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Webinar Recording: Eight Things PPC Beginners Do (That You Should Too)


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PPC pros don’t know everything when they’re just starting out. But the one thing they do know is how to follow and closely manage the fundamentals of account management that many seasoned experts end up taking for granted.

But paying attention to those details will always end up improving your account, no matter where you’re at in the spectrum. This week’s webinar recording will focus on those things that beginners tend to get right and veterans tend to forget.

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Webinar Recording: Eight Things PPC Beginners Do (That You Should Too)

  1. 1. #thinkppc 8 Things PPC Beginners Do in Their Account That You Should Too HOSTED BY:
  2. 2. #thinkppc Presenters • Jacob Fairclough – Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – Blogger at PPC Hero • Eric Couch – Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – Blogger at PPC Hero – @ecouch11
  3. 3. #thinkppc Join the conversation • Include the hashtag#thinkppcin your Twitter tweets. • Or use the webinar question box to send us questions.
  4. 4. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC? #thinkppc A. Less than 1 year B. 1-3 years C. 3-5 years D. 5+ years
  5. 5. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #2 Which tasks do you perform less often now, compared to when you started in PPC? #thinkppc A. Keyword Research B. Negative Keyword Analysis C. Quality Score Optimization/Analysis D. Auditing Campaign Settings
  6. 6. #thinkppc #1: Keyword Research • Responsive vs. Proactive Research – Are you building campaigns by request, or by discovering new niches? • Research Tools? – Basic Tools (Search term report, Google KW Tool) – Advanced Tools (Third Party, Product Sites, Forums, Customer Reviews, etc.) – Competitors (SpyFu, SEM Rush, iSpionage)
  7. 7. #thinkppc #1: Keyword Research
  8. 8. #thinkppc #2: Negative Strategy • Regularly Check SQRs • Evaluate if ad group or campaign level negatives are the best choice. – Use lists to easily apply negatives to new campaigns. • Apply embedded negatives when needed.
  9. 9. #thinkppc #3: Bid Strategy • Are you over-bidding? • Calculating your ideal CPC bid:
  10. 10. #thinkppc #3: Bid Strategy • Average Position Analysis (Pivot Table Style)
  11. 11. #thinkppc #3: Bid Strategy • Average Position Analysis (Excel Macro Style)
  12. 12. #thinkppc #4: Check Campaign Settings • Ad Rotation – Are you accidently optimizing for conversions? – Did you forget it was set to 90 days then optimize? • Targeting – Are you targeting the correct locations and proximities? • What networks have you enabled?
  13. 13. #thinkppc #4: Check Campaign Settings • Check your Ad Scheduling – If you operate a call center, keep ads showing while the centers are open. – Look for certain times of the day that perform better or worse than average. • Delivery Settings – Are you losing clicks by not using accelerated delivery?
  14. 14. #thinkppc #5: Destination URLs • Are they right? – Seriously, are you sure they’re right? • URL Tags and Tracking – Analytics – CRM Platforms • While simple, these are highly visible errors.
  15. 15. #thinkppc #6: Bookending and Double Checking • Do a quick projection of your changes. – How will bid changes affect cost and conversions? – What is the impact of adding new negatives? • Don’t always rely on your “gut instinct”. – Does the projection make sense? – Are the changes too drastic or to little?
  16. 16. #thinkppc #6: Bookending and Double Checking • Check URLs to Landing Pages – Are you sending clicks to the right page. – Always give your URLs another look. It is easy to mess up the tracking and lose valuable data. • Check Targeting on New Campaigns – Targeting can get lost when moving parts of the account.
  17. 17. #thinkppc #7: Knowing Your History • Taking the long view. – Change History – Project Management Platforms • Trends and inflection points.
  18. 18. #thinkppc #8: Quality Score and Account Structure • Audit your quality scores. – Examine how performance varies by quality score. – Find the distribution of you quality scores. – Check to see you are not losing money and conversions due to poor quality scores. • Account Structure – Stay consistent and keep it manageable.
  19. 19. #thinkppc #8: Quality Score and Account Structure • Are all keywords broken down as they should be? – Have you allowed ad groups to grow too large? – Are you still keeping your match types properly segmented? – Are your campaigns and ad groups properly focused?
  20. 20. #thinkppc Need Help? Final Poll #3 Would you like help with your PPC accounts and management? I’m interested in: • PPC Management: We handle the day-to-day management of your PPC account. • Account Audit: We review your account for optimizations. • PPC Retainer: We handle only specific needs within your account. • FREE Solutions Blueprint: We look at your account and provide analysis and consultation (For accounts with $20K+ in monthly ad spend).
  21. 21. #thinkppc Live Q&A Time!
  22. 22. #thinkppc Have more questions? Thanks for attending our webinar! #thinkppc • Get a free Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing (for accounts greater than $20K/mo in ad spend): • Or Contact us Directly: • Webinar Feedback: