Press Club                                    Exquisite Bigelow Tea           Classic Cocktails                           ...
Mineral Water                                                   Margarita                           164.000Dasani         ...
Casablanca                            118.000                      Wine by GlassMango, Passion Fruit, GrenadineTopped with...
Whiskies                                               AperitifJim Beam                         138.000          Southern ...
Malt Whisky                                                                   Single Malt Whisky              Rum & Tequil...
Press Club Hanoi introduces new drink list in October 2012
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Press Club Hanoi introduces new drink list in October 2012


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Press Club, the most distinguished business and culinary address in Vietnam, has introduced new drink list since October 2012.

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Press Club Hanoi introduces new drink list in October 2012

  1. 1. Press Club Exquisite Bigelow Tea Classic Cocktails Press Club Iced Tea 88.000Press Club Signature Cocktail 164.000 Iced Ginger & Lemongrass Tea 88.000Ciroc Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Vietnamese Green Tea 88.000Cranberry Juice topped with Sparkling Vietnamese Lotus Blossom Tea 88.000Mojito 164.000Havana Club, Sugar, Mint, Lime English Teatime 88.000Ice and Soda Earl Grey Green 88.000Coconut Mojito 164.000 Darjeeling Blend 88.000Malibu Rum, Sugar, Mint, Lime, Ice Soda French Vanilla 88.000and Blue Curacao Cinnamon Stick 88.000Caipiroska 164.000 Chamomile Mango 88.000Smirnoff Red or Black, Sugar, Lime and Ice Peppermint Tea with Thyme 88.000Cosmopolitan 164.000 Lemon Grass, Lemon LeaveKetel One, Triple Sec, Fresh Lemon JuiceCranberry Juice Red Raspberry Tea 88.000Chocolate Martini 164.000Smirnoff Red or Black, Chocolate, Liqueur Lavazza Italian Coffeeand White Creme de Cacao Café Ristretto 82.000Flirtini 164.000Ketel One, Cointreau, Pineapple Juice Café Espresso 82.000Topped with Sparkling Double Espresso 98.000 Macchiato 82.000Manhattan 164.000Jim Beam and Vermouth Cappuccino 82.000“Dry, Medium or Perfect” Decaffeinated 82.000Mai Tai 164.000White Barcadi, Captain Morgan Original Coffee & Chocolate“Black Label” or Captain Morgan Gold SpicedCointreau, Grenadine, Pineapple Juice Long Black 78.000 Café Latte 78.000Whiskey Sour 164.000 Mocha 78.000Johnnie Walker Black Label, Sour Mix Iced Coffee 78.000Singapore Sling 164.000 Frappuccino 78.000Tanqueray London Dry Gin or Tanqueray Hot Chocolate 78.000No.TEN, Cherry Brandy, Lime Juice Iced Chocolate 78.000Midori Margarita 164.000 Chilled Cinnamon 88.000Tequila, Melon, Trip Sec, Lemon Juice and Chocolate Coffee with Orangeand Syrup The above Prices are in VND and Subject to 5% Service Charge and 10% Government Tax
  2. 2. Mineral Water Margarita 164.000Dasani 50cl 82.000 Tequila, Trip Sec and Lime JuiceLavie 50cl 82.000Surgiva Naturale 50cl 128.000 Blue Margarita 164.000 Tequila, Blue Curacao, Fresh Lime JuiceSurgiva Frizzante 50cl 128.000 and SyrupPerrier 33cl 128.000Perrier 75cl 204.000 Strawberry Kiss 164.000San Pellegrino 50cl 128.000 Captain Morgan Original “Black Label” or Captain Morgan Gold Spiced, AmarettoEvian Water 50cl 128.000 Strawberry, topped with Cream Juice Strawberry Margarita 164.000 Tequila, Strawberries, Triple SecApple Juice 98.000 Fresh Lime Juice and SyrupTomato Juice 98.000 Frozen Daiquiri 164.000Orange Juice 98.000 Lemon, Mango or StrawberryLemon Juice 98.000Pineapple Juice 98.000 Pina Colada 164.000 Captain Morgan Original “Black Label”Carrot Juice 98.000 or Captain Morgan Gold Spiced, PineappleCranberry Juice 98.000 Juice, Lime and Coconut Ice Cream Tom Collins 164.000 Tanqueray London Dry Gin or Tanqueray Soft Drink No.TEN, Lime Juice and Club SodaOrangina 33cl 82.000 Classic Martinis 164.000Coca Cola 33cl 82.000 Choice of Tanqueray or Cîroc, RocksDiet Coke 33cl 82.000 or Straight up, Twist or OlivesSprite 33cl 82.000Ginger Ale 33cl 88.000Soda 33cl 82.000 Non-Alcoholic CocktailTonic 33cl 82.000Red Bull 33cl 82.000 Milk Shake 118.000 Chocolate, Banana, Mango or Strawberry Herbal Drink Shirley Temple 118.000 Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, GrenadineTomato Juice with Sweet Basil 98.000Mint and Celery Mango Lassi 118.000 Fresh Mango Pulp and YogurtCoconut, Pineapple 98.000and Yogurt with Mint Pussy Foot 118.000 Orange, Grape, Pineapple JuiceCucumber, Carrot 98.000 and Grenadineand a dash of Tomato with Dill The above Prices are in VND and Subject to 5% Service Charge and 10% Government Tax
