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Analysis of a previous students work


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Analysis of a previous students work

  1. 1. - At the beginning of the clip, there is a mid shot of the 4 members of the music group, with the main vocalist being in the centre. - In the next scene, the drummer is revealed by a mid shot from the side. Because of this it allows the viewers to see the drummer.
  2. 2. In this scene, you get a close up of the members of the music group. First starting with a close up of the vocalist and then followed by a close up of the individual band members’ instruments. Unlike the other members, the vocalist got a close up of his face whereas everyone else got close ups of their musical instruments. This suggests that he is the most important member.
  3. 3. A new character besides the band members has made an appearance. This character is placed behind a white background and he's in the middle of the frame with no extra spacing on either side. You can tell the camera man has thought about spacing. However, the top bit of his head. This is a over the shoulder shot. The character from the narrative is seen clapping his hands after the band has finished their performance.