to our reach. As we05 set up and grew the network, China’s GDP grew from 8.4% to financial communications practice, backed by an increasingly 9.5% in 2011; in 2010, Foreign Direct Investment into the successful and prominent group of clients, would have ASEAN yielded two-fold growth at US$76.2 billion, regaining played an integral role. its 2007 level at US$ 76 billion. The share of intra-ASEAN to the total FDI inflows was 16% traceable to ASEAN efforts of I invite you to review the credentials and case studies that integration. follow, get to know our practitioners and reach out to us to understand how we can help support your plans in a region Most experts note, however, that despite Asia’s meteoric rise, where we have built our own success. the best is yet to come. One of those experts is Anoop Singh, head of IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department, who predicted recently that Asia’s economy could be larger than that of the US’ and European Union’s combined by 2030. By then, the region’s share of world GDP could swell from about 30% now to 40%. “Twenty years from now, Asia’s economy as a whole Glenn Osaki will, on these trends, be larger than that of the G-7 and will be President, MSLGROUP Asia half the size of the G-20,”said Singh. “These are incredible things taking place.” What is significant about Asia’s economy is its increasingly strong foundation of domestic demand. Not surprisingly, China and India – and the region as a whole – suffered far less during the global economic crisis than their Western counterparts. Asia is rapidly integrating into the global economy, and its businesses are beginning to grow and look for new markets, regionally and beyond. All of this signals a pivotal shift whereby Asian nations will actually begin to drive global economic currents – not simply react to them. This reality, no doubt, requires a new kind of multilateral approach in which cross-border communication with a growing set of stakeholders becomes more important than ever. From street-side markets to some of the busiest stock exchanges in the world, the conversations in this part of the world are always on – and getting louder by the day. Finding a point of differentiation - and being able to articulate it to the
  4. 4. Emerging markets - Asia Asia is fast emerging as the bright spot of the world economy. As the region’s output continues to amplify, Asia accounts for a substantial portion of the world’s exports and attracts an impressive share of global foreign direct investment (FDI). Asia has shown tremendous potential for continued long-term growth and is fast cementing its position in the global economy. Rapid progress in the technological sphere, together with stronger financial and trade linkages, have further provided an impetus for growth across the region.06 According to a recent International Monetary Fund’s forecast, China will07 continue to lead the world’s growth at 9% in 2012, with India following at 7.5%. PriceWaterhouseCooper’s recently published annual CEO Survey states that 84% of worldwide CEOs said they’ve fundamentally changed their company strategy in the past two years to focus on emerging markets, primarily China and India. These statistics further substantiate the increasing importance of Asia. Financial communications can no longer be treated as a matter of choice Market dynamics are changing. As newer markets emerge, they present vast opportunities as well as specific demands. Financial communications help meet these demands and further create goodwill and value. It is an effective medium to help establish new affiliations and strengthen existing relations. This is where our KNOW-HOW comes in We are MSLGROUP Asia Financial and what we do is secure what works best for you.
