Boyer Management Group Capabilities Briefing 12 2011


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Boyer Management Group Capabilities Briefing 12 2011

  1. 1. BMG Capabilities Briefing Improving the Ways that Organizations Do Business℠ Copyright ©2010 byBMG Boyer Management Group. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. BMG Background  Founded in 1998.  Our founders average 32 years in OD experience.  We work with companies and organizations who want to get the very best out of their people and with senior management who want to increase their effectiveness.BMG 2
  3. 3. Partial BMG Client Family Our goal: build a consultative partnership with each client; resulting in tangible business improvements.BMG 3
  4. 4. Our Core Competencies Team Building & Alignment Strategic Planning Performance Management Talent Optimization 4BMG
  5. 5. Diagnostic Tools BMG offers some of the world’s finest instrumented learning solutions and assessments. 5BMG
  6. 6. The BMG Approach • Compare the • Identify Specific Current to . Strengths and Best Practices . Growth Areas Gap Competency Analysis Assessment Assure Implement Long-Term Solutions Success • Follow-up • Programs & & Milestone Training Measurement 6BMG
  7. 7. Team Building & Alignment It is all about getting everyone pulling in the same direction… People work best with people they like and trust. 7BMG
  8. 8. Team Building & Alignment Commun- Trust ications Understanding “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Stephen M. Covey 8BMG
  9. 9. Team Building & Alignment Key Product Offering Unlocking The Power of My Team – half-day course based on DiSC® Any organization that wants to improve productivity by Target Audience removing interpersonal barriers / team dysfunction Target Purchaser Boards, senior management, departments, groups, teams The most effective people are those who understand themselves, understand others and situations, then adapt Key Message(s) their approach in order to maximize their success with other people and situations Improved productivity; removes interdepartmental barriers; Key Benefits develops important leadership skills; 10X-plus ROI What Makes it Unique Only from BMG; high engagement; immediate results Delivery in person (but may be delivered via webinar); Distribution Method Optional: team analysis with leader coaching; sales and customer service application; executive development 9BMG
  10. 10. Performance Management“The role of the manager is to help his or her people find theirvery best fit in the organization, so they can achieve theiroptimum performance.” - Marcus BuckinghamQ: So why do so many organizations fail toachieve or sustain successful and profitablegrowth? 10BMG
  11. 11. Performance Management Cycle Discipline Establish Correcting Equipping Zone Zone Counsel Teach Mastering Zone Measure Coach 11BMG
  12. 12. Performance Management Key Product Offering MS Excel-Based Employee Performance Evaluation System Any organization that wants to administer effective, simple, Target Audience non-time-consuming performance evaluations Target Purchaser Human Resources, Senior Management  Provide meaningful direction to employees  Minimize time required to complete the evaluation Key Message(s)  Employees and managers actually look forward to . performance evaluations! Fast, easy but thorough; MS Excel-based means it’s easy to Key Benefits develop metrics across the organization; send and sign electronically; training suite available to assure adoption What Makes it Unique Only from BMG; MS Excel-based; self-totaling & scoring Via download or CD; associated training delivered via Distribution Method webinar or in person 12BMG
  13. 13. Strategic PlanningAccording to McKinsey & Company: 88% of companies practice formal strategic planning as a critical discipline. Of these companies, fewer than 40% of their executives are satisfied with the effectiveness of their organization’s strategic planning efforts.BMG helps its clients bridge thegap between the best practiceof formal strategic planning anddoing it effectively. 13BMG
  14. 14. Strategic Planning Made Simple℠ • Participants • SWOT Methodology • Vision to ID the Areas of • Key Performance Prime Opportunity Indicators Achieve Iterative Alignment Analysis Develop Execute Shared the Plan Solutions • Follow-up & • Project Plan Milestone Creation, Iteration Measurement & Commissioning 14BMG
  15. 15. Strategic Planning Made Simple℠ Key Product Offering 3-Day Offsite Strategic Planning Summit Boards, C-level, S/E/VP-level, Director-level, especially ones Target Audience that desire to increase their success and outcomes from their strategic planning efforts Target Purchaser CEO/CFO/COO/GM  Strategic Planning Made Simple sm Key Message(s)  Produces actionable project plans, not just good feelings  Assures alignment around team, goals, KPIs, and plans Develop CEO vision presentation; drives KPIs deep into the Key Benefits organization; removes organizational silos; improves sales and profits Only from BMG; plans that actually produce results; What Makes it Unique CEO follow-up program to assure implementation Distribution Method Off-site session with pre-work 15BMG
  16. 16. Talent Optimization  According to national business bestselling author Jim Collins, it is all about getting the right people on the bus, and getting them into the right seats on the bus.  It means setting clear expectations and developing a self-directed team using their strengths to achieve top results.  It is about effective teaching and coaching to change behaviors and outcomes.  The Bottom Line: we equip organizations to attract, develop, focus, and retain talented people. 16BMG