  3. 3. Casablanca 118.000 Wine by GlassMango, Passion Fruit, GrenadineTopped with Soda Jean Guillot, Sauvignon Bordeaux, France 198.000La Laguna 118.000 Vasse Felix, ChardonnayTomato Juice, Salt, Pepper and Tabasco Margret River, Australia 218.000 Chateau Los Boldes Sauvignon BlancTropical Milk Shake 118.000Pineapple Juice, Coconut Crème, Milk Rapel Valley, Chile 218.000and Syrup Pascal Jolivet Attitude Loire, France 198.000Fruit Punch 118.000Orange Juice, Pineapple, Cranberry Antinori Peppoli Estate Chianti Classico Tuscany, Italy 218.000Mekong Special 118.000 Chateau BouteilleyMint Leaves, Lemon Grass, Orange Juice Bordeaux, France 198.000Lemon Juice, Sugar and Soda Baron Philippe de Rothschild Mapu Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon 198.000Virgin Pina Colada 118.000 Jim Barry Lodge HillCrème of Coconut, Milk, Pineapple Juice Claire Valey, Australia 258.000 Vodka BeerCîroc 194.000 Tiger Draught 33cl 88.000Ketel One 138.000 Tiger, Bottle 33cl 92.000Smirnoff 138.000 Tiger Crystal 33cl 98.000Stolichnaya 138.000 Bierre Larue Export 33cl 88.000 Heineken 33cl 108.000Absolute 138.000 Hanoi 45cl 98.000Danzka 138.000 333 33cl 98.000Kauffman 254.000 Chimay Blue 9% 33cl 158.000 Chimay Red 7% 33cl 148.000 Gin Chimay Triple 8% 33cl 138.000Tanqueray No. TEN 158.000 Coopers Extra Stout 37cl 138.000Tanqueray London Dry Gin 138.000 Duvel 37cl 138.000Gordons 138.000 Hoegaarden 33cl 138.000Beefeaters 138.000 Leffe Blond 33cl 138.000 Leffe Brown 33cl 138.000Bombay Sapphire 138.000 Peroni 33cl 138.000 The above Prices are in VND and Subject to 5% Service Charge and 10% Government Tax
  4. 4. Whiskies AperitifJim Beam 138.000 Southern Comfort 118.000Jack Daniels 138.000 Campari, Milano 118.000Jim Beam Black 8 Years 158.000 Dubonnet, Marseille 118.000Canadian Club 138.000 Giffard Amaretto 118.000Jameson 138.000 Cognac, France Vermouth, ItalyRemy Martin XO 218.000 Martini Bianco 118.000Remy Martin VSOP 138.000 Martini Rosso 118.000Remy Martin Club 148.000 Martini Extra Dry 118.000Hennessy XO 218.000Hennessy VSOP 138.000Martell XO 218.000 Anis, FranceMartell VSOP 138.000Martell Cordon Bleu 218.000 Ricard 45, Marseille 138.000Hine XO 218.000Leopold Gourmel 238.000BIO Attitude International Liqueurs Bailey’s, Ireland 138.000 Armagnac, France Sambuca, Italy 138.000 Drambuie, Scotland 138.000Bas-Armagnac XO 378.000 Cointreau, France 138.000Bas-Armagnac VSOP 212.000 Kahlua, Mexico 138.000Armagnac Lafontan 138.000 Grand Marnier, France 138.000Armagnac Lafontan XO 212.000 Galliano, Italy 138.000 Malibu, Barbados 138.000 Calvados, Port, Grappa Baitz Peach Brandy 138.000 Baitz Strawberry Brandy 138.000Calvados Dupont 208.000Port Wine Ramos Pinto 158.000Grappa di Barolo Bussia 184.000 The above Prices are in VND and Subject to 5% Service Charge and 10% Government Tax
  5. 5. Malt Whisky Single Malt Whisky Rum & Tequila Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Years 318.000Zacapa XO Reserve 298.000 15 Years 248.000Zacapa 23 198.000 12 Years 218.000Captain Morgan, Original 138.000 Classic Malt Whisky“Black Label” Lagavulin 16 Years 288.000Gold Captain Morgan 138.000 Oban 14 Years 248.000Spiced Rum Cragganmore 12 Years 218.000Bacardi White 138.000 Dalwhinnie 15 Years 248.000Gold Bacardi 138.000 Talisker 10 Years 218.000Havana Club Blanco 138.000 More Single Malt WhiskyDon Julio Tequila 228.000 Glenkinchie 10 Years 218.000Tequila Gold 138.000 Glenlivet 18 Years 268.000 Glenlivet 12 Years 218.000 Highland Park 25 Years 378.000 Champagne Cocktails Macallan 12 Years 318.000 Glenfiddich 18 Years 268.000Jacques Picard, France 288.000 Glenfiddich 12 Years 218.000Freixenet Cordon Negro 212.000 The Balvenie 10 Years 218.000Sparkling, Spain Glen Ord 12 Years 218.000Mimosa 212.000Sparkling with Fresh Orange Juice Premium Scotch WhiskyBellini 212.000 Johnnie Walker Blue Label 448.000Sparkling with Peach Liqueur Johnnie Walker XR 21 424.000 Johnnie Walker Platinum 268.000Kir Royal 212.000 Johnnie Walker 208.000Sparkling with Creme de Cassis Gold Label Reserve Johnnie Walker Black Label 158.000 Johnnie Walker Red Label 138.000 Chivas Regal 18 Years 268.000 Ballantine Finest 138.000 The above Prices are in VND and Subject to 5% Service Charge and 10% Government Tax