  5. 5. New era for financial communications in Asia Asian markets hold immense opportunities for global and regional businesses and the emerging cross-border dialect that promises to drive this growth is financial communications. Working at full speed across multiple economies, where flourishing businesses increasingly rely on the support of expert advisors, MSLGROUP Asia Financial is set to fulfil this growing need. Part of Publicis Groupe, the world’s third largest communications group, MSLGROUP Asia Financial is one of the global leaders in the financial communications space with a presence across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Asia-Pacific.08 The group, comprising leading, award-winning financial communications brands such as Kekst,09 Capital MSL, Hanmer MSL, Publicis Consultants, JKL Group and Andreoli MSL has marked its reputation as a specialist across the world’s major financial and business markets. In 2011 alone, MSLGROUP advised on 13 M&A deals valued at US$5.3 billion in Asia and 159 deals valued at US$142 billion globally in 2011 . 2012 Year of the This is the Yang Water year when Dragon we scale it • A year of endless up possibilities • By creatively • A year of great leveraging our fortune expertise • A year that • For you personifies creativity at its best
  6. 6. Translating expertise into action MSLGROUP offers best-in-class advisory and other services to serve major financial markets. We have deployed our expertise to help clients manage their standing across markets, both established and emerging. Our simple, yet effective approach helps organisations across the region forge their reputations, augment their commercial success and develop a solid platform that can guide them through the most complex crises, often turning situations into an opportunity for deeper engagement. With a significant presence across all key markets, MSLGROUP is the bridge that links the world’s financial capitals to Asia. MSLGROUP offers financial communications advisory services across its offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Australia.1011 GENEDIGI JKL SAS MSL CHINA MSL KOREA PUBLICIS CONSULTANTS KEKST & COMPANY MSL JAPAN MSL HONG KONG HANMER MSL MSL SINGAPORE ANDREOLI MSL REPUTATION CAPITAL MSL
  7. 7. What we do MSLGROUP Asia offers retainer services that include financial At MSLGROUP Asia, we have developed corporate communications and reputation management aimed at listed corporate Our Capabilities communications programmes for a wide range of financial organisations. These include corporate and financial entities in the banking and financial services industry. This branding, employee engagement, executive speaking includes insurance companies, banks, asset management firms as well Corporate communications and thought leadership, global reputation, real-time monitoring, issues management and media relations. as a host of non-banking financial corporates. In addition, MSLGROUP • Integrated programmes, including market Asia provides clients with a focused investor relations programme engagement and influencer outreach We are a trusted M&A partner to business leaders, with • Media relations a wealth of experience gained from advising on some targeted at equity markets, reaching out to specific financial media and • Thought leadership programmes of the largest and most complex transactions. We also investors across the region. • Strategic planning and sustainability issue counselling specialise in equity and debt market communications • CSR and environmental media relations and advise clients on a broad range of fund raising MSLGROUP also works on a host of special projects, examples of which include mergers and • Responsibility (CSR) and cause marketing initiatives. acquisitions, fund raising (equity and debt) and restructurings. Additionally, the group focuses12 on litigation communication that includes regulatory authority investigations, patent disputes13 We understand our clients’ need to communicate and high- profile corporate cases. Transaction communications regularly with investors in accordance with established • M&A – international and domestic and transparent corporate governance practices. Our • Divestitures / spin-offs Investor Relations services are designed to reach out • Post-acquisition / integration programmes to leading global investors and fund managers, sell IPO/M&A/ side/buy side analysts and financial media. Transaction Communication Investor relations / disclosure • IPOs and other listings Investment • Quarterly and annual reporting Insurance Banks/ • Road show presentations Intermediaries • Financial community intelligence • Investor targeting Financial Private equity / hedge funds Communications • Strategic positioning for alternative investment firms • Media relations & • Transaction support Investor Economy & • Portfolio company support Mutual Funds Relations Policies Special situations and crisis communications • Crisis communications • Litigation communication • Regulatory matters Banks & Listed • Senior executive changes NBFCs Corporates • Product recalls
