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Are you struggling to figure out why your landing page is not converting? Are there things you think you could be doing better but you're just not sure? PPC Heroes and their allies are here to help!

In the recording, Hanapin Marketing's Associate Director of Paid Search and resident CRO expert, Sam Owen, and WiderFunnel's Founder and CRO expert, Chris Goward, host a live landing page audit. Throughout the webinar, the experts went through a number of submitted landing pages and pointed out their strengths, opportunities, and suggested solutions.

You'll expert-level ppc tips like:

*Best practices for landing pages

*Tips and tricks on how to make sure your landing page is optimized for conversions

*Examples of good and not-so-good features on a landing page

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  • Here’s what what we do. It might be helpful for you.

    And today I’m going to give you 3 key elements to focus on and add to your conversion optimization strategy.
  • This is what we call a bad eyeflow!
  • Kayla
  • LIve Landing Page Audit

    1. 1. #thinkppc HOSTED BY: How to Recover from the Holidays Faster Than Your Competition HOSTED BY: Live Landing Page Audit
    2. 2. #thinkppc Presenters • Chris Goward – Founder of WiderFunnel – Hero Conf Conversion Summit Speaker – @chrisgoward • Sam Owen – Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing – Hero Conf Conversion Summit Speaker – @SamOwenPPC
    3. 3. #thinkppc Join the conversation • Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. • Or use the webinar question box to send us questions.
    4. 4. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC/CRO? #thinkppc A. Less than 1 year B. 1-3 years C. 3-5 years D. 5+ years
    5. 5. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #2 How do you manage your landing pages? #thinkppc a) I don’t currently test landing pages/I just use my homepage. b) I design and test them myself. c) I use third party software to run landing page tests. d) I use an agency to manage them. e) I’m reconsidering how I manage landing pages.
    6. 6. #thinkppc A Great Landing Page What We’re Looking For: • Attention Grabbing • Consistency • Strong Call To Action • Clear Language • Trust, Proof and Credibility • Your Value Proposition • Impressive Visuals
    7. 7. #thinkppc Campaign Alignment Keyword > Ad > Landing Page Don’t make customers have to think!
    8. 8. #thinkppc Campaign – Landing Page Alignment Let’s do a search…
    9. 9. #thinkppc Campaign – Landing Page Alignment
    10. 10. #thinkppc Campaign – Landing Page Alignment
    11. 11. #thinkppc Campaign – Landing Page Alignment Not about 65” TVs!
    12. 12. #thinkppc Campaign – Landing Page Alignment Keyword > Ad > Landing Page Don’t make customers have to think!
    13. 13. #thinkppc Conversion Optimization Frameworks
    14. 14. #thinkppc “The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.” —Peter Drucker
    15. 15. #thinkppc SMART MARKETERS USE FRAMEWORK THINKING Smart Marketers use Framework Thinking
    16. 16. #thinkppc FunEx Opportunities 1.1 Cluster 1.2 Isolation 1.3 Isolation LIFT Page 1 FunEx 2.1 Isolation 2.2 Isolation 2.3 Cluster LIFT Page 2 FunEx 3.1 Isolation 3.2 Isolation LIFTPage 3 FunEx 4.1 Isolation 4.2 Cluster 4.3 Isolation LIFT Page 4 Insight Flow Page 5, etc. Agile Optimization System Kaizen Plan Web Analytics Heuristic Analysis Voice of Customer In-Page Analytics Redesign Plan Phase 1 - Conversion Optimization Strategy Phase 2 - LIFT™ and Testing Discovery
    17. 17. #thinkppc
    18. 18. #thinkppc SOLVE CONVERSION BARRIERS Don’t chase after tactics Solve Conversion Barriers
    19. 19. #thinkppc The LIFT Model™ (Note: For more, google “WiderFunnel Lift”) Relevance Clarity Anxiety Distraction Urgency
    20. 20. #thinkppc Clarity: No hover treatment of the CTA buttons Clarity: “Ready to get started” not clickable connected to CTA Clarity: Image alignment confuses eyeflow Distraction: Treatment & copy of top banner is disjointed and complex Clarity: ‘browse course catalog’ CTA is competing with primary CTA Distraction: Content written as plain factual, not emotive or persuasive Clarity: The value proposition is hidden in summary block Distraction: Links to State Req courses take prospect off the page Distraction: Long course list on right column
    21. 21. #thinkppc Competing CTAs Clicks on non-clickable area Clicks dispersed over course lists No interest in body content area! Click Heatmap Analysis
    22. 22. #thinkppc 15.7% Conversion Rate Lift
    23. 23. #thinkppc Beautiful, focused eyeflow! Click Heatmap Analysis for Winning Page
    24. 24. #thinkppc Live Audit Time!
    25. 25. #thinkppc Special Offers! What interests you? o I would like a 10% off discount code for Hero Conf Conversion Summit o I would like a FREE Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing. (For accounts with $20K+/mo in adspend). o Both o Neither
    26. 26. #thinkppc Have more questions? Thank you for attending our webinar! #thinkppc • Get a free Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing (for accounts greater than $20K/mo in adspend): • Or Contact us Directly: • Webinar Feedback: