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Brand Management MBA Project Adam's Youghurt


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Re-positioning and new image building for a local youghurt brand, Adam's.

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Brand Management MBA Project Adam's Youghurt

  1. 1. ADAM’S YOUGHURT Presented by: Ahmed Arslan Khan AyyazTanveer Hira Khalid Hussain Iftikhar Mir Arooj Hassan M. A. Hanan Rasool Sehrish Atta
  2. 2. Adams Milk Foods • Certified company • Manufacturing • Marketing • Distributing • Value added frozen food products Pioneer in frozen foods
  3. 3. Specialize in dairy products. • First dairy plants to produce powder milk. One of the largest cheese maker in the country • capable of producing over 20,000 tons annually Aim of Adams Milk Foods • leader in providing best quality products to all their valued customer.
  4. 4. Raita • Zeera Raita • Mint raita Pizza cheese • Adam’s pizza cheese Mozzarella cheese Cheddar cheese • Adam’s cheddar cheese • Adam’s processed cheddar cheese • Adam’s extra light diet singles • Adam’s new mozzarella cheese • Adam’s Danish mozzarella cheese • Adam’s mozzarella cheese singles Flavored cheese • Adams cheese burger • Adam’s chilli cheese Cottage cheese Yogurt • Adam’s cottage cheese • Natural yogurt (great tradition taste) • Desi yogurt (a true taste of home) • Natural yogurt (low fat/no sugar) Pure desi ghee • Butter fat 99.8% Power milk • Skimmed powder milk • Full cream milk powder • Full cream milk powder (30% fat) • Whey powder
  5. 5. Adams Milk Food Dairy products Adam's Yogurt 1 kg, 400 gms, 250 gms
  6. 6. Nestle • Heavily spend on in store placements • Exposure • • • • • • Eye level shelf space • Catches consumer’s eyes Heavy advertising Strong trade promotions • Retailers promote their brand Strong consumer promotions Variant • Zeera and Podina • Price 70 Rs./400g Khula Dahi • Not available at retail stores • mostly at sellers own shops • No advertising • No trade promotions • No consumer promotions • No variant • Price • 60 Rs/kg • Limited distribution • At their own shops Adams Yogurt • Don’t spend on in store placements • Lack of exposure • Top shelf • Hardly noticeable • No retail promotions • No incentive to promote their brand • No customer promotions • Variant • Natural and low fat • Price • 65 rs/400g • Limited distribution • Selective shops
  7. 7. TARGET MARKET GENDER AGE INCOME DEMOGRAPHICS Males, Females Every age group, product is not specific to any particular age. Suitable for both adults and children alike SEC A and B Product Benefit User Status BEHAVIORAL Targeted for everyone who cares for his/ her life and cares for his health First time, Regular, Potential Customers MARKET SHARE ADAM'S YOUGH URT 10% NESTLE 90%
  8. 8. PACKAGING Un-attractive to the customers Does not grab immediate attention Imitation of Nestle’s Packaging SKU; 250 gms, 400 gms, 1Kg
  9. 9. NAME Company name dominates the brand nameviolating the branding law number 13(law of the company) people did not even know about the product name cannot associate with a yogurt.
  10. 10. LOGO Lacks innovati veness Blue Text, re d outline un-attractive & old
  11. 11. Past and Current Advertising Campaigns… BRAND AWARENESS LACK OF BRAND IDENTITY
  12. 12. Product Promotions Distribution Pricing
  13. 13. PRODUCT Adam’s youghurt is rich in Calcium, Potassium, Protein and BVitamins. It boosts immunity and promotes healthy life. Other Types DesiYoghurt Yoghurt Low Fat, Made from Fresh Milk (No added sugar)
  14. 14. PLACE PLACE • Distributed countrywide directly to the retailers • It is using direct distribution channel because the distributors are now reluctant to sell products that lack customer recognition. • Available in many supermarkets and departmental stores like Alfatah, potpourri, HKB
  15. 15. PROMOTION Least exposed brand to the customer’s eye . Lack in promotions both in trade promotions and consumer promotions. Placed product below eye level on most shelf of the shops
  16. 16. PRICE ADAM’S • Rs. 40 Rs. 65 Rs.120 NESTLE • Rs.45 • Rs.70
  17. 17. POPs  Rich in Calcium, Potassium, Protein and B-Vitamins  Boosts immunity and promote healthy life.  Two servings of yoghurt to you daily diet can help you maximize loss of fast and minimize loss of muscle.  Standardized Fresh Milk, Stabilizer, Sucrose PODs  Low price in comparison      to competitors 1kg SKU No Powder No Chemicals, No Additives No Preservatives
  18. 18. KEY CHALLENGES FACING THE BRAND Negligible salience Low Quality Perceptions Poor Imagery Unique Zero Brand Knowledge And Weak Associations The Brand Is Being Overpowered By Giant Competitors Like Nestle
  19. 19. BRAND EXPLORATORY Misspelle d "Yoghurt " Cheap imitatio n of Prime Yogurt What the hell is it? I've never seen it in any store Dull, Cr eepy, H ospital like colors Low Quality Adam's Fake None of my friends are using it WHAT DO I THINK ABOUT THE BRAND?
  20. 20. Consumer Based Brand Equity 4.relationships/resonance (what about you and me) 3.Response/judgements(what about you) 2.Meaning/performance and imagery(what are you) 1.Identity/salience(who are you)
  21. 21. Consumer Based Brand Equity BRAND SALIENCE (BRAND KNOWLED GE) • Completely absent BRAND PERFORMANC E (TANGIBLE) BRAND IMAGERY (INTANGIBLE) JUDGMENTS FEELINGS BRAND RESONANCE • Unknown and untested • Copied • Low quality because it looks like an immitator • None, no attachments or associations • Can not be achieved until the rest of the 5 have been achieved
  22. 22. Focus Findings and in-depth interviews Major attributes of packaged yogurt • Trust • Quality • hygiene Khula dahi perceived as “pure, traditional and beneficial for health” Khula dahi is the mostly preferred by the masses and has the highest consumption rate Nestle is the most preferred brand when talked about yogurt (packaged yogurt)
  23. 23. Focus Findings and in-depth interviews The main issue with khula dahi relates to its un-hygenic handling and distribution Nestle’s commands brand equity “any new product will tried” Packaged yogurt roughly the same price ( known brands) Primary consumption of yogurt Secondary uses Decision makers : Parents Great emphasis on taste Limited knowledge about Adam’s Yogurt existent
  24. 24. Focus Findings and in-depth interviews Pronunciation an issue (Adam’s) Common perception that it is a cheap imitation of Nestle’s prime yogurt Nestle has high ad recall Adam’s lacked originality reasons cited for its failure “a cheap rip off ” of Nestle’s Prime Yogurt Unattractive packaging and coloring Never heard of Adam before, no ads on Tv, Radio or Magzines
  25. 25. Focus Findings and in-depth interviews Nestle and prima considered as their major competitors To conclude if an effective advertising campaign promotes the product people will give it a try. Respondents felt an advertising would help enhance its brand awareness and create demand.