  8. 8. From unknown brand How we do what we do Case studies to thought leader At MSLGROUP Asia Financial Communications we leverage our HALTER & MSL China multi-sector capabilities to develop cutting edge, specific market driven strategies. Situation Halter Financial Group, a US-based investment bank focusing on SMEs, wanted to leverage its Financial Summit to improve corporate awareness in China. The first Halter Financial Summit was a two-day session, featuring 20 speakers and 1,000 financial professionals and senior officials. High-profile VIP guests included former US president George W Bush and CPC Party Secretary of Shanghai Yu.1415 Strategy Work in close Employ a creative Leverage strong key Since Halter was unknown in China, and the event was not collaboration with approach stakeholder supported by an on-going campaign, there was a risk that in-house marketing/ relations journalists would focus on VIP attendees rather than on client communications messaging. MSL China developed a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure broad coverage with in-depth message teams delivery: • Message toolbox with supporting stories and VIP scripts endorsing summit and Halter messages • Warm-up activities three months in advance • On-site speaker briefings and media request management Deliver tailored and Devise integrated Help clients build • Clear focus on in-depth exposure in key media cost effective solutions thought leadership • Meeting transcripts, audio recordings and feature campaigns in their specific stories, making Halter key messages instantly sectors accessible to journalists Result Halter significantly raised brand awareness and image and developed relationships with key media in China: Ensure campaigns Meet clients’ Facilitate clients In addition to press release distribution, 177 journalists from cover all aspects of specific business enhance their 91 media conducted 25 interviews and released 3 feature communications for objectives reputation articles in 2 days clients • This generated 356 clippings, including 157 originals and 199 online quotes, with advertising value of CNY41 million (around US$ 6.50 million)
  9. 9. Case studies Case studies PRINCIPAL GLOBAL FRIENDS PROVIDENT INVESTORS INTERNATIONAL & MSL Hong Kong & MSL Hong Kong Situation Situation MSL Hong Kong handles the Principal Global Investors (PGI) retainer for the Asia-Pacific region, supporting key messaging, MSL Hong Kong handles the Friends Provident International thought leadership and media relations for the multi-boutique (FPI) retainer. FPI is a medium-sized insurance company global asset management company, across all of its asset offering insurance and wealth management products. It classes, including equity, debt, currency, real estate, etc. boasts a strong UK heritage, but was relatively less known in16 the Hong Kong and Asian markets.17 Strategy MSL Hong Kong provides PGI with a strategic and well-thought- Strategy out media strategy across the Asia-Pacific region, with a specific MSL Hong Kong worked to position FPI as a thought leader in focus on Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as one-off projects the Asian and Hong Kong Insurance industry by embarking in other markets. MSL Hong Kong leverages on Principal Global Investors’ internal spokespeople, including their C-level on a targeted regional and local media relations programme. executives as well as their asset class leaders for thought MSL Hong Kong also supported corporate positioning leadership pieces in regional, trade and local news. MSL Hong initiatives and leveraged on existing marketing reports to Kong also maximises PGI’s existing marketing material to create high profile, thought leadership activities. develop key messaging and market news for Asian publications as well as helping to garner exposure for PGI’s annual CREATE report, hand in hand with its sister agency, Capital MSL in Programme London. MSL Hong Kong put in place the following programmes to help further brand FPI in a highly competitive insurance Programme landscape: Monthly media interviews with target media publications in • 4x quarterly investor attitudes press conferences Hong Kong and Singapore including: around FPI’s reports • C - level Asian/ global strategy • Leveraging senior executives’ visits • Asset class managers • Contributing articles in local newspaper • Fund manager strategies • CSR campaign involving local “grassroot” charities Press release development and key messaging including: • Senior executive appointments Result • QFII/ QDII and China growth strategies • Conference sponsorship news An example of the strong results MSL Hong Kong has • Award news garnered for FPI is its work on Wave 5 of FPI’s Investor Annual global asset management CREATE Report: Asian Attitudes Report in 2011. A total of 80 articles were published support, key messaging and media pitching in local and regional media, online media and trade magazines over a two-week period – more than double of any of FPI’s previous events. Result MSL Hong Kong has increased PGI’s exposure to Asia’s regional and trade publications, in particular to its intended audience of institutional trade publications as well as leading regional business press.
