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Taylor Swift Video analysis


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Published in: Investor Relations
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Taylor Swift Video analysis

  1. 1. In this scene you can see Taylor is pointing to the door telling the man to get out. You can tell from the body language that she is angry at him and wants him to leave. Also, in this you can see the man trying to talk to the girl but she isn’t listening to it. This is a more of a modern representation of women.
  2. 2. The people in animal costumes could represent her “ freedom” as she dances with her pyjamas on. The fact that she’s not upset or depressed over her break up. This could show a modern representation of females, not caring about the break up and instead having a party to celebrate. I think this song is targeted towards women and she's showing them that she doesn’t need a man to be happy.
  3. 3. In this scene you see the man calling her from a party, and she’s yelling down the phone. This could suggest that she doesn’t want whatever apology he has for her.
  4. 4. The title says ‘ Happy Days’ which suggests that she's revisiting the good days. Also, it could mean that she is misses those days, and want to go back to it.