Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?


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Whether you’re planning your initial PPC budget or evaluating your current spend every day, there are plenty of tips and strategies for spending your PPC dollars more wisely. PPC accounts in all stages could probably use a refresher when it comes to spend planning, overall budgeting, and cost measurement.

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Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?

  1. 1. Presenters: Larry Kim | Founder, CTO of WordStream Carrie Albright | Writer and Account Manager at PPC Hero & Hanapin Marketing Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely? Best practices and creative tips for PPC budget management! &HOSTED BY:
  2. 2. • How much budget do I need to get started in PPC? • How Impression Share Impacts Budgeting Decisions • X vs. Y – Things to Consider When Setting Budgets – High Funnel Keywords vs. Money Keywords vs. Branded Terms – Search vs. Display – Bing vs. AdWords – Mobile vs. Desktop (including tablet) • How Your PPC Budget impacts your PPC Management Model Today’s Agenda 22&
  3. 3. Speaker Introductions 3 • Larry Kim – Founder, CTO, WordStream, Inc. – Been doing PPC & SEO for 10 Years! – 3 Years ago, started WordStream! – Today we’re an industry-leading provider of a PPC Management Platform and Keyword Research Tools • Carrie Albright – Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing and Blogger at PPC Hero – is the leading site for PPC Strategies, News and Information &
  4. 4. Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter / Google+ • Include the hashtag #ppcclinic in your Twitter tweets, Google+ status updates, etc. 44&
  5. 5. Live-Poll Question 1 Question: What’s Your PPC Budget (in USD)? a) Below $1000 / month b) Between $1001 – 2500 / month c) Between $2501- 25,000 / month d) More than $25,000 / month e) $0. Not Currently Doing PPC Marketing 55&
  6. 6. Live-Poll Question 2 Question: What most frequently limits your budgets? a) Budget shared across multiple channels (PPC, SEO, etc) b) Performance not justifying expansion c) Nervousness about the effectiveness of expanding d) Lack of knowledge where to invest next in PPC 66&
  7. 7. 77& Where to Start? Leads
  8. 8. 88& Beginning At The Beginning Questions you’re already asking: • What can I afford to spend? • What’s my CPL? • How do I place value on a “lead?” Questions to ask yourself: • How many leads am I expecting to bring in? • What is my current “conversion rate?” • How many leads do I need through PPC? • What can I afford to spend for each lead (CPL)?
  9. 9. 99& Calculations Daily Budget = $1388 … … and now, Optimization Time!
  10. 10. 1010& What affects how you value your leads? • Geography – are your leads more or less relevant based on location? • Frequency of interaction – do most leads have a complicated attribution system? • Bounce rate/Time on site – what behavior does your user have post-click? • Precedence – what have you seen to be qualified in the past?
  11. 11. 1111& Segmentation Negatives Placements Day parting: time of day & day of week
  12. 12. 1212& Day of Week Segmentation
  13. 13. 1313& Growth Opportunities AdWords Tools: Estimations!
  14. 14. 1414& It is estimated that doubling our budget, will lead to double our clicks. Keeping our conversion rate constant, our conversions are expected to increase by …
  15. 15. 1515& Daily maintenance
  16. 16. 1616& Overarching Strategies • How can you better define your quality of leads? • How can you identify your marginal gain from each dollar spent?
  17. 17. X vs. Y – Key Micro Level Budgeting Issues 17 • High Funnel Keywords vs. Money Keywords vs. Branded Terms • Search vs. Display • Bing vs. AdWords • Mobile vs. Desktop (including tablet) 17&
  18. 18. 1818& 1. High Funnel Keywords vs. Money Keywords vs. Branded Term Budget
  19. 19. The Basic Setup 1919&
  20. 20. My Search Campaign Budget Model 20 • Branded Searches Raise Account CTR • High Funnel Keywords = lower QS (higher cost) and push to informational offers (lower value) • Low Funnel Keywords = more competition but higher QS and push to demos (higher value) 20&
  21. 21. Raise/Lower Your Allocations if… High Funnel Keywords Lower Funnel Keywords Branded Search Raise if… Lower if… Raise if.. Lower if… Raise if.. Lower if… You’re doing lead generation You're doing ecommerce You're doing ecommerce You’re doing lead generation Competitors are bidding on your brand terms You don’t have a brand 2121&
  22. 22. 2222& 2. Search vs. Display Budget
  23. 23. My Search vs. Display Model • Warning: this is a bit of an unusual allocation • We use remarketing as Conversion Rate Optimization to convert other traffic • Average display share on GOOG is only 19.25% 2323&
  24. 24. Raise/Lower Your Allocations Depending on Industry… 2424&
  25. 25. Raise/Lower Your Allocations Depending on Competition… 2525&
  26. 26. Don’t Even Bother With Display If.. • You have a small budget (<1k / month) • Don’t do Managed Placements, Similar Audiences, Interests (etc.) until you’ve exhausted Remarketing 2626&
  27. 27. 2727& 3. Bing/Yahoo vs. AdWords Budget
  28. 28. Bing/Yahoo Market Share Statistics for July 2013 2828&
  29. 29. Bing/Yahoo Market Share Statistics for July 2013 2929& • 10.3% of our Client Spend Goes to Bing as of Last month
  30. 30. Raise/Lower Your Allocations if… Bing/Yahoo Google AdWords Raise if… Lower if… Raise if.. Lower if… You’re in an industry that Bing does well in (eg: Travel, Health, Entertainment, etc.) You have a small budget (<2k) You have a low impression share and your campaigns are doing OK You want to diversify risk Google is too competitive or too restrictive 3030&
  31. 31. 3131& 4. Mobile vs. Desktop
  32. 32. Mobile % Changing Rapidly 3232&
  33. 33. No Longer an Issue with Enhanced Campaigns 3333& • Mobile and Desktop run in the same campaign!
  34. 34. Mobile vs. Desktop Now More of a Bidding Issue 3434& Things To Consider: • Are you a local business? • Do you have a call center? • Do you sell to higher net worth demographics? • What’s the ROI of your mobile searches?
  35. 35. 3535& 5. How Budget Impacts PPC Management Model
  36. 36. Example 1: Lower PPC Budget 3636& – Assume $2500 / month PPC Spend – So, $30k / year PPC budget – Hiring a Dedicated PPC Manager for $60k / year would TRIPLE your PPC spend – Agencies Typically Charge as a Percentage of Ad Spend (e.g.: 10%) so $250 / month – No Agency will take on a client for $250 / month. – Only options are DIY and Software like WordStream, etc.
  37. 37. Example 2: Higher PPC Budget 3737& – Assume $50k/ month PPC Spend – So, $600k / year PPC budget – Hiring a Dedicated PPC Manager for $60k / year would be 10% of PPC budget – Agencies would also Charge around 10% of ad spend – Totally realistic to expect > 10% improvement
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