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Why Not Mobile? Best Practices for Smashing Mobile PPC Ads


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There's no denying that mobile devices are a mainstay in today's society and becoming more popular every year. But capturing the most value out of mobile advertising can be a challenge. Some still question it - why should I advertise on mobile? Do they really work? But here's an even better question - why wouldn't you want to?

Hanapin digital advertising experts, Rachael Law and Roopa Carpenter, discuss best practices for mobile PPC advertising and new opportunities on the way to help increase your success for mobile ads.

You'll get expert-level PPC tips like:

*Best practices on ad writing, formatting and optimization, and extensions

*How to choose the best performing ads

*New features coming out for mobile PPC

Get these best practices for better mobile PPC advertising today!

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Why Not Mobile? Best Practices for Smashing Mobile PPC Ads

  1. 1. #thinkppc How to Recover from the Holidays Faster Than Your Competition HOSTED BY: Why Not Mobile? Best Practices for Smashing Mobile PPC Ads HOSTED BY:
  2. 2. #thinkppc Presenters • Roopa Carpenter – Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – @RoopaCarpenter • Rachael Law – Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – Blogger at PPC Hero
  3. 3. #thinkppc Join the conversation • Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. • Or use the webinar question box to send us questions.
  4. 4. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC? #thinkppc A. Less than 1 year B. 1-3 years C. 3-5 years D. 5+ years
  5. 5. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #2 How do you manage your account(s)? #thinkppc a) I manage it myself. b) I’m part of a team that manages it. c) I outsource my account management. d) I’m rethinking how my account is managed.
  6. 6. #thinkppc Agenda ● Why Mobile? ○ The Hard Numbers ○ Industry Insights ● Best Practices ○ Ad Copy ○ Ad Extensions ○ Landing Pages ● What’s New ○ Google ○ Hero Pro
  7. 7. #thinkppc Why Mobile? It’s All in the Numbers Mobile advertising is continuing to grow, although its rate of growth may be slowing down. • YoY Mobile experienced the most impression growth at 60% • Global mobile ad spend increased 105% last year • Global mobile ad spend expected to increase another 75.1% this year
  8. 8. #thinkppc Why Mobile? That’s Where You’ll Find Them Statistics pulled by Super Monitoring, reveal that the majority of us have mobile phones in our lives: • 91% of all people have a cellphone; 56% own a smart phone • 50% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary Internet source • For e-commerce: 80% of consumers plan to conduct mobile e-commerce in the next 12 month
  9. 9. #thinkppc Mobile and Retail Go Hand in Hand
  10. 10. #thinkppc The Value in Mobile may not be the Actual Sale
  11. 11. #thinkppc Should I Advertise on Mobile? Depends on your industry… Users search for / research products and services differently
  12. 12. #thinkppc Think With Google Mobile in the Purchase Journey Google studied users around the globe to understand how smart phones impact the purchase journey This tool gives you the option to select your industry and other parameters to generate graphs
  13. 13. #thinkppc Think With Google
  14. 14. #thinkppc Think With Google Our Mobile Planet our-mobile-planet.html
  15. 15. #thinkppc Google Analytics Model Comparison Tool
  16. 16. #thinkppc Takeaway: Do Your Research It’s worthwhile to learn how your customers are using their mobile devices in their purchase journey. While these tools probably won’t give you takeaways right now, it can give you a better understanding of mobile use in your industry
  17. 17. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #3 #3 – What’s your most utilized mobile PPC tactic? #thinkppc a) Sitelinks b) Ad Copy c) Landing Pages d) Call Extensions e) All of the Above
  18. 18. #thinkppc Best Practices: Ad Copy Quick Tips on Writing the Mobile Ad Copy • Keep it short & sweet: Headline should be keyword rich but brief • Following your keyword rich headline, should be a description of the benefits of your product or service (think of what the user wants) • Have an appropriate Call to Action: “Call Now” can work wonders
  19. 19. #thinkppc Best Practices: Ad Extensions Call Extensions Use them if you can! Test showing just the call extension vs. call extension and website URL
  20. 20. #thinkppc Best Practices: Ad Extensions Location Extensions ● If you have a brick & mortar store, mobile users might just be trying to find where you are ● Average of 10% increase CTR with location extensions (unless people were clicking on your ad to find your store)
  21. 21. #thinkppc Best Practices: Ad Extensions Sitelinks ● Mobile sitelinks send users directly to a relevant page, reducing the amount of browsing on their mobile devices. Send them to best selling products, etc. ● Average of 30% increase CTR with sitelinks ● Segment existing sitelinks by device to see which ones are best for desktop & mobile
  22. 22. #thinkppc Best Practices: Landing Pages Mobile Optimized Pages Send your mobile users to a page that is visually appealing when viewed on a smart phone!!!
  23. 23. #thinkppc A Quick Start to Mobile Preferred Ads ● Look at the performance of existing ads in your account as a starting point for mobile preferred ads ● Segment your ads by device type (Interface or pivot table)
  24. 24. #thinkppc Check out Mobile Performance ● After your segment your data, you’ll be able to see how each ads performs on desktop/tablet vs. mobile ● So you think that based on the performance below that this would be the best ad to opt into mobile preferred, but is it really?
  25. 25. #thinkppc Don’t make the wrong assumption ● Most of us utilize optimize for clicks or optimize for conversions (unless ad testing), but do you know that when we use these options Google only looks at overall data? ● So what does that mean? When a user is searching on their mobile device, Google does not optimize to show the best performing mobile ad. Likewise, Google does not optimize to show the best performing desktop ad for a desktop user. OMG!
  26. 26. #thinkppc ● The ad that was showing based on optimizations for clicks ● This is a deleted ad from the same ad group Here’s an Example:
  27. 27. #thinkppc Here it is Short & Sweet 1. Go through your ad copy and segment by device 1. Find your best ad based on mobile CTR 1. Find your best ad based on desktop & tablet CTR 1. If these happen to be the same ad then great, no need to create a mobile preferred ad 1. If these are two different ads, then the ad with the best mobile CTR should be turned into a mobile preferred ad (just select mobile) 1. Lastly, pause all other ads so you have your best mobile ad showing as mobile preferred, and your best desktop/tablet ad showing on all devices.
  28. 28. #thinkppc So What’s New
  29. 29. #thinkppc Google: New App Ads ● New mobile app promotion features will be launched across AdWords in search ads, Google Display Network, and YouTube. ● Google will look at information on how consumers interact with apps, and then provide keyword suggestions to advertisers to gain the most app installations. ● This information will allow advertisers to targets users based on their behavior (ex. apps they use, frequency of use, in app purchases)
  30. 30. #thinkppc New Mobile App Ads cont. More than 80% of apps are used once. The new ad feature will have “app deep linking capabilities” to drive searchers directly to pages in an app to encourage further engagement.
  31. 31. #thinkppc New Hero Pro Script: Mobile Ad Checker ● Systematically search all your Ad Groups to check if they have mobile ads running ● Quickly fix any mobile ad overwrites performed by AdWords Editor ● library
  32. 32. #thinkppc Need Help? Would you like help with your PPC accounts and management? I’m interested in: o PPC Management: We handle the day-to-day management of your PPC account. o Account Audit: We review your account for optimizations. o PPC Retainer: We handle only specific needs within your account. o FREE Solutions Blueprint: We look at your account and provide analysis and consultation (For accounts with $20K+ in adspend).
  33. 33. #thinkppc Live Q&A Time!
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