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Case study

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  1. 1. CASE STUDY Select CITYWALK Mall
  2. 2. CONTENTS Key Plan Site plan Site Context Introduction Architects & developers Landscaping Floor Plans Basement Parking Atrium & Skylight Cinema
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Select CITYWALK is a 1.3 million Sq. ft airconditioned, vibrant and upscale destination Shopping Centre. Select CITYWALK houses • 3 floors of shopping area • 2 separate 5-storey blocks containing I. Office space II. Serviced Apartments • Outdoor open-air plaza, approx. 1 lakh sq. ft. • Water bodies & fountains • An amphitheatre • Six screen PVR Cinemas LOCATION Located within India's most affluent & high-end urban area -South Delhi. A3 District centre, Saket New delhi. 1 square meter (m2) = 10 square foot (ft2)
  4. 4. • ARCHITECTS- TEVATIA CHAUHAN & SHARMA ARCHITECTS (P) LTD. • DVELOPERS- SELECTINFRASTRUCTURE(P) LTD. • Completed in 2007 • Plot area 15884 sq. meters • Landscaped Plaza of 8992 sq. meters.
  5. 5. KEY PLAN Main 30m wide road Service 10m wide road PRESS ENCLAVE MARG MANDIR MARG DLF PLACE Select City Walk Mall Cinema
  6. 6. SITE PLAN 30m wide road in front, MANDIR MARG
  7. 7. SITE CONTEXT • Bust stop- Khirki Village, 100m • Malviya nagar metro station -1km • IGI airport-15.6 km • DLF place mall-200 m • MGF metropolitan mall-100 m • Qutub minar-3.7 km
  8. 8. BUILT & UNBUILT SPACES Built-up space / open space activities ratio = 6 acres / 2 acres = 3:1 Activities ratio: • • • • • Retail= 40% Recreational= 20% Dining=10% Cinemas= 15% Services/facilities= 15% Total Area With Basements = 91623.807 Sq.m Basement Area = 41578.5(3L VLS) Weekend Holiday Footfalls- 70,000 Weekdays Footfalls- 25,000
  9. 9. Total area Without Basments = 43970.307 Sqm Total area With Basements = 91623.807 Sqm Plot Area 15884 Sq. Meters • Permissible Ground Coverage = 9686.86 sqm • Permissible Floor Area (Without Basements) 44623.44 sqm • Permissible Floor Area (With Basements) 92276.94 sqm • Maximum Height of the Building Max 38m from Road LvI • Multiplex Block 19m from Road LvI
  10. 10. PLANNING CONCEPT The planning of the SCW mall is divided into 4 categorization- 1. 2. 3. 4. Family & tradition space Celebration (centre-sage) High-voltage (youth) Open plaza/ Landscaped area (ground floor) BUT, the actual planning is different from concept planning. Youth Centre Stage (Celebration) Family & Tradition
  11. 11. Interconnection of Mall & Cinema hall by Foyer Aerial view of model, showing parking & landscaping 3-d Model of SCW Mall
  12. 12. AREA STATEMENT BASEMENTS =41578.5(3L VLS) +6075(3L VLS =47653.5 SQ.M GROUND FLOOR =9622.345+ 1756.46(MULTIPLEX) =11378.81 SQM FIRST FLOOR =10803.323+2012.72 (MULTIPLEX) =12816.043 SQ.M SECOND FLOOR =6568.06 SQ.M THIRD FLOOR =2921.226 SQM FOURTH FLOOR =2776.216 SQM FIFTH FLOOR =2467.621 SQM SIXTH FLOOR =2268.241 SQM SEVENTH FLOOR =1948.80 SQM FOYER AREA IN MULTIPLEX= 825.29 SQ.M TOTAL WITHOUT BASMENTS =43970.307 SQM TOTAL WITH BASEMENTS =91623.807 SQM
  14. 14. • Comprises of 4 acres of outdoor open plaza, for art exhibitions & performances. • Landscaped plaza of 8992 sq. meters. • An OAT, with a capacity of 200+ people. • 5 staircases leading to basement. • Statues & Sculptures were placed all around the landscaping. • Flooring: Marble, Granite Slabs, Vitrified Tiles View of OAT Staircases leading to basement 8m high Buddha statue Grand front entrance
