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Dec10 cougar mews


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Dec10 cougar mews

  1. 1. Crossroads Charter Academy Elementary Newsletter Cougar Mews December 10, 2010 Kendall Schroeder215 N. State St., Big Rapids, Michigan Elementary PrincipalPhone: 231.796.6589 On the Calendar Saturday, December 11 5th-6th Girls Basketball Tournament at Crossroads 5th Grade Game Times 10:00am & 12:00pm 6th Grade Game Times 9:00am & 11:00am Sunday, December 12 FSU Holiday Concert 4:00pm Williams Auditorium Monday, December 13 All Star Academy 3:30-5:00pm 3rd – 6th Grade Choir 3:15-4:00pm High School Winter Bank/Jazz Concert 7:00pm Tuesday, December 14 All Star Academy 3:30-5:00pm Sketch & Stretch / Camp Pin-Cil Point (note day change) 5th-6th Girls Basketball -vs- St. Mary’s 5:30pm Wednesday, December 15 All Star Academy 3:30-5:00pm Tae Kwon Do 5:00pm (no 3:30pm class) Thursday, December 16 Munch a Lunch! 4th-6th Grade Awards Assembly 2:30pm All Star Academy 3:30-5:00pm Mon..... Lasagna OR Chicken Sandwich 5th-6th Grade Girls Basketball Practice 3:40-5:00pm Tues..... French Toast & Sausage Links OR Pizza King Pizza Fundraiser Night Corn Dog Friday, December 17 Wed..... Popcorn Chicken OR Pizza Pocket Kindergarten-1st Grade Awards Assembly 12:30pm Thur.... Bosco Sticks W/Sauce OR Rib-O-Que 2nd-3rd Grade Awards Assembly 2:15pm Fri....... Beef & Cheese Burrito OR Cheese Burger 6th Grade Market Day 2:30pm Cafeteria Healthy choice: Yogurt & Muffin Out of Uniform (Hat/Shirt $1.00 each item) PTO Mystery Treats $0.25 each Saturday, December 18 Tae Kwon Do There will not be a 3:30pm Tae Kwon Do class on 5th-6th Girls Basketball Tournament at Wednesday December 16th, but the students/adults Reed City Norman Elementary are welcome to attend the 5:00pm class. 6th Grade Market Day This will be the last week for All Star Academy. December 17th at 2:30pm Sketch & Stretch will be Monday & Tuesday. Camp Pen- Elementary Cafeteria Cil Point will be held on Tuesday. The Winter Session of All-Star Academy is tentatively scheduled for January 24 through March 10, 2010. Homework Club for Grades 4th – 6th started on November 29th. Classes will be Monday through Thursday 3:30-5:00pm.Fill out and return to the school or pick up a permission slip in the office.My child , has permission to participate in Homework Club. He/she will be picked up in front of the elementary building Monday – Thursday at 5:00pm.Parent/guardian signature: Date:
  2. 2. Lost & FoundIf your child has lost an item, there is a lost and foundby the doors going out to the playground. If you Parent Workshophave lost a small item (glasses, Interested in finding out how to help your child succeed inwatch, games, etc.) there is a lost school? A Parent Strategies for Student Successand found in the office for the smaller Presentation will be offered February 3, 2010 by Dr.items. Michael Bambery, Center for Neuropsychology, Learning and Development. More information will be sent to Title 1 parents in January. Looking for a Good Book!If you are looking for a book for your studentand want it to be within their AR level you canlook on You can look upbooks, level, and points. The Wishing TreeOutside of our elementary office, there is abulletin board with items that teachers orthe office are in need of. If you are able tosupply an item for the school, it is greatlyappreciated! Please bring the item andthe tag off the tree to the elementaryoffice and we will see that it gets towhere it needs to go. Thank You!