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pharynx part 2


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pharynx part 2

  1. 1. Pharynx Part 2
  2. 2. Pharyngeal plexus of nerve Formed by union of pharyngeal branches of vagus and glossopharyngeal and the laryngopharyngeal branch of superior cervical sympathatic ganglion Lying in connective tissue(buccopharyngeal fascia,superficial to constrictor muscles,especially middle constrictor
  3. 3. Nerve supply Glossopharyngeal supplies sensory fibers for mucous membrane of oropharynx and parasympathetic (secretomotor) fibers to the glands of this region The pharyngeal branch of vagus carries motor fibers for the muscles of pharynx except (stylopharngeus) and soft palate (except the tensor).
  4. 4. Nerve supply Mucous membrane of nasopharynx and laryngopharynx is not innervated by pharyngeal plexus Nasopharynx is supplied with general sensory (trigiminal) and postganglionic parasympathetic (originally facial) fibers through pharyngeal branch of pterygopalatine ganglion The laryngopharynx receives its sensory and parasympathetic innervation through internal and recurrent laryngeal branches of vagus
  5. 5. Blood supply The pharynx receives blood from ascending pharyngeal branch of external carotid artery The ascending palatine and tonsillar branches of facial artery The greater palatine and pharyngeal branches of maxillary t Branches of lingual artery and from superior and inferior laryngeal branches of superior and inferior thyroid artery Lymphatic drainage through retropharngeal nodes
  6. 6. Relationships of pharynx Posteriorly contact prevertebral fascia The small amount of loose connective tissue between fascia and pharyngeal wall called retropharngeal space Anterior relationships of pharynx from above downwards: (posterior nasal apertures,soft palate,oral cavity,posterior surface of tongue , epiglottis and larynx) Laterally pharynx related to carotid sheath ,styloid apparatus,glossopharyngeal nerve and pharyngeal and superior laryngeal branch of vagus