  15. 15. Fountain in front of stage View of Stage Area-15x5m Tread- 750mm Riser-300mm Sitting space around trees Sculpture & Fountain View of Mall & fountain
  16. 16. Rear Entrance CIRCULATION ENTRANCES Front Entrance • There were 2 main entrances to the mall. • One from the front & 2nd from the rear side. • On the front side, 4 main entries were present. • Passage Running on one side of L-shape building, is 1. 2.5m wide 2. Distance between columns- 6m 3. Column size-600x450
  17. 17. GROUND FLOOR =9622.345+ 1756.46(MULTIPLEX) =11378.81 SQM 4 lift lobby 2 washrooms 1 feeding & resting room 3 escalators Atrium at entrance 4 different entrances at front side. Family & tradition Youth Celebration, centre stage GROUND FLOOR PLAN Corridor 20 m wide & Atrium 1 entry from rear side. 6 Staircases
  18. 18. GROUND FLOOR PLAN Lift & Staircases Escalators Washroom Ramps
  19. 19. FIRST FLOOR =10803.323+2012.72 (MULTIPLEX) =12816.043 SQ.M 4 lift lobby 2 washrooms 3 escalators 6 Staircases Balcony area, 6m wide Family & tradition Youth Celebration, centre stage Corridor 20 m FIRST FLOOR
  20. 20. SECOND FLOOR =6568.06 SQ.M 4 lift lobby 2 washrooms 3 escalators 6 Staircases Exit of cinema from 2nd floor. Restaurants Youth area Celebration, centre stage Corridor 8 m wide SECOND FLOOR Terrace garden for food court
  21. 21. SECOND FLOOR PLAN Lift & Staircases Escalators Washroom
  23. 23. • 1300 cars can be parked in 3 different floors of basement at one time. • Basement 1- Offices, Parking for 370 cars, Loading & unloading area, Garbage disposal area • Basement 2- Parking 470 cars • Basement 3- Parking 270 cars • Basement height- 3.5m • Grid 6x6m • BASEMENTS =41578.5 sq.m (3L VLS) • There were two separate entries which were connecting to the parking, from ground floor. • One was used for general entry of cars & The other was used by service vehicles.
  24. 24. • There were 4 lifts which were connecting basement to upper floors. • Toilets and locker rooms Provided for the drivers. • Signage are clearly marked in the basement. • Throughout the basement, fire fighting equipment's like sprinklers, Fire hose reel, Fire extinguishers were present Electronic Boards Ramp within basement, connecting 1 floor of basement to another. Before entering to the mall from basement, security barrier has to be crossed over
  25. 25. BASEMENT SERVICES It includes A. B. C. D. Fire fighting equipment's Emergency exits Loading & unloading area Garbage Collection area Fire Hose Reel & Exit Door Main UPS room Air extractors Electric room
  26. 26. Air Extractors in basement. Sprinklers were provided all over the basement Service lift, connecting basement to Goods were delivered & stored upper floors of mall first to basement, & from there it goes to upper floors
  27. 27. GARBAGE AREA Composting Area Segregation Area Segregated waste for recycling The waste from restaurants was collected in basement, through shaft. There were 3 separate areas, which were dividing the waste into different categories. After separation, waste is dispose of through garbage trucks.
  28. 28. EXTERNAL FINISH The entire complex is finished with combination of • Granite • ACP cladding • Acrylic paint • Structural glazing At the upper level on the front facade, space has been provided for • Advertisements • Forthcoming attractions • Cinema posters which are visible from a distance governing the external elevation.
