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6 Unique Ways To Grow Your PPC Account


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As 2015 comes to a close, you should be analyzing and evaluating your overall marketing strategy. What worked for you this year and what didn’t? How can you expand beyond the scope of what you’re doing now?

In this webinar presentation, Founder of Optmyzr, Fred Vallaeys and Associate Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing, Jeff Baum, discuss 6 unique ways you can grow your PPC account in 2016.

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6 Unique Ways To Grow Your PPC Account

  1. 1. #thinkppc &HOSTED BY: 6 Unique Ways To Grow Your PPC Account
  2. 2. #thinkppc Presenters • Frederick Vallaeys – Founder of Optmyzr – PPC Hero Blogger – @siliconvallaeys • Jeff Baum – Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing – PPC Hero Blogger – @jeffbaum71
  3. 3. #thinkppc Join the conversation • Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. Or use the webinar question box to send us questions.
  4. 4. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC? #thinkppc A. Less than 1 year B. 1-3 years C. 3-5 years D. 5+ years
  5. 5. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #2 How do you manage your account(s)? #thinkppc a) I’m part of an in-house PPC team. b) I do all the marketing myself. c) I work for an agency. d) I’m a consultant.
  6. 6. #thinkppc Programmatic
  7. 7. #thinkppc Programmatic
  8. 8. #thinkppc Programmatic
  9. 9. #thinkppc Programmatic
  10. 10. #thinkppc Site Tagged Data Collected Audiences & Lists Automatically Created Ads Placed Data Analysis & Optimization Programmatic
  11. 11. #thinkppc Programmatic
  12. 12. #thinkppc Market Expansion
  13. 13. #thinkppc Market Expansion
  14. 14. #thinkppc Market Expansion
  15. 15. #thinkppc Market Expansion ● We Spend 5+ Hours Per Day Online. ● Visit 10+ More Sources Before Converting. ● Advertising Mix Must Reflect This Dynamic.
  16. 16. #thinkppc Yahoo Stream Ads: Ad Samples
  17. 17. #thinkppc Yahoo Stream Ads: Ad Samples
  18. 18. #thinkppc Yahoo Stream Ads: Benefits ● Unobtrusive: Native Ads Have Same Look & Feel as Page Content. ● High Engagement Rate. ● Highly Shareable Content.
  19. 19. #thinkppc Yahoo Stream Ads: How to Set Up
  20. 20. #thinkppc Market Expansion: Yelp! ● Local/Regional/National Advertising. ● Ads Appear on Top of Results Pages & Competitor Pages. ● Build Engagement & Drive Conversions.
  21. 21. #thinkppc Market Expansion: Yelp!
  22. 22. #thinkppc Market Expansion: Yelp!
  23. 23. #thinkppc Yelp! Ads: How to Set Up ● Upload sheet with location names, phone numbers, & destination URL’s for action links on business page. ● CTA’s for any action links on your Yelp! business page. ● Bids: Based off suggestions Yelp! provides. ● Yelp! assigns business to category.
  24. 24. #thinkppc Scale With Better Quality Score “What gives you a longer term and even unfair advantage is having higher Quality Scores [...]. In that case you’ll be paying less for the same click while getting more in return.” -Wijnand Meijer, iProspect Better Quality Score Leads to: • More entries into the ad auctions • More impressions above the search results • More impressions of ad extensions • Eligibility to show ads with dynamic keyword insertion • Lower prices for the same positions
  25. 25. #thinkppc July 2015 Quality Score Update “The most significant part of the change is that keywords without traffic will now, by default, receive a score of 6, and Average for the three components of Quality Score. Once keywords gather enough impressions, scores will update about a day or so later.”
  26. 26. #thinkppc QS 6 Is The New Normal After the change, many keywords went back to QS 6
  27. 27. #thinkppc The Correlation between QS and FPB In our analysis, 75% of keywords with a change in QS had no change to the First Page Bid Estimate on the same day. If you use a Google Bid Strategy that depends on ‘first page bid’ or ‘top of page bid’ estimates, be careful!
