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Handcrafted Jewelry-Handmade Earrings-Dragonfly Jewelry Earrings

Copper has been celebrated as a precious metal for centu...
Handcrafted Jewelry
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Handcrafted Jewelry


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Handcrafted jewelry, unique wholesale jewelry, exclusively by the artisans of Copper Reflections in handmade bracelets, handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces, rings, lockets in unique jewelry themes.

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Handcrafted Jewelry

  1. 1. Handcrafted Jewelry-Handmade Earrings-Dragonfly Jewelry Earrings Copper has been celebrated as a precious metal for centuries. Copper has often been used for its beauty and luster to create ornaments, house hold items, coins and tableware. has taken copper to new levels of functionality and beauty by making the most unique handmade jewelry, most original jewelry and handmade gifts using the soft, radiant appeal and warm earth toned metal, copper. You will love the beauty and affordability of our artisan handcrafted jewelry when you are browsing through our extensive collection of handmade jewelry and unique gifts. is a great place to buy handmade jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, unique jewelry and wholesale jewelry online. The artisans of Copper Reflections have a reputation for great customer service, huge selections of handcrafted artisan jewelry, fast delivery and the latest fashion trends in handmade jewelry and unique jewellery. We always strive to come up with new, unique and fresh jewelry designs as well as new techniques to make our artisan jewelry. You can browse all of your favorite jewelry categories: handmade bracelets, handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces, lockets, rings, brooches, hair clips and more at ”Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections” website. We will always have new and exciting handmade jewelry for you to enjoy. Why wait for your unique handmade jewelry for yourself or a special gift for your loved ones! Get it right away at reasonable prices and best selections of handmade artisan jewelry at , your best source for unique handmade jewelry. There is nothing more special than unique handmade copper jewelry for animal lovers, horse lovers, nature lovers and wildlife lovers. With all these unique animal jewelry designs our handmade jewelry has a meaning that can be enjoyed by you or make a special gift for your loved ones. Copper Reflections unique artisan jewelry can be the simplest treasure a person will keep and enjoy as the pleasure of wearing our handmade jewelry will last for a long time. Our artisan jewelry goes well with a variety of different styles and occasions as Copper Reflections handmade jewelry has basic earth tones that will be great with all everyday accessories. All those special sparkles and glitters like diamonds that diamond cutting gives on your Copper Reflections handmade earrings and handmade bracelets will make you feel like a star without spending tons of money.