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  • We are creating a Pedal Power Playground
  • We are creating a Pedal Power Playground
  • We are creating a Pedal Power Playground
  • Time Blind Wk1

    1. 1. Pedal Power January 16, 2010 Jason Aston, Michael Lewis, Hana Newman and Ania Wagner
    2. 2. I. The Concept
    3. 3. Pedal Power is a project powered by you, a bike generator and a mobile phone. Hop on a bike, plug your phone in (or don’t) and start charging up! Pedal Power What is it?
    4. 4. Everybody has Pedal Power! Some people need pedal power to charge their phones, some people use their power to help others in need of phone charging. Still others simply offer their pedal power to offset their carbon dioxide emissions. We hope that everyone will use their power to educate the people in their lives about energy and power of the pedal. Pedal Power Who is it for?
    5. 5. The first Pedal Power playground will be located at the traffic island in the center of Astor Place. The location is heavily trafficked, but un-congested most of the day. Access will be 24/7. Pedal Power Where and when can I find it?
    6. 7. Educate: Pedal Power provides pedallers and passers-by information about energy consumption, cost and waste. Engage: Alone or as a group, pedallers use their bodies to generate the necessary wattage to charge their mobile phone device. It is an instant community fueled by pedal power. Empower: Anybody can hop on a bike and contribute to the power grid. Everybody can use the information offered and make changes in their daily energy consumption. And we’ve all been stuck with a dead cell phone. Pedal Power Why?
    7. 8. II. The Process
    8. 12. Pedal Power Process Facts and Figures
    9. 13. III. The story
    10. 14. projection
    11. 15. IV. The Details
    12. 16. layout
    13. 23. V. The End
    14. 24. Alternative power generators: large 2 person hand crank tandem bikes dance floor Pedal Power What does the future hold?
    15. 25. Our objective was to get people to think and act on the topic of energy by getting them involved in the simple act of bike riding and cell phone charging - two things that many people do every day. We hope that once people learn how easy it is to reduce their energy consumption that they’ll always remember it. You know, like riding a bike! Pedal Power In sum
    16. 26. Thanks to Sigi Moeslinger and Masamichi Udagawa of Antenna Design for their support and feedback. As well as our fellow participants, George Agudow, Matthew Berger, Red Burns, Dan O’Sullivan, and Midori Yasuda. Pedal Power Thank you