  28. 28. #thinkppc The Quality Score You See Is Not Linear • Going from QS 4 to 8 does NOT mean your ad rank doubles • Hence much of the published data on monetary impact is incorrect…
  29. 29. #thinkppc Decrease in CPC for 1 Point QS Gain
  30. 30. #thinkppc Increase in CPC for 1 Point QS Drop 30
  31. 31. #thinkppc How Long Before Google Has Enough Data? In our analysis we see that after 100 impressions, there are fewer QS changes away from the starting QS of 6.
  32. 32. #thinkppc The Bottom Line on Quality Score • Quality Score helps you understand how relevant Google thinks your ads are. • Use this knowledge to prioritize optimization efforts. • Always try to achieve at least a QS 6 before resorting to bid management.
  33. 33. #thinkppc Scale With Audience Targeting Scale your results by doing more with the existing audience. Segment your audience and promote your product with the right message. • Remarketing • RLSA • Dynamic Remarketing • NEW: Customer Match
  34. 34. #thinkppc Customer Match Use CRM data to target or bid your AdWords campaigns
  35. 35. #thinkppc Segment Your CRM Data Interesting Segments For SaaS • Engaged users • Users slipping away Interesting Segments For Retail • Big spenders • Shoppers who return a lot of items
  36. 36. #thinkppc Create a New Remarketing List
  37. 37. #thinkppc Apply The List to Campaigns
  38. 38. #thinkppc The Bottom Line on Audiences • Build several audience lists, including some based on your CRM data. • Set different bids for different audiences. • Show different messages to different audiences.
  39. 39. #thinkppc Customer Match For Lead Generation: Case Study #1 ● Education Client: Emails collected when web forms are filled out ● Next stage of funnel is to move prospect to schedule an interview. ● Create workflow that allows prospects to schedule their interview and route to appropriate campus. Build landing page to support. ● Use customer match to target prospects that haven’t scheduled an interview.
  40. 40. #thinkppc Customer Match For Lead Generation: Case Study #2 ● Client: Combination of e-comm & lead gen. ● Customer match did not work initially. ● Solution was to implement RLSA audiences with customer match. Went from 0 conversions to incremental volume at $30 per lead.
  41. 41. #thinkppc Customer Match For Lead Generation: Key Learning’s ● Know what the next stage of the process is. ● Use customer match to facilitate moving prospects down the funnel. ● Build a workflow to support it.
  42. 42. #thinkppc Scale With Structured Data Managing ads for many services and products with constantly changing prices and promotions can be extremely time consuming. Structured data helps you automate some of the management. • Ad Params • Business Data • AdWords Scripts • Countdowns
  43. 43. #thinkppc Ad Params {param1:default} and {param2:default} have been around for a long time but the only way to update them is through the Ads API or an AdWords Script.
  44. 44. #thinkppc Ad Customizers Ad Params Business Data Countdown
  45. 45. #thinkppc The AdWords Scripts Way Ad Params Business Data Countdown Source:
  46. 46. #thinkppc Countdown Timers Automatically add a sense of urgency to your ads
  47. 47. #thinkppc The Bottom Line on Structured Data Determine what level of automation you need and how much you are willing to invest upfront in creating a process. • AdWords has free and easy to use solutions like DKI, Countdowns, Ad Customizers. • AdWords Scripts are harder to build or must be purchased but they offer more customization. • AdWords API is the hardest to build but will work for any size account.
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  49. 49. #thinkppc PPC Retainers Need some assistance for your PPC? We offer on-going and one-time retainers. Learn More:
  50. 50. #thinkppc Live Q&A Time!
  51. 51. #thinkppc Thank you for attending our webinar! #thinkppc • Contact us Directly: » Hanapin Feedback: Optmyzr Feedback: