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A Case for Automated Bid & Budget Management


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This webinar shows how to work Acquisio's Bid & Budget Management feature (BBM) and who it's working for.

PPC expert Jeff Baum of Hanapin Marketing presents several case studies demonstrating effectiveness of BBM and gives you some insight into how it's helping his agency serve their customers with greater efficiency and give their ad spend a far greater reach.

The webinar also includes Marc Poirier of Acquisio who shows you how BBM works (Hint: It's actually rocket science -- we're not kidding!) and gives you an idea of what you can expect from the only bid and budget management system that adjusts, automatically, every 30 minutes.

You'll find out:

*Who's using BBM
*How they're achieving success
*How BBM works
*How it can help your PPC campaigns

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A Case for Automated Bid & Budget Management

  1. 1. Click to edit Master text styles HOSTED BY: &
  2. 2. Click to edit Master text styles WEBINAR housekeeping • • The webinar is recorded and will be made available by email The slides will also be available by email • Q&A session at the end of the webinar • Use the Chat box to submit your questions at any time
  3. 3. Click to edit Master#1 styles POLL QUESTION text How long have you been in PPC? A. B. C. D. Less than 1 year 1-3 years 3-5 years 5+ years
  4. 4. Click to edit Master#2 styles POLL QUESTION text How do you manage your account(s)? A. B. C. D. I manage it myself. I’m part of a team that manages it. I outsource my account management. I’m rethinking how my account is managed.
  5. 5. Click to edit Master text styles SPEAKERS Marc Poirier – EVP & Co-Founder of Acquisio. – 17 Years Experience in Digital Marketing. – Master Fisherman. Jeff Baum – Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – Blogger at PPC Hero – @jeffbaum71
  6. 6. Click to edit Master text styles Quick history of bid management • • • • • • 2000-2003: Overture and the transparent marketplace was at the origin of the practice of bid management in paid search Google changed the game with an opaque auction, and the old bid management solutions became less and less important as Google became more dominant Many service companies built in-house solutions and marketed themselves as technology / algorithm players Around 2007/2008, several bid management tech companies launched products in market to support Google AdWords bid management Each player has their own approach, based on rules and algorithms, that run once per day at most. In 2013 Acquisio released BBM and set a new standard for bid management.
  7. 7. Click to edit Master text styles What Does BBM Do? BBM works to maximize your clicks or conversions while reducing your costs and optimizing your PPC budget – Increase clicks or conversions – Suppress CPC or CPA – Manage budgets with pinpoint accuracy (<1%) Providing increased return for the same budget ( before BBM) equals increased profits.
  8. 8. Click to edit Master text styles How Does BBM Do It? For fixed monthly budget, maximize either clicks or conversions with constraints on: •Maximum CPA •Maximum CPC •Average position Varying the following: •Max CPC bid (ad group) •Daily budget Constantly searching for Optimal solution to this problem
  9. 9. Click is it different? text styles How to edit Master Near Real-Time Bid and Budget Management. Our Algorithms Run Every 30 Minutes, Intelligently Sharing Budgets Across Campaigns while Adjusting Bids Automatically. • Suppress CPC (also CPA, Avg. Pos. or ROAS) • Maximize Click Volume (also conversions or revenue) • Spend Maximum Budget Effectively •Take advantage of clustering of keywords in ad groups •We run 48 sets of experiments per day, instead of one •Uses AdWords Conversion Tracking tags •No need to change account structure or add tags
  11. 11. Google Search* (sweepstakes) Google Search Activity Tsunami Effect Conversions $3.25 $3.00 (sweepstakes) AdMetrica captures surges of conversions (and plummeting CPA’s) accompanying sudden spikes in Google’s general search traffic volume. CPA (sweepstakes) 8,000 7,000 $2.75 6,000 AdMetrica GDN Conv # $2.50 $2.25 AdMetrica GDN CPA 5,000 Google Search Vol. 4,000 $2.00 3,000 $1.75 2,000 $1.50 1,000 $1.25 0 Google Display Network conversion Google Display Network ad engine engine * Source: Google Trends
  14. 14. Click to edit Master text styles Success Story 1 Women’s Athletic Apparel Background – Clicks and Price Our client is working with a tight marketing budget in the competitive retail advertising space. Getting share of voice while not over-paying clicks is a major challenge. BBM Start Date: March 23, 2013 Report End Date: May 27, 2013 CPC Reduced 3x Clicks Increased 4x Budget Target Error: -2.5%
