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Fingerprints Everywhere: Planning for Touch User Interfaces


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Overview of touch user interfaces: how software creators need to change their thinking to design and develop for touch. A presentation at the Ignite event of the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO), following the standard 5-minute Ignite format (May 2013).

Touch is not just for mobile or small screens. Consider Windows 8 with both mouse and touch, running on very large screens.

Plan for fat fingers and different grips on handheld devices. Allow for lack of hover and of changing cursor feedback.

For gestures, don't rely on your experience with only one OX; they vary! Also, consider the context -- casual users want only basic standard gestures; demanding environments require simplicity to avoid malformed gestures.

Discoverability is key. Provide animation, just-in-time prompts, and visual design that suggests actions -- especially when the content is the interface.

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