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An introduction to Wizaly, a multi-touch attribution technology.

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  1. 1. Multi-touch attribution technology
  2. 2. • Founded in 2004 • Continuously developed by a team of 25+ R&D people focused on tracking, algorithms and AI • Our mission: help advertisers spend their marketing budgets more efficiently by understanding the entire customer journey Background Wizaly: a combination of data scientists, tracking experts and AI
  3. 3. Why Wizaly? Our 3 Platform Objectives The Wizaly platform applies its algorithmic attribution technology to provide you with a holistic and unbiased vision, together with actionable recommendations ● Understand the real performance of each channel ● De-duplicate and attribute conversions ● Understand the view-through impact of your display campaigns ● Understand the interactions between media channels ● Understand consumer conversion funnels ● Arrange, clean and display data in a manner that’s easy to understand ● Optimize your strategy via trusted and reliable recommendations that can improve the operational bottom line ● Propose solutions to increase or decrease media investment by channel ● Keep a real time view of the performance and course correct immediately
  4. 4. Intuitive User Interface • Personalized Dashboards for each user • Intelligent data graphic representation to highlight key data insights • Large gallery of data widgets • Preconfigured dashboards • Metric comparison using Wizaly’s algorithmic model vs. Traditional attribution models • Unique infographic presentation of key analysis insights and challenges Customizable widget-based platform
  5. 5. A decision making tool Automated set of analysis that provides immediate actionable recommendations Our automated analysis is based on a series of methodologies developed by Wizaly’s in-house team of data analysts and media experts. Your data is presented using these methodologies in the form of a single dashboard available directly on the platform. • Invest or reallocate your budgets based on ROI • Understand the role of each media channel and its effect on conversion, post-click or post view • Analyze your customers’ journey, their purchase cycle and how it can evolve • Discover the optimal frequency and timing of your display ads
  6. 6. MEASURE
  7. 7. Data collection ● Today, data is a strategic asset of any company. ● Without reliable, comprehensive and granular data, there is no point using any advanced analytics tool ● Wizaly uses proprietary tracking and your existing UTM parameters to record all the incoming traffic SAMPLING AGGREGATION
  8. 8. Records every order ID and the technology identifies the individual user path (including display views) that leads to every single conversion. Granularity Each Order ID’s journey is tracked
  9. 9. Third party data integration Integrate spend, offline conversion and even DMP / CRM data Wizaly can automatically connect a large number of marketing solutions, allowing for the integration of media spends and specific campaign or market data for the relevant channel. The data collected can also be enriched with segmentation data supplied by a DMP or CRM platform.
  10. 10. UNDERSTAND
  11. 11. 2 main factors are taken into account to attribute conversions and revenue: ● Engagement metrics (time on site, number of page views) ● The intrinsic value of a channel being in the user journey (by being in the journey, does a channel tend to influence the outcome positively)? Algorithmic Attribution technology Going beyond First Click, Last Click or other predefined models SEM > Affiliate > SEO > Social SEM > Display > SEO > Social 1% conversion rate 3% conversion rate
  12. 12. REACT
  13. 13. Benefits: Real ROI measurement
  14. 14. View-through impact measurement for Display
  15. 15. New vs Returning visitor / New vs Existing Client analysis
  16. 16. Store Proximity Analysis
  17. 17. Investment Recommendations
  18. 18. • This Wizaly client was running Display campaigns via a 3rd party vendor Case Study - Display advertising Context • Performed an A/B test with another vendor, ran a one month head to head test, and selected the most efficient partner to increase their media spend. • The US market was split in 2 equal DMA groups and each vendor their own territory to target
  19. 19. Case Study - Display advertising Results Test results for the month Vendor A Vendor B Conversions according to the Vendor themselves 1,583 1,645 Conversions according to Google Analytics 4 5 Conversions according to Wizaly 34 148 Revenue according to Wizaly $ 149,900 $ 665,500 • Vendor A and B took 100% credit for a 24 hour view-through that lead to a sale • Google Analytics uses last click to deduplicate and only takes click through into account • Wizaly took a 24 hour view-through window and deduplicated conversions > $10m / year incremental revenue
  20. 20. Seamless implementation ● The only technical requirement on the client side is the implementation of our proprietary tracking pixel. Configuration of the pixel is done by Wizaly. ● Channel mapping, tracking verification, definition of page types, connector setup is all handled by Wizaly ● The setup is completed in 30 days on average
  21. 21. Edwin Dewez COO - North America (734) 418 8628 THANK YOU