  17. 17. Making Learning “Sticky” “The only way that learning works is if it changes behavior. Anything short of this is merely just an academic exercise.” - William P. Duffy Discovery-Based According to an AT&T survey conducted every 10 Learning℠ years since the 1960’s, after 30 days from point from BMG of learning, people retain:  up to 10% of what they heard  up to 10% of what they read  up to 90% of what they applied and practiced This is the basis for BMG’s Discovery-Based Learning℠ approach, which is foundational to all of our learning programs. 17BMG
  18. 18. BMG Curriculum Examples BMG has developed an interactive training library covering more than 120 titles:  Management & Supervision  Leadership  Sales & Sales Management  Customer Service  Call Center Management  Team Building & Alignment  Compliance & Sexual Harassment  Soft Skills & Talent Development  Specialty & Industry Training 18BMG
  19. 19. Delivering Effective TrainingBMG offers flexible delivery of learning to meet the needs oftoday’s and tomorrow’s distributed global audience… Dynamic E- On-demand Location Different Live, Virtual Learning Classroom Training via the Internet Static E- Learning Live, Facilitator-Led & In Person / Location Classroom Training Same Same Time Different Time 19BMG
  20. 20. Our International Partner in Education Early in 2010 we forged a relationship with McCann Associates, a division of Vantage Labs. McCann Associates serves three principal markets: higher education, government and licensure & certification. Through Measured Success™, their world-class assessment and online learning platform, nearly 200 million assessments were processed last year. McCann has chosen BMG as its primary learning content partner to bolster its presence in the corporate sector.  Graduate Employment Preparedness AssessmentSM that measures knowledge of best practices of effective career search.BMG 20
  21. 21. Leading Through People I, II, III & IV Key Product Offering Up to Four 2-day Modules Delivered Onsite Senior leaders; managers and directors; first-time Target Audience supervisors; aspiring future leaders Target Purchaser CEO/COO/VP HR  Getting the right people on the bus, in the right seats Key Message(s)  Best practices in a robust curriculum that covers all . aspects of leadership and management Aligns team around best practices; accelerates growth and contribution of leaders; aids retention of A-players; direct Key Benefits positive impact to the bottom line; institutionalizes key organizational values; high ROI Only from BMG; sticky learning boosts retention and What Makes it Unique application Distribution Method On-site sessions customized to each client 21BMG
  22. 22. B2B Sales Essentials℠ Key Product Offering Knowledge-Based Assessment Coupled With Robust Learning Target Audience Business-to-Business sales professionals at all levels Target Purchaser CEO/CFO/COO/Chief Sales Officer  Over 350 B2B sales best practices measured to identify gaps  Customized training plan to close the knowledge gaps Key Message(s)  Reassess to measure learning progress  Future 360° assessment to measure application 10X-plus ROI; increased sales/person; increased account Key Benefits penetration; increased market share; increased account retention; increased margins Only from BMG; relational and consultative sales strategy; What Makes it Unique incorporates leading edge technologies and approaches Assessment administered onsite; training delivered onsite Distribution Method and/or via webinar 22BMG
  23. 23. Graduate Employment Preparedness Assessment℠ Key Product Offering Online Assessment with Personal Feedback Reports and Practical Textbook All North American college students, recent grads, those Target Audience re-entering civilian workforce, those seeking to change jobs Target Purchaser Universities and colleges of all types, federal and state govt.  Measures over 200 best practices of effective career search Key Message(s)  Get a better job, faster, in your field of interest  Practical textbook to drive your career search Teaches current and emerging career search best practices; accelerates job search; teaches electronic search strategies; Key Benefits raises job seeker’s perceived competence; costs less than a college textbook What Makes it Unique Only from BMG; validated through university studies Online assessment and delivery of resources; optional Distribution Method curriculum development for courses 23BMG
  24. 24. Custom Curriculum Development Key Product Offering Built-to-Order Curriculum Target Audience All levels within an organization; third party distribution Target Purchaser CEO/COO/Senior HR officer  Over 100 titles to choose from or will customize for your . exact needs Key Message(s)  Work with Subject Matter Experts in your organization  High engagement, application and retention of learning Highly impactful; aligns team around best practices; improves productivity, judgment and decision making; Key Benefits positive impact on top and bottom lines; highly cost effective What Makes it Unique Only from BMG; best practices approach; high ROI Onsite, virtual classroom or combination based on client Distribution Method preference and logistics 24BMG
  25. 25. Executive Coaching Key Product Offering One-on-One Leadership Coaching, Development and Accountability Target Audience Senior leaders; managers and directors; future leaders Target Purchaser CEO/COO/VP HR  Use of diagnostic assessments to identify strength and . need areas; with gap analysis ; custom development plan Key Message(s)  Improves leader’s contribution to the organization  Addresses team fit and style issues Aligns individual with organizational culture and objectives; Key Benefits accelerates growth and contribution of leaders; improves team contributions and harmony; high multiples of ROI Only from BMG; highly customized to each individual and What Makes it Unique organization; immediate application Combination of face-to-face, online and telecom sessions Distribution Method over a flexible period of time 25BMG