  15. 15. Click to edit Master text styles Success Story 2 Auto Parts Dealer Background – Scale In a sector where multiple campaigns are common due to a high number of SKUs, managing budgets at scale is very difficult. BBM Start Date: February 19, 2013 Report End Date: May 27, 2013 CPC Reduced 3.3x Clicks Increased 2.9x Budget Target Error: 1.03%
  16. 16. Click to edit Master text styles Success Story 3 Home Builder Background – Budget Constraints Our client significantly boasted very stable and seemingly good PPC results when compared to peers. BBM Start Date: May 7, 2013 Report End Date: May 27, 2013 CPC Reduced 2x Clicks Increased 3.5x Budget Target Error: - 0.87%
  18. 18. Click to edit Master text styles Before BBM $155,729 Budget $133,022.64 Spent $22,706.36 Unspent 14.6% Gap 85.4% Attainment SPEND 85.4%
  19. 19. Click to edit Master text styles After BBM $155,729 Budget $133,022.64 Spent $22,706.36 Unspent 14.6% Gap 85.4% Attainment $130,870.00 Budget $130,673.27 Spent $196.73 Unspent 0.2% Gap 99.8% Attainment SPEND 99.8%
  20. 20. Click to edit Master text styles Recent Innovations Enhanced Campaigns: BBM is currently running across dozens of accounts testing new algorithms to manage bid modifiers Product Listing Ads: BBM is in BETA with several clients testing its impact on the performance of PLAs, at this time, it appears as though BBM is at its very best in the context of PLAs GDN and MGDN Ads: BBM generates great results with GDN and MGDN campaigns, AdMetrica supports more sophisticated optimization for certain types of advertisers. Three Stage Conversions: Our answer to low flow problem, 3 stage conversions first get the ads to display more frequently, then optimizes bids and budgets towards ads that are yielding click flow, to finally optimize towards conversions and CPA.
  21. 21. Click to edit Master text styles How to Start? • You provide • Groups of campaigns • Associated Budgets • Target CPA (or other metric) • Your MCC info and permission to activate algorithms. • We offer • A 1:1 conversation with one of our SMEs to discuss exactly what the algorithms will and will not do. • Monitoring and communication of results throughout the early phase.
  22. 22. Click to edit Master text styles Acquisio – BBM • BBM Summary • • • • • Near real-time optimization cycle means better spend control Decreases CPC / CPA, often by 50% or more. Increases clicks and conversions, often by 100% or more Greatly improves budget management accuracy Helps agencies spend all of the clients’ budgets, all the while improving results dramatically, leading to increased agency revenue and greater client satisfaction • Works for individual accounts • Impressive results for agencies and Google Channel Partners with dozens, hundreds or thousands of accounts to manage • Works well for Enhanced Campaigns, PLAs, GDN/MGDN and low flow campaigns.
  23. 23. Click to edit Master#3 styles POLL QUESTION text What Is Your Bidding Strategy? A. B. C. D. I Do All My Bidding Manually I Use Google’s Automated Bidding Tools I Use a 3rd Party Bidding Platform Bidding Intimidates Me. I Only Employ Ad Group Bids 23
  24. 24. Click to edit Master text styles CASE STUDY For Profit School 45 Locations 15 States 24
  25. 25. Click to edit Master text styles CASE STUDY Budget & KPI Guidelines: - $300K-$400K monthly spend - $200 per lead Initial Strategy: - Aggressive bidding: Bid #1 position using Adwords bid rules - Push volume through keyword expansion & search remarketing - Pause non converting ad groups & keywords - If necessary, go over CPL target to push volume Revised Strategy: - CPL targets by program - Adhere strictly to target CPL - Reduce volatility of program and campus CPL’s between campuses - Bid lower positions: Will leads at lower positions more likely convert to enrollments & starts? 25
  26. 26. Click to edit Master text styles CASE STUDY – Avg CPC’s decreased 12.8% per click – Clicks increased 30% 26
  27. 27. Click to edit Master text styles CASE STUDY – Conversions increased 450% – CPL decreased 81% 27
  28. 28. Click to edit Master text styles CASE STUDY • Integrating BBM into Account - Priority focus on locations in most need of CPL optimization - Limited optimization of those locations to study effect of BBM on performance - Once positive improvement was confirmed, rolled out 10 more locations 28
  29. 29. Click to edit Master text styles CASE STUDY • How We Can Use BBM More Effectively Going Forward - Use BBM to manage multiple CPL targets within a campus location - Understanding avg. position ‘sweet spot’ & using BBM to target - Making sure budgets are optimized to spend at times most likely to convert 29
  30. 30. Click to edit Master#4 styles POLL QUESTION text Offer - would you be interested in: A. FREE Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing B. FREE Demo of the Acquisio Platform C. More information on BBM 30
  31. 31. Click to edit LIVE Q&A Master text styles