  10. 10. Case studies Crisis Communications Case studies Entering a new market COMPANY X & MSL Hong Kong HOME CREDIT & MSL China Situation Situation A publicly listed strategic investment firm with shipping and energy interests operating in one As a leading international financial service provider, Home of South East Asias largest economies, Company X began to endure heavy press attention Credit launched China’s first fully foreign-owned consumer around a rumoured hostile takeover by a group of investors with less than stellar reputations. finance company - Home Credit Consumer Finance The feeding of misinformation to local and regional media was forcing Company X’s stock Company Co. Ltd. down at an alarming rate and causing concern to shareholders, partners and creditors. The Due to certain public confusion about its business nature and crisis spurred an investigation by the country’s securities regulator, bringing even more fee structure, Home Credit’s objective was to enhance its unwanted attention onto the company and its senior management. At the same time, positioning as a responsible, credible, and legitimate leading Company X was struggling to explain its overall business strategy at a time when it needed to consumer finance provider in China. The company also18 articulate it the most. wanted to build stronger media relations to support its long19 term business in the market. Strategy MSL Hong Kong provided Company X with a multi-pronged crisis communications strategy Strategy geared towards local and regional media. The Hong Kong team developed key messages, MSL China helped Home Credit define its key messaging, press releases and a press conference to shine light on the situation and educate investors and and organised a series of top-tier media interviews by other stakeholders as to what was really happening - the approach on the company was likely leveraging the opportunity of a CFC (consumer finance not an attempted takeover - but a raid by an ill-intentioned group of investors, many of whose licence) launch and a visit by the company’s global CEO. The resumes included prior allegations of fraud and embezzlement. MSL Hong Kong also aim was to generate a positive profile of Home Credit China provided media training to all key executives focusing on dealing with a crisis in front of both and to promote consumer loan products among target print and TV media. audience groups. Programme Activation MSL Hong Kong’s strategic counsel and targeted internal / external communications MSL successfully arranged an exclusive well managed media programme included twice-daily, in-depth media monitoring and analysis as well as remote engagement programme for Home Credit Group Chairman and on-the ground ‘war-room’ scenario planning on an on-going basis. MSL Hong Kong CEO, with top-tier international media including South China facilitated one-on-one interviews with key media in Bangkok, developed press releases and Morning Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, key messages, and crafted talking points for two key local press conferences. With the crisis Bloomberg and Reuters. largely averted, MSL Hong Kong has been retained as Company X’s financial and corporate communications agency, and our continued involvement with Company X focuses on on-going As the next stage, Home Credit hosted a press conference regional media relations, key message development and editorial support for corporate and an opening ceremony to announce and celebrate its announcements. receipt of a CFC licence in Tianjin, followed by three one-on- one executive interviews. Result Outcome MSL Hong Kong managed to shift media sentiment from negative to primarily positive, which in turn helped to stabilise Company X’s stock price and reassure minority shareholders. The 30 top-tier Chinese media attended the launch event. The materials which MSL developed, have been used as a blue print for positive media outreach, media tone was very positive and total of 30 pieces of original around the companys business, strategy and forward-looking objectives, and have since coverage along with 53 pick-ups were collected, including 3 attracted a friendly majority shareholder to invest in the company. With its long term aim of impressive broadcast pieces from Tianjin TV Station and attracting more institutional investors, MSL Hong Kong has also introduced Company X’s RBC. business to Hong Kong-based finance trade media, helping it raise its profile with this important group of stakeholders.
  11. 11. Brand perception through proactive media Global strategic alliance Case studies communications Case studies in China ROTH CAPITAL PARTNERS & MSL China + PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN & MSL China MSL Hong Kong Situation PSA Peugeot Citroën, a world leading automaker with a heritage that stretches over more than Situation 200 years, and two JV companies in China, announced a global strategic alliance with General Roth Capital is a US-based investment bank focusing on IPOs, follow-ons, shelf offerings, Motors in Q1 2012. Due to the great importance of the Chinese automobile market to both PIPEs, and M&A for small-cap Chinese companies. During 2010-2011, Chinese companies PSA and GM, before the announcement, PSA anticipated that this alliance would attract lots of listed in the US faced a series of crisis that caused media criticism, stock delisting and investor attention and invite some speculations and rumour from Chinese media about the impact of disillusionment. the alliance on PSA’s China strategy. Therefore, PSA requested MSL China to provide a communications strategy on delivering the messages about the alliance, to Chinese stakeholders properly without potential misunderstandings.20 Strategy21 Roth was greatly impacted by the crisis within its industry, both in the US and across Asia- Strategy Pacific. With the aim of minimising the impact on brand reputation and reversing both Chinese and regional media’s attitudes towards the industry, MSL China and MSL Hong Kong worked Communications strategies suggested by MSL China included: hand in hand, across regions to help develop a strong communication strategy. • Communicated with the PSA headquarters to include China insights and messages in the This included active monitoring of Chinese and regional media (including TV, print and social global communications’ key messages media) and providing in-depth media monitoring reports with analysis on a monthly basis. In • Coordinated with GM China to make sure both sides deliver consistent Chinese messages addition, MSL conducted media audits and 1:1 media visits to correct perceptions toward Roth to the local audiences in the same pace and tone in China as well as of its industry, and to create a favourable reputation environment among key media. • Localised the global press release and distributed it through different media, including In addition, MSL helped define clear key messages to help proactively deliver Roth’s strong corporate Weibo, corporate website, and selected key business and auto media research expertise as a trusted expert in the industry. • Localised global Q&As and handled Chinese media’s inquiries in a timely manner Result Result As a result, Roth successfully rebuilt relationships with financial reporters and commentators As a result, most of the Chinese media coverage was in line with the corporate messages. MSL in key business media and turned around negative impressions amongst the media. China helped PSA clarify the influence of the alliance on its business in the China market, and avoided media’s potential speculation about the deal. Roth’s research papers and market insights were also developed into media friendly press releases, which were picked up widely and regarded as a credible information source, increasing Roth’s share of voice in the market and allowing for Roth’s executives and analysts to be quoted in the media as industry experts.
