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Market Day Guidelines


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Market Day Guidelines

  1. 1. Market Day• Students are not allowed to sell items prior to market day.• Parents will be given money to spend, but they must return any unspent money to the homeroom teacher.• Students are responsible for their own money and giving change to customers.• One class will shop at a time while the other one is selling, and then they will switch.• Mr. Nawrot will announce the switch.• Plastic bags will be available if needed.• The cafeteria needs to be COMPLETELY clean and all tables need to be put away at the end of market day. Students are responsible for their own area. Do not leave until your area is checked and approved by your classroom teacher.• Tell your parents that if they do not spend all of their money, they have to give it back to their student’s teacher (students may not accept money from their parents).• Running and goofing off will not be permitted.• Playing with food will not be permitted.• Market Day is a privilege, which can be taken away from individuals or the entire class. Please follow all the rules.• Keep your money out of plain sight at all times. You may deposit your money into the bank again next week.