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Accout Manager to People Manager

This presentation was originally presented at Hero Conf Los Angeles by Joe Kerschbaum

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Accout Manager to People Manager

  1. 1. Account Manager to People Manager Joseph Kerschbaum Vice President of Client Services
  2. 2. Learner Outcomes Empower Your Team Evaluate Success in Your New Role Acclimate to Your Managerial Role Focus on Your New Priorities After Today You Will…
  3. 3. You Dream of Being the Boss
  4. 4. Now What?
  5. 5. Your New Path Forward
  6. 6. Start with the End Mind
  7. 7. Build a Solid Foundation Example is leadership. -Albert Schweitzer
  8. 8. Utilize Your Growth Tool Kit Build the Team You Need Model • Exemplify Each Role • Inspire Greatness • Motivate with Positive Energy Educate • Create a Knowledge Base • Utilize Recurring Trainings • Encourage Sharing & Wins Process • Lean on Reliable, Repeatable Process • Implement Thorough QA Procedures • Drive for Constant Improvement & Innovation
  9. 9. Frontline Managers
  10. 10. Let Go of Your Past Embrace Your Future Search for ways to give every employee more control over his or her piece of the business. -Bob Gilbertson
  11. 11. Achieve a Zen-like State Find Your Management Chi Communicate •Establish Open Communication •Define Roles Clearly •Understand Team Member Motivations •Establish 1:1 Meetings Trust •Delegate with Confidence •Encourage Ownership •Build Trustworthy Mentors •Nurture a Feedback Loop Prioritize •Concentrate on Macro Topics •Work “On” vs “In” the Biz •Put Out Fires as Needed
  12. 12. Key to Management: Weekly 1:1
  13. 13. If You Love Something…
  14. 14. Become the Conductor If he/she works for you, you work for him/her. -Japanese Proverb
  15. 15. Define Your Management Role Keep the Tempo & Time for Your Team Team • Team Satisfaction & Advancement • Trouble Shooting • Personal Development Strategy • High-Level Strategy Guidance • Stakeholder Sponsorship Development • Process Improvement • Spot Training • Resource Procurement
  16. 16. Middle Managers
  17. 17. Build Focus Conduct • Model • Educate • Process • Communicate • Trust • Prioritize • Team • Strategy • Development
  18. 18. Understand Your New Success Metrics
  19. 19. How You Provide Value Now Elevate Your Focus & Goals Team Progression •Skills •Ownership •Advancement •Culture Process Improvement •Productivity •Quality Campaign Performance •KPIs / Goals •Innovation •Expansion
  20. 20. Go Be an Awesome Boss!
  21. 21. Resources Keep Growing!
  22. 22. Thank You! Joseph Kerschbaum Vice President of Client Services 3Q Digital @joekerschbaum