  12. 12. Case studies Business launch in Korea Case studies CITIGROUP GLOBAL INTERBANK FX ‘PRIVATE- MARKETS KOREA LABEL’ LAUNCH & SECURITIES (CGMK) & MSL Korea MSL Korea Situation In 2009, Interbank FX, a global provider of online Forex Situation trading technology and services made its trading platform In 2008, Korea’s ELW market was the world’s second largest available globally and wished to make an impression among after Hong Kong, and growing. CGMK wanted to get in on the Korean investment firms.22 game and inject its long accumulated know-how as a liquidity23 provider to this fast growing market. Objectives MSL Korea sought to introduce Interbank FX’s ‘Private-label’ Objectives as a revolutionary online FX trading platform to potential MSL Korea sought to position CGMK as a leading player and Korean clients and position Interbank FW as a leading online provider in the Korean ELW and structured financial products FX trading service provider in the local market by leveraging market. its solid global reputation and expertise. Activities Activities MSL Korea organised a media campaign for CGMK’s initial MSL Korea held a media conference to explain market ELW business launch, created strategic media relationship momentum, the rapid growth of the domestic FX market, programmes that included roundtables and educational and better regulations by financial authorities so as to gain workshops, arranged for speaking opportunities at industry- media interest in the launch. We secured a speaking related conferences, and provided publicity in the form of opportunity for professionals of IBFX at the International bylined articles, press releases, and interviews. Derivatives Conference, hosted annually by Financial News, one of the major economic dailies in Korea, and arranged for a series of one-on-one meetings with major economic and Results business media to promote the company’s innovative This series of well-organised publicity initiatives and products and services, as well as raise the media’s promotional activities targeting investors made for a understanding of the FX market. successful launch into the Korean market, where CGMK settled and even dominated at the height of the market’s Results popularity. Interbank FX’s ‘Private-label’ launch generated much positive coverage and attracted the media’s attention to its FX services, and it propelled the company’s leadership position to the top of the market.
  13. 13. M&A announcement to Transaction improve brand reputation Case studies communications Case studies in China PIRAMAL ACQUIRES STAKE SCHOTT & MSL China IN VODAFONE & Hanmer MSL Situation Schott, an international technology group with more than 125 Programme years of experience in the areas of speciality glasses and • Highlighting the importance of the deal and materials and advanced technologies, decided to establish a showcasing the entrepreneurial mindset of Ajay pharmaceutical packaging joint venture with Zhejiang Piramal amongst stakeholders Xinkang Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd in Jinyun County, • To provide a humungous platform, considering the size Zhejiang Province, China in late 2011. However, this M&A of the deal, that was split into two tranches might have raised some concerns about the new J.V. among both internal and external stakeholders.2425 Key Challenges Strategy • Handling the entirety of the deal and strategising it in two separate events MSL China executed the external and internal communications for Schott, including communication • Building a sustained interest from the media as well as timeline, key messages, media strategy, etc. the shareholders towards the second part of the deal • Developed a press release distributed to local and • Creating stronger content than the first part of the trade media to create media exposure deal, in order to keep the importance of the deal • Developed external Q&A to fully prepare for potential questions of various perspectives raised by external Result stakeholders • An overwhelming response with a positive outlook by • Prepared the JV announcement presentations the media targeting internal staff • Wires, publications, electronic channels lining up to • Developed the customer letter to reaffirm Schott’s grab the first cut of the deal unchanged commitment • Every known business media house carried the coverage extensively Result • Acknowledgements on the strategic move by Piramal The well planned announcement of the M&A project was well poured in from various financial experts received by media, employees and customers. A total of 46 clippings were generated by national, regional, local and trade media within one month of the JV announcement. The media tone was very positive and consistent with the press release.
  14. 14. Partial client list MSLGROUP Asia For 23 years, MSLGROUP’s Asia team has counselled global, regional and local clients, helping them establish, protect and expand their businesses and brands across this fast-growing region. Today, MSLGROUP has the largest PR, social media and events teams in Greater China (16 offices and 1,000 colleagues) and India (15 offices and 575 colleagues) and is actively working to lead the development of the industry with the regular publication of whitepapers/reports and innovative Learning & People Development programmes to nurture talent. The MSLGROUP Asia team includes 38 owned offices and 1,67526 colleagues in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong,27 Macau, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. An activation network of colleagues reaches an additional 125 Indian and 100 Chinese cities and a strong affiliate partner network adds another 23 Asian cities to our reach. MSLGROUP Asia was awarded Campaign Asia Pacific’s Network of the Year, 2011 and MSLGROUP Asia’s teams have also been recognised as leaders by multiple industry groups, including most recently The Holmes Report ‘China Consultancy of the Year 2012’ - MSLGROUP Greater China; PRCAI PR Agency of the Year 2011 - Hanmer MSL; Forbes China Innovative China SMEs 2011’ - Genedigi Group; Taiwan Advertiser Associate Agency of the Year 2011 - ICL MSL; DE BEER S Marketing Silver Event Marketing Agency of the Year 2012 - Luminous, A D IAM O N D I S FO R EV E R and won more than 50 awards in the last two years. Learn more about us at: ABOUT PUBLICIS GROUPE Publicis Groupe is the third largest marketing communications group in For more information on what MSLGROUP Asia Financial has the world. Headquartered in Paris and founded in 1926, Publicis to offer to your company, please Groupe’s activities span 104 countries in five continents with over 45,000 contact our Asia Practice Leader for Financial Communications, employees and include world famous brands such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Publicis Worldwide and Starcom Mediavest. Jaideep Shergill
  15. 15. MSLGROUP MSLGROUP Financial Communications Team Asia Senior Counsellors Jaideep Shergill Onassis Vaz Eric Hess Glenn Osaki Gaurav Mishra India India Japan Asia Asia2829 Linda Du Howard Kim Eric Abelev Johan Bjorksten Benjamin Tan China Korea Hong Kong China Greater China
  16. 16. Our network offices Affiliate offices that expand our reach NORTH AMERICA EUROPE ASIA Albany, New York Athens, Greece Bangkok, Thailand Baltimore, Maryland Barcelona, Spain Canberra, Australia Charlotte, North Cardina Belgrade, Serbia Colombo, Sri Lanka Cleveland, Ohio Budapest, Hungary Hanoi, Vietnam Columbus, Ohio Istanbul, Turkey Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Dallas, Texas Kiev, Ukraine Jakarta, Indonesia Indianapolis, Indiana Madrid, Spain Karachi, Pakistan Kansas City, Missouri Sofia, Bulgaria Kathmandu, Nepal30 Miami, Florida St. Petersburg, Russia Lahore, Pakistan31 Minneapolis, Minnesota Moscow, Russia Manila, Philippines New Orleans, Louisiana Zagreb, Croatia Melbourne, Australia Orlando, Florida Naha, Japan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Osaka, Japan Phoenix, Arizona Phnom Penh, Cambodia Sacramento, California Sydney, Australia Salt Lake City, Utah Vientiane, Laos St. Louis, Missouri LATIN AMERICA AFRICA+MIDDLE EAST Asuncion, Paraguay Beirut, Lebanon Bogota, Colombia Cairo, Egypt Caracas, Venezuela Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Guayaquil, Ecuador Lima, Peru La Paz, Bolivia Montevideo, Uruguay Mexico City, Mexico San Juan, Puerto Rico Santiago, Chile