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Vocabulary notebook

  1. 1. Vocabulary Strategies Using Interactive Notebooks Compiled by Sally Creel K-5 Science Supervisor, Cobb County Schools Sally.creel@cobbk12.org *A complete list of idea sources is concluded at the end of this resource.
  2. 2. f*"L{.?fu &ol" embn/o frymph la"uo- c- PUP0.rnpf.bion i lls lrlJ-a-d e pol fnarn**l l.l-[ nStrnC-1- Aco"lo*ic. {*^t .6 Soerrce. p.8O
  3. 3. Co*;s€iDefinition:Writea definition the of Sentenee: Writea sentenceusing the word. Anirno"l -i{l"o.rl o,- ,h*ri*"l"ly9+1" "f hdcbne. hll anirv,als Affl,, onSynonymsiWrite synonyms the of Antonyms: Writeantonyms theword. EXg*phss: + of word. r. I € | -J.rtSecfs Verlebna-*e S^ro.i c { ls Hollusks &"tl*n" ctContext: Create example where *orOffi an of tn" L 5 Tn a- Scienc,c- or A]on-0"lion bok o *btpi book ohu 6Qidersor B 6 5, : Draw Rictuff thewo1d. Graphic Organizer: a Develop graphicorganizer a aboutthe word. ?. I F .-*ffqfts". p -O 6- )t**:
  4. 4. Synonyms: Word: i Other Forms of Word: lltd.Adl non-liuig Jll. i " sxfinctiofl eXlinQri shedAntonyms: l.l- , ltvt$ C"lrve, dtfi dll. ex+i.$isL,en ----+Sentencein Text: I Original SentencJ: I I Sci*lisls !-o,*-l*t"di 6do"qe.aad onirnJsa-t+*I*l d*f H**. grlt*l rro-.1 i[ u,e do nol ^sck -lrrlGnrrnGISSuch OS diros6lq r I t q sf,Jy,5 Ssl..i {hei. to pcorcctlL**. 2ll ,d),r"lcs [r1.q(r)o1cluapmcv :??.C.og "r
  5. 5. Meppng$ds Write the word. Writean examplesentence using the word. W So*. onir"sJsd"ueop o-dapfaions {o heo tL..* Surviv in ho^osh e, rrreqJ.ef 6t e,nviooo*enfE. IJ c a I > D- Definethe word. Tell what the word is like. g o -Chq",qes or nndif;."li" *Ct Conqe- Oc U t- O i^odiusf-^Lfsh"J- L,K" ,Je went -),rf o. [,a,bi]sin S[,oc]s cnd ]-sl.,irfs +o i"r 1"e- Survrrner E su$,icL o-..SpecieS, krrp ouo oodiesl*t E ,fs imoroves Cc^dilicn I r r | l 1." Qelfinq .o+ P to rts UUi" te,o-*ionsLip o nJemJoo*n ,l
  6. 6. dAoo.iJ,cns Vo."L*L,"^{ LisL e$""l : (ein$of-{-e $ni.fion .*silode g c Whichwordgges nnI I e o e*+ecl F o- g -ct F1 $*lion tr e 5 * I c) (o Whichwordooes -SiZe witn ? {n$,}uJ. P
  7. 7. WJ r a o r ; 6 6 o- F. 3 C./) e s F P Ctl tr
  8. 8. ;ht s.P*rpll Li (.ultc * lt
  9. 9. T afY cjo,rn ISouffs:Ac"J*.rs Voc,ob.q i.r Ecierrce.p. rBG
  10. 10. -ToPrC: Pk^nfs!=iuL, rnopc, . diorr{t .seFoiurvrr (,OgilfOS $houb "S r O.,Sh. q$oss.8*{+"dll . pe*unio- " *.riD. lo,.rer,d.n . So-lviq- t . T$e,e,. &sp3n . $torpef .olive. qgF bem- r e,v€fQf|€ef! . O,Shf t&isq . dog$ood r iFiS. trre,oigJd . do-1 lily . pioe v) AnooJs o ? o..Sfen diott",rs F . CoSrnoS t & . nA-*iq.td V) . peFuhf ic E Sojvi c-, r rtt +ar g" lft,g B"lbs p -l . (nagla .{"lip ? . O[i,le. l . s ,dgwood .do$odi I I r WeJ4Oee,n . pin8 - Tris ? ts 6;i).0 osh
  11. 11. AI TS$**en+s Statement How CanYouFind Out? 1. All magnetshave2 poles. v agree _ disagree T cq" F€rd c* hmk 6o _ it depends _ notsure on ro$n& or My thoughts: Srut i+. Eva.s.a,r{l.or^-i}h }un er,&. 2. All metalsare attractedto magnets. _ disagree T co.n -l-"s+& t^r[role t/ "?agree on _ not sure ,t depends My tfroughts: buncl^ **lJs ond see u[acon* pict( nnone! *"U up urt"ic,,L ones Cr-oe aJ|n6.."*uJ, i il. I 3. Largermagnetsare strongerthan smallermagnets. T c.tn 1"s| lLe maqne,*S v agree _ disagree _ it depends -. not sure on io *L *$n"+ cenhf,.o My thoughts: lE cl.n also do fEseorcJ. c,rl Bgs," ilirqs ore,alr*-.tssf* 6eo. +1,e Conn6u{n". -t +. Magnetism can pass through metals. I can lookup *,r*oqnu{sm? _ agree _ disagree - it depends on / notsure o^d c^skrhy {.*!uranog,er My thoughts: L$o{ {o S"rl 1t"is.J den+I{no**t.J {1"i.isor ,kio$. Soia,.* C,l. jfi* Assostnn*h ,Scr.xr,,c,: P.qq
  12. 12. fu**vDi Vocabulary Diagram Related Words People or Things . plon* s ?ol"$,b f@0ftrcre :F0u0 r.tlainQS {YOcle, n u, I I biotphererorr Pt*? aa sften,aff I- r y. deco,.rOos0 bio =lil. h .t( Antonytns de = dorrn =slep +od = ..d)o[s can r og k) .t E, OriglinalSentences 3pN,[a]e"i"l rs h"&* -I[re- a {Lf ne J S*d"pS boq&c*,pos"s +" Hh ri}f,, is brodeqmdable, be: ,. . U ? Id mic(nomenisms h.r^ co^lse is nnsde Yl 0,, E p*1" and decarys Pi+Fl4 o0 *g*,ic 6* c^] o${.r 14 Ddks. 1150053--4eading Strotegiesfor Science
  13. 13. * j ri .a! ? | ; t +: tlt: t What is it like? animalthat eats meat a wolfbecause needs it CONCEPT meatto live carnivore Examples and lllustrationson aninaj{l*+ beco.se O. C.oureolso,ly pl*k Cqlrc,gpT _ i{ o., eols ts.i h."biuon" &rce, itdi€ S,trtqi.* &r &Je,.e,$.go
  14. 14. t1n (.-ru-ffiru*rsxffKstrf
  15. 15. rs G. l-, uffiry#xrH*Ne - fu>-.. n - T q. -4*r .4og,-]--ttt I I I I II .i d.1 4 ri. rfi 1J tI ,t I ilr ji ,.*.+ ..s: &"tce..Dino!fiKc €d*bLs... p.sag
  16. 16. uqf? n? K c cY?) rl$rnpn? ffi cra jJ a.- Fb$ 3 -9 tr _{ -- f, o, )4 0"s*qltfl # r?ort {}5_ {F tr *(, ry uollonpw2 +, $t {fH- Sgfrtiqndun; G* F) ??uotBTS 0 uI-TSI"ud trLfit .t v tl to tr*t I | | | | 1"t"1 "L1loslo tr- sr +! lfmY .lsrP,""-ryouv {.{#
  17. 17. -l f9tlo s"fl"Pl] q:Z To"K-:atosg ?S",ranlun n Jotsor., httJg-,o 9lcalqo Je.Ho prho f*"prd ilO doo.rO.Os?l wloqt|ryN
  18. 18. i I lr I LrwetoPe l-*.-r I fild$le. Cg-isrns Ctossifyir3 o Kingdo* Sp*.ie-S Phylurn f*tis*f*u$""ols, al I lvlarnnno-lia- ---- srvromrvrJsc;ifr:.Jd or +irey animak,rv,orty o+t€rt dl*lnucss l"*ily Cnden So,rc€.: bi-h 7jiUc. [H"J"t€s.,: p. 330
  19. 19. Strategies for Building Academic Vocabulary in Sciencehttp://estore.seppub.com/estore/ product/50129
  20. 20. Reading Strategies for Sciencehttp://estore.seppub.com/estore/ product/50053
  21. 21. Dinah Zike Foldables Bookhttp://www.dinah.com/store.php?sort=New%20Produ cts