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Culture and music of bangladesh


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this is hamza, student of mass communication and journalism of Dhaka University. if any need, u can communicate with me through mail or Facebook.
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Culture and music of bangladesh

  1. 1. Directed by: Presented by:Course Name: Bangladesh Culture and HeritageCourse no : 204
  2. 2. What is Culture? Culture of Bangladesh Bengali Music Genres of Bengali MusicMusic, Culture and Society
  3. 3. mindPersonSocietyCulture
  4. 4. Culture of Bangladesh Strong Weak Steam StreamMuslim Hindu Buddhist Christian
  5. 5.  Charjapaad  Dharma Mongol Nathgeeti  Panchali Geetogobindo  Shakto Geeti Sree Krishna  Toppa Gaan Kirtaan  Miscellaneous Boishnab Padaboli Mongol Kabbo Monosha Mongol Chandi Mongol
  6. 6.  Vogue of Music in Palace  Accessibility Music in Bengali  Inspiration of Patriotism Literature  Intent to Social Freedom Humanitarian Appeal  Animation of Nationalism Spirituality  Impulsive to Universal Sensibility Communalism Affiliation of Hindustani  Music Centered Cultural Culture Surroundings Presentation of Folktale  Language of Unity Western Influence  Part of Festival Insertion of Nature Addition of Unrivaled Dimension in Hindu Reform Movement