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Christmas in July


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Check out last weeks webinar, "Christmas in July."

As busy as the holiday rush we all know and love is, for most marketers the rest of the year is busy too. That makes it hard to plan very far ahead, and you risk having to scramble to take advantage of the busy season after it’s already started rather than before.

What you'll learn:

-Why six months ahead isn’t very far ahead.
-How to ramp up your ads incrementally rather than in one big lump.
-What kinds of tests to run so you know what works before the rush.

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Christmas in July

  1. 1. #thinkppc Christmas In July How and why you should jump start your holiday marketing now. HOSTED BY:
  2. 2. #thinkppc Join the conversation • Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. • Or use the webinar question box to send us questions.
  3. 3. #thinkppc Presenters • Amanda West-Bookwalter – Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – Blogger at PPC Hero – @@amanda_westbook • Eric Couch – Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – Blogger at PPC Hero – @ecouch11
  4. 4. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC? #thinkppc A. Less than 1 year B. 1-3 years C. 3-5 years D. 5+ years
  5. 5. #thinkppc Understand Your Arsenal • Utilize Offer Extensions Increases in CTR & Conversion Rate - From 2.02 % to 15.45% CTR - From 1.52% to 11.60% conv. rate
  6. 6. #thinkppc
  7. 7. #thinkppc It’s a Rush, So Don’t Lose Track! • Utilize Inventory Tracking –Automated Tracking vs. Excel –Don’t Waste Your Money –How Often To Check
  8. 8. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #2 How do you manage your account(s)? #thinkppc a) I manage it myself. b) I’m part of a team that manages it. c) I outsource my account management. d) I’m rethinking how my account is managed.
  9. 9. #thinkppc Learn From Your History • Analyze the previous year’s data to set yourself up for success this year.
  10. 10. #thinkppc Learn From Your History • Identify clear date ranges of similar & stellar performance.
  11. 11. #thinkppc Learn From Your History • Download performance reports for set date ranges & analyze.
  12. 12. #thinkppc Learn From Your History • Create campaign builds for peak times with suggested optimal bids in place. Give extra room for increases in competition YoY!
  13. 13. #thinkppc Learn From Your History • Don’t forget to analyze your ads for what performed best. – Pro tip: use (1000,00*CTR)* Conv. Rate to get ads with the highest conversions per 100,000 impressions. This allows you to blend conv. rate and CTR importance into one metric.
  14. 14. #thinkppc Learn From Your History • Set the date ranges on your campaigns for starting/ending to eliminate room for run- time errors.
  15. 15. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #3 When do you start your holiday campaign builds and optimizations? #thinkppc a) During Q3 b) Start of Q4 c) Middle of Q4 d) It never ends!
  16. 16. #thinkppc Always Write for Your Audience • Create Holiday Ad Copy Early  Previous Top Performers  Shopping Day Countdown  Scripts & Parameterization  Specific Day Callouts
  17. 17. #thinkppc Every Year is Different • Holiday Shopping in an Enhanced Campaign World –Call Tracking –Call Extensions –Call Extension Scheduling –Budgeting for Mobile
  18. 18. #thinkppc Live Q&A Time!
  19. 19. #thinkppc Need Help? Would you like help with your PPC accounts and management? I’m interested in: o PPC Management: We handle the day-to-day management of your PPC account. o Account Audit: We review your account for optimizations. o PPC Retainer: We handle only specific needs within your account. o FREE Solutions Blueprint: We look at your account and provide analysis and consultation (For accounts with $20K+ in adspend).
  20. 20. #thinkppc Have more questions? Thank you for attending Our Christmas in July webinar! #thinkppc • Get a free Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing (for accounts greater than $20K/mo in adspend): • Or Contact us Directly: • Webinar Feedback: