The five people meet in heaven by Mitch Albom -HanahYasser


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The summary of the whole book. Enjoy

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  • He promised Margiritte the love of hislifethat he will come from war alive for her
  • The story flashes back to Eddie’s 24th birthday in the V.A hospital. Eddie’s father, Joe, Marguerite, Mickey Shea and his mother had all come to visit him. They sing happy birthday and Eddie sees his father standing across the room, looking down at the windowsill. Eddie forces back his tears.During the excerpt from Eddie's 33rd birthday, we see that he is still haunted by that night in the fire, when he was at war. He has terrible nightmares and is still depressed about his injury.It is then Eddie’s 37th birthday and he is having breakfast with his friend, Noel. The two talk about an amusement park accident in Brighton.
  • The five people meet in heaven by Mitch Albom -HanahYasser

    1. 1. The Five People Meet in Heaven By Mitch Albom
    2. 2. The End •The end as the beginning of Eddie’s after life •Eddie the maintenance man how dedicated his life for this job •Temporary •Eddie Job was Alerted by screaming •Freddy Free fall ride was clinging and about to fall •Eddie tells Dominguez to go up the ladder and tell the ride operator to release the safety restraint so he can get the passengers out. •cart’s •Cart cable was unraveling started falling •Eddie saw the cart and pushed a girl to save her and the cart fell on him, he was holding the girls hand when that happened
    3. 3. The Journey •Eddie woke up wondering if he saved the girl. •Feels painless, doesn’t feel the leg that was injured in war. • Eddie wondered "Where is my worry...Where is my pain?“ •The setting was in the old Ruby Pier from his childhood •Rides •He were white meaning purity runs and jumps feeling happy and healthy
    4. 4. The Arrival •Eddie meets a blue man in Ruby Pier •Sliver Nitrate made him blue, He took it as medication for his nerves •Ruby pier is the blue mans heaven because he wasn’t a freak in this park •The blue man informs him that he will meet 5 people who Eddie affected them or they affected him on earth •Eddie •Blue was the reason for the blue mans death on his 7th birthday man was in a Ford Model A to practice his driving •Eddie’s baseball bounces and he runs after it in the streets and the blue man applies breaks. Then he got hit by a truck. •The • blue man sacrificed his life for Eddie In Blue Man's funeral, we see the bit of irony that Eddie was the one who killed him and he did not even know whose funeral he was attending.
    5. 5. The First Lesson •The lesson he learned from the blue man is: "...there are no random acts. That we are all connected. That you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind“ •The blue man said that some people in his funeral didn’t know him, but their spirit knows him because all lives intersect. •The Blue Man says that this step, for him, is over and he must go. As he leaves, Eddie can see the Blue Man's skin return to normal, perfect skin.
    6. 6. The Second Person Eddie Meets in Heaven •Eddie found himself in a wooded area and found a dog tag with his name on it •Eddie was apart of world war 3 • He finds his former Captain up in a tree •In war he, and four other soldiers, were taken as prisoners. The Captain was one of them •They were kept in bamboo barracks and barely fed •They were taken to a coal mine and forced to strip coal to help the enemy's war effort •Rabozzo, •Eddie one of the soldiers was sick and the enemies shot him in the head gets the enemies attention by juggling and then hitting them in their faces And the prisoners successfully escaped.
    7. 7. •destroyed the prison they had lived in for almost half a year. • Eddie thought he saw an innocent child crawl into the hut, so he ran in after it •The Captain shot him in the leg in order to get him out of the hut and he rolled him in the mud until Eddie wasn’t on fire •Eddie •The was furious and started hitting the Captain Captain took them to a vehicle to escape •The Captain got out of the vehicle to make sure the path was clear and safe • he stepped on a land mine, which exploded right under
    8. 8. The Second Lesson  He Captain teaches Eddie that sacrifice is part of life and it shouldn’t be regretted  If it weren’t for the Captain the 3 other soldiers would've died.  By shooting Eddie the Captain kept his promise by not leaving him behind and giving Eddie his life.  Eddie feels that all that time he was bitter over his injured leg for nothing  He forgives the Captain and shakes his hand  The scene of war changes to the war ground without the war  The morning after the accident. Dominguez and Willie sit in the shop wondering when Ruby Pier will open again. By habit, they are waiting for Eddie to arrive
    9. 9. The Third Person Eddie Meets in Heaven   Eddie finds himself in a beautiful mountain range. Eddie is older, fatter and his leg was in terrible pain  He finds a diner, the costumers appeared to all be from different decades  His father was inside  Eddie’s father has created damage to him in three ways: neglect, violence and silence.  He meet a lady outside the dinner, Ruby  A terrible fire that broke out on the pier one evening and her husband who made the pier was injured in. He lost his health and fortune