Twitter Basics for Small Business


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Small Business has a lot more to benefit from using Twitter than is widely recognized. Learn the basic strategy of using Twitter for your Small Business.

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Twitter Basics for Small Business

  1. 1. Basics for Small Business WHITFIELD CONSULTING Social Business Marketing Media
  2. 2. What IS Twitter?Facebook is more like a trip to the mall with friends; browsing and hanging out…Think of Twitter as a Block Party! You don’t know most of the people there. You gravitate toward those with similar interests You share “stuff” on a light level that others might be interested in without going into a lot of detail….
  3. 3. What’s the point?  Public, Real time problem solving and customer retention  Create good will and personal relationships  Instant Advertising to your interested followers
  4. 4. Your Handle @________ Use the name of your business if available If not, make the handle instantly say who you are or what you do. Keep it short to leave plenty of room for Retweets (RTs)  8-10 characters average are recommended (15 are allowed)
  5. 5. Examples of Handle Strategy @LinkedIn_Jobs  obvious @BobBurg  best selling author so best to go by name @CBSAtlBreaking  defined purpose for this account @WTWH_SocialGuru  Too long – tough for RT purposes. @EyeHaven  Lucky to find exact match!
  6. 6. Twitter – Before you sign up! Download Free: “A Guide to Get Started”Your 1stStep:“ABOUT!”
  7. 7. Make it easy to gain followers  Savvy tweeters look for twitter icons and buttons to easily share content  Twitter provides widgets to increase your exposure  A Tweet button offers convenience for on the spot sharing  Twitter provides free downloadable logos and icons for a professional look for all your online presence.
  8. 8. Dos and Don’ts on outsourcingDO: Hire people interested in or studying marketing. Social Media IS a marketing program. Be strategic. Learn which platforms are the most effective for YOUR business. Consider hiring interns. Have them help you create things that are sustainable, that you or a new hire can continue to do. Expect them to keep up with best practices and case studies in social media. And make sure youre learning, too. Make guidelines on content. No bashing your competition, foul language, political opinions. Change passwords when they leave!
  9. 9. Dos and Don’ts on outsourcing Dont expect huge social-media followings at the start. Organic growth is best. Dont expect hires to work without guidance. Knowing more about social media doesn’t translate to knowing your business. You still have to provide supervision and training about your business. Dont limit their imaginations. With social media, its all about trying something new. So let them experiment; dont micromanage, but do ask to see results. Dont think this is something any kid can do. Using social media to build your business isnt the same as sharing pictures of a Saturday night bash with your buddies. Dont hire without checking their spelling and grammar abilities. Remember, they will represent YOU and your business.
  10. 10. “I just don’t have the time!” It’s not about creating content While planning basic content is important for best results, spontaneity is contagious! If you’re not “in the mood,” that’s the best time to respond to others’ posts and start a conversation! – Engagement increases your visibility, too! Secret weapon! Attend a Tweetchat weekly – great exposure for your expertise and a great way to pick up new followers!
  11. 11. Social Media Quickstarter
  12. 12. Thanks and follow me @bizcommunicatorfor more Social Media Hints & Tips! WHITFIELD CONSULTING Hania Whitfield 404.295.7755 Follow me on: @bizcommunicator