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Sell Gold for Cash – Recession Buster or Just Bust?

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Matthew Solow has seen it all. He is the CEO of newly launched www.Goldlo...

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Sell Gold for Cash – Recession Buster or Just Bust?

  1. 1. Sell Gold for Cash – Recession Buster or Just Bust? NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Matthew Solow has seen it all. He is the CEO of newly launched whose parent company Lords of London, Ltd. If you are looking for the best deals on gold visit Merrion Gold website. You'll find out more about their big offer of gold bars Among their gold coins you will find South African Krugerrand, American Gold Eagle or Canadian Maple Gold. Don't wait. Invest in gold now: Merrion Gold Hospitality House 16-20 South Cumberland Street Off Merrion Square Dublin 2, Ireland Ph: 01-2547901 was formed by Solow's grandfather in 1961. As Solow points out "unlike others, we are the refiner, all our staff are bonded, so we can accurately evaluate the items of the BetterThanGold Paqsm mailer insuring highest possible payout without the middleman mark up. Our experienced team has managed over $1 Billion in precious metals." A 40-year career veteran, Solow has perfected his system so much that he gives a written guarantee to every transaction that he pays at minimum 15% higher than his closest competitor. The exclusive written 115% BetterThanGold Guarantee states that if a customer has a prior itemized
  2. 2. written offer to buy their merchandise through a national refiner or national recycling company, then will match the difference and add an additional 15%. Solow has watched the markets for gold rise and drop continually throughout the years and has dissected his competitors' strategies and the entire gold selling/trading/buying process through and through, leaving only the best features and his years of expertise on the line during the development of the Goldlords system. Every detail of the process is disclosed online including how Goldlords video record each pack opening, evaluate the items and guarantee the best value for the gold as well as features such as the flexible payment and shipping options and even a "refer a friend" system of making money. About was created by gold industry veteran Matthew Solow and is a Lords of London Ltd Company (Est.1961). It has based its business of gold recycling on the philosophy of a responsible and sustainable way to use gold, and has imposed itself as a leader in the gold refinery industry. Its services cover all aspects of the gold recycling process. Solow attributes its success to its fair business philosophy and its continuous high-end customer's service. For more information about, or to request a BetterthanGold PakSM, visit, or call 866.233.4334.
  3. 3. For public relations and interview requests, contact Amanda Fabian at, 646.257.2247. on-Buster-Bust