  29. 29. ATRIUM Oval shaped Atrium present at the entrance of Mall. Atrium covered with light membrane sheet of polycarbonate. Around the atrium, Shops are located. Outer view of atrium Position of atrium Below atrium space is used for performance or exhibition
  30. 30. SKYLIGHT Running all along the mall. Covered with same material as atrium. Glass panels around oval shaped atrium. Connection of Atrium in between. Linear Slylights. Position of skylight
  31. 31. STORES Area to stores were assigned as per their requirements.’ Floor to floor height-4m Stores equipped with fire fighting equipment's Internal layouts varies individually. Shops area ranges form 50 Sq.m- 1500sq.m Exposed ceiling of Store, showing AC ducts & Wiring
  32. 32. Food Court Situated on 2nd floor Open terrace area was included with the food court, thus utilising the terrace Seating capacity- 200 person ATM placed at a distance of 100m Food court terrace ATM Food Court Seating area
  33. 33. KIOSKS • Centrally placed at the corridor. • Segregating corridors in two ways. DISPLAYING AREA • Beside kiosks Advertisements were also present in corridor.
  34. 34. DOME • G+7 • Top two floors used for services (washrooms, changing room) • 5th floor assigned to fitness club • 4th floor assigned to Buddha Bar (both 4th & 5th are not a part of SCW mall) • 3rd floor- Children's play area & Restaurant area. • Height 33m • Balcony projected at the 4th floor, which was BAR Advertisement Area ACP cladding
  35. 35. ADVERTISEMENT Advertisement boards on front façade. Projected shops on 1st floor.
  36. 36. SERVICES 3 Escalators 6 Fire staircases 4 Lift lobby, comprises 2 lifts each Capcaity-12 Escalators 1 Feeding & resting room on GF only Total 86+ fire hydrants chamber Sprinklers placed at 2.6 m apart Washroom & Fire Exit
  37. 37. Auto pay station for parking Sign boards all along the corridors Escalators Lift
  38. 38. Washroom There were 2 washrooms present on each floor. Each washroom comprises of • 5 washbasins • 6 urinals • 6 cubical • Hand dryer • Handicapped washroom Total Area- 5mx8m Washbasins Handicapped Washroom Urinals Passage
  39. 39. PVR CINEMA Beside the mall building, cinema is connected by a bridge from 1st floor. Road width- 20m
  40. 40. Tickets for cinema can be purchased from ground floor & first floor. Good point is ticket contour is just at the entrance of the mall. Parking for cinema is same as for Mall. Ticket contour at ground floor Cinema Mall Bridge Ticket contour at first floor
  41. 41. Size of plot 36x36m G+2 Multiplex consists of six cinemas 2 - Gold class 4 - premier class. Main entry is through a bridge which connects the cinema & mall building from first floor. Entrance to cinema building from 1st floor of mall 1.5m wide staircase Gold class capacity- 40 Premier class capacity- 420, 370, 120 Hydraulic lift for different abled with staircase at 1st floor.
  42. 42. A- Adequate Measures for convenience of handicaps. B B- Curtain glazing on north side. A C- Harsh south/southwest sun is dealt with by giving a buffer space(ramp) E D- Staircase to help In evacuation in case of fire emergency E- Area Dedicated To Food Court 2 Gold class Cinema Hall D C Capacity- 40 person 1756.46 SQ.M GROUND FLOOR PLAN
  43. 43. A- Large foyer & waiting area. B- Adequate Measures for Convenience of Handicaps A B Entry from first floor to the mall. Waiting Area Washroom services. 2012.72 SQ.M FIRST FLOOR PLAN
  44. 44. A- Adequate number of staircase to help in evacuation in case of fire/emergency B- Adequate Measures For Convenience Of Handicaps B A 4 premier cinema hall Capacity- 420, 370, 120 SECOND FLOOR PLAN
  45. 45. Thank You…….