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Tanjina & fallis yr12 foundation portfolio


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Published in: Education
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Tanjina & fallis yr12 foundation portfolio

  1. 1. Yr12 foundation portfolio<br />FILM OPENGING EVALUATION<br />FALLIS MUDE<br />TANJINA BEGUM<br />
  2. 2. The audience for our media product<br /><ul><li>We feel the audience that would be best suited for our media product would those who enjoy thrillers.
  3. 3. we aimed our audience at be both young and older people, particularly those who go cinema a lot most which is likely to be the younger generation.
  4. 4. The main ages we’re targeting are 15+ rated.
  5. 5. We done further research on the type of audience this film will attract.
  6. 6. I believe the best audience for my film would be teenagers and young adults, as it is a thriller film, and I feel the content would appeal to them most.
  7. 7. The target audience we’ve chosen would be the right audience for our product because they can relate to the characters and what goes on within the beginning of the film.
  8. 8. The enigma code is a great way of getting attention off the audience as is makes them feel more involved, teenagers in this case are the audience who are most likely to feel more involved and can relate to it more rather than elder people.
  9. 9. Like all good thrillers it makes them want to find out more because of the suspense at the begining.</li></li></ul><li>Media Institutions might consider....<br /><ul><li>The media institution’s that distribute thriller/drama films would be likely those who might distribute our film. Distributers such as ‘Independent’ are likely to issue our media product.
  10. 10. To start off we would want UK Independent media institutions to consider distributing our media product, as this will allow at least a nation to recognise our product and hopefully move on and try get it distributed internationally.
  11. 11. We would consider first making a premiere to release our media product for the first time, however as its a low budget product we can only choose to show it somewhere not too expensive, e.g. Local community centre’, media universities or colleges to help distribute our media product or start to get it recognised. </li></ul>Media distributers such as:<br />’20thCENTURY FOX’<br />‘FILM 4’<br />‘ENTERTAINMENT FILM DISTRIBUTERS’<br />‘INDEPENDENT’<br />
  12. 12. Changes in forms and conventions of real media products... <br /><ul><li>We had made the kidnapper as a male it is stereotyped that a male is more likely to be a kidnapper as they are stronger than females.
  13. 13. Conventions that we used in our film opening are: a victim, darkness and scream.
  14. 14. We had used the darkness in our film as this creates a tensed atmosphere and the audience watching will also feel tensed as they would be wondering why the characters are walking in the dark.
  15. 15. We had looked at the opening of hills have eyes which starts in the dark of a women running in the woods. This creates an enigma code. So we had set our film in an dark an isolated location.
  16. 16. We had used a victim as every thriller has a victim in it. The victim in our film is the lady as in real life females are the ones that are most likely to be victims of kidnappers as they are easy to attack.
  17. 17. We had looked at the film taken and saw that the victim in this film was a lady as she is an easy target.
  18. 18. We had used a scream at the end as this would make the audience want to watch more and they would be asking questions to themselves such as what has happened to the lady that got kidnapped. Is she dead? Does she get rescued? and so on.
  19. 19. Thrillers have been a successful film genre since film began. They are made to create suspense and fear which have always appealed to their audience.</li></li></ul><li>Representation of particular social groups...<br /><ul><li>Our film represents gender as how we see it nowadays.
  20. 20. The victim is a lady as it is stereotypical that women are an easy target and the kidnapper is male as they are more stronger then women.
  21. 21. The kidnapper is in a hooded top which stereotypes young people and represents age. The representation of age in our film opening shows how crime is committed by young people and how the young people are capable of committing such crimes.
  22. 22. The young girl ‘Hani’ conveys innocence to the audience and they would feel sympathy for her, her family and ‘Kareem’.
  23. 23. We wanted the audience to feel the struggle a parent faces once a child is missing, their own flesh and blood away from them and nowhere to be found. </li></li></ul><li>Attracting the audience.... <br /><ul><li>The way in which we had attracted our audience is by making our film based on what type of genre would attract teenagers.
  24. 24. We had got characters to act of the similar age group of our audience as this would make them want to watch the film. If we had got older people to act then the audience would not be interested on watching the film as they would not have the connection with the older people.
  25. 25. We had also attracted our audience with the music that we had made. It is the type of music that would attract the teenagers which like hip hop and RnB music.
  26. 26. I think our audience would be drawn more to the film with the enigma code we’ve used, they would be asking themselves questions like: ‘ What is going to happen in the rest of the film?’ and ‘ Does Hani’s family and ‘Kareem’ find her?’ and ‘ whether ‘Kareem ‘gives up searching for ‘Hani’ or continues looking.
  27. 27. Our audience would hopefully not be too narrowed due to our conventions for our film which would ideally be anyone over the age of 15.</li></li></ul><li>Technologies, Technologies, Technologies.......<br /><ul><li>‘Garageband’ – helped up create our own beat, which we combined as a whole to make match and add to our media product.
  28. 28. Through this usage of ‘Garageband’ we learnt several new techniques such as learning how to use ‘Garageband’ and combining beats to make a whole song, how to share and converge the sound we made on ‘Garageband’ into ITunes as an mp3 in order for us to add it to our film opening and make further adjustments on ‘Final Cut Pro’ which we used to edit our film opening and add effects such as adjust lighting of the film, mute parts of the film to add sound in and add cuts and combine different camera shots to make a whole shot.
  29. 29. The other application we learnt to use was ‘LiveType’, where we made our titles for the film opening. With this program I learnt how to change the transitions of the title, how it enters or leaves, how to make the font match the genre of the film opening and change the duration of the titles so that it can fit into the places we left for the titles to be placed in the sequence on ‘Final Cut Pro’.
  30. 30. The use of Final Cut Pro allowed us to make a montage out our film footage which we then cut up into short shots which we would use and put them into ‘Bins’ which we’re named clearly so we could find them, e.g. shot of walking up staircase would be put into bin ‘staircase part’, this made it easier for us to locate.</li></li></ul><li>The mistakes we learnt from the preliminary task...<br /><ul><li>From the preliminary task I have learnt from many of my mistakes such as, not using the camera shots right and the fact we didn't use enough shots made us realise the magnificence of using the types of shots to add certain affects. E.g. Mysterious.
  31. 31. Other mistakes such as not planning properly also made us think carefully as to how to use our time wisely.
  32. 32. Another mistake we learnt from, was from our first film opening we planned and filmed once looking through it we realised not only was couldn’t you understand the storyline to it, but the footage wasn’t clear enough, which made it more hard for us to use as our film opening.
  33. 33. Whilst planning the third film opening and planning the storyline, we thought carefully and with some help of over looking our preliminary task and first film opening managed to make a clear storyboard which we could use for our film opening.</li>