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fire services

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jamia polytechnique delhi

  1. 1. BUILDING SERVICES STUDY ON FIRE SERVICES… PRESENTED BY- Aiman Naseem Sundus Hussain M.Raghib Bilal Khan Hamzah Meraj
  2. 2. CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Floor plans 3.Entrance 4.Corridors 5. Classrooms 6.Lift 7.Staircase 8. Basement 9. Fire Extinguishers & Refuge Area 10. Fire Alarm Control Panel 11. Illumination & Sign boards 12. Fire Hydrant Chamber & Fire Hose Reel 13. Fire Extractors 14.Water Tanks 15. Construction 16. Other fire Services
  3. 3. UNIVERSITY POLYTECHNIC Approach- Main road- M.M.A Johar Road, JMI Height of the building- 26m Numbers of floors- 05 Occupancy per floor- 300-350 persons
  4. 4. FLOOR PLANS I. Typical Floor Plan II. Terrace Plan III. Service Plan
  5. 5. Classrooms Classrooms Classrooms FHC FHC Lift Classrooms FHC Classrooms Entrance/Exit Fire Staircase Corridor TYPICAL FLOOR PLAN
  6. 6. 17m 4.5m 2m 4m 9m 4.5m 2m 9m Smoke detectors in Classroom Smoke detectors in Lecture hall
  7. 7. BASEMENT 1.Basement floor plan 2.Services
  8. 8. Branch Sprinkler pipe25mm dia Main Sprinkler pipe-65 mm dia Ramp for Exit Smoke Extractors BASEMENT SERVICE PLAN Fire Exit
  9. 9. 14m 9m 1.5m 3m 3m 1.5m 9 Sprinklers are provided in area of 9x9m 18 Sprinklers are provided in an area of 14x8m
  10. 10. • Openable windows on external walls are fitted with such locks that can be opened by a fireman’s axe. • Sprinklers are provided in the basement. • Mechanical extractors for smoke venting system are provided.
  11. 11. • Fire Extinguishers provided & Signage available. • Fire Hose reel provided in the basement. • Fire Alarm located on the service core and at regular system.
  12. 12. Fire tank Water tank Lift TERRACE PLAN
  13. 13. 1.Lecture Hall • 17x8m- 140students • No of smoke detectors-8 2. Classroom • 9mx9m for 70 students. • No of smoke detecators-03 • Smoke Detectors are provided on the ceiling. • Exit signs on the doors are pasted, but without illumination. • No fire extinguisher present within the Hall. • Smoke Detectors
  14. 14. CORRIDORS • 2500mm wide corridor • Corridors are fitted with Smoke Detectors But no Sprinklers provided. • Fire alarm is provided. • ‘Panic button’ with breakable glass is provided in the corridors. • Signage at regular interval provided for exit.
  15. 15. LIFT • No Fire Lift Provided. • Lift floor area -2400mmx2100mm • Has a loading capacity of 545kg(10 persons) • Width of door.-1000mm • Communication facilities are provided in lift cars. • A sign is been pasted and maintained on the lift indicating that in case of fire occupants shall use the stairs. • Lifts are installed in a common enclosures having individual lift separated by walls
  16. 16. STAIRCASE I. Normal Stairs II. Fire Stairs
  17. 17. 1. Normal Staircase • Width of the Stair-1500mm • Stair type- Circular & Winder 2.Fire Stairs • Width of Stair-2000mm • Fire Exit Signage provided near to staircase. • Height of riser-150mm
  18. 18. Fire extinguishers & Refuge Area
  19. 19. • Type of fire extinguishers-ABC with ISI certification mark. • 2 extinguishers for every floor is been provided. • 1 fire extinguisher each in lab, near to electrical installation & generator room is been provided. • Refuge area has been provided on the 4th Floor.
  21. 21. • Fire control panel is provided on each floor of the building. • The panel receives information from environmental sensors, such as heat detectors or smoke detectors designed to detect changes associated with fire. • In fire condition, the fire alarm control panel indicates where the fire originated.
  22. 22. Illumination & Sign Boards
  23. 23. • No Emergency lights provided in the staircase and corridor. • Sign boards ‘Fire Exit’ over the Lift and near to stairs are provided. • Sign posted without illuminated sign for, all exits and direction of travel to each exit. • No Fire plan for each floor showing the locations of the stairways.
  25. 25. • Chamber area- 0.7mx1.3m • A hose reel, 30m long and fitted with 19mm diameter nozzle at the end of it. • One Fire Hydrant Chamber on each floor of the building is provided.
  27. 27. • Fire Extractors provided only in the basement area. • Fire Dampers are located in return air ducts. • Fire Dampers in fire prevent the spread of smoke inside the ducts. • When a rise in temperature occurs, the fire damper closes, usually activated by a thermal element which melts at higher temperatures. FIRE DAMPERS
  28. 28. WATER TANKS I. II. Fire tank. Domestic water tank.
  29. 29. • Fire tank capacity- 25klts • Area-16.9sqm • Domestic water tank capacity- 20klts • Area-15.3 Fire water supply Pipes Domestic water supply Pipes
  30. 30. CONSTRUCTION 1.Comustibility 2.Material
  31. 31. 1.Comustibility Properties • All materials of constructions in load bearing elements, stairways & corridors and facades are non-combustible. • The internal walls & staircase are of brick & somewhere with reinforced concrete with a minimum of 2h fire rating. • Facade treatments is non combustible because of the use of exposed brick.
  32. 32. 2. MATERIALS Flooring materials •Terrazzo •Marble •Tiles Materials for walls •Tiles •Cement plaster Tiles as a flooring material Terrazo as a flooring material
  33. 33. OTHER FIRE SERVICES Facilities Which are necessary to be provided in case of fire which were not present in our CASESTUDY. 1.Call box 2.Control Rooms 3.Materials (Non Combustible0 4.Denchers
  34. 34. 1.CALL BOX A callbox is a box containing a special-purpose direct line telephone. Call boxes should be I. Located at each floor. II. One or more should be provided on the floor. III. Accessible within 22.5m. IV. Call boxes shall be wired in a close circuit. V. At a height of 1m from the floor level.
  35. 35. 2.CONTROL ROOM • There shall be a control room on the entrance floor of the building with communication system to all floors. • Details of all floor plans along with the detail of fire fighting equipment and installations shall be maintained in the control room.
  36. 36. 3.Materials Fire proofing material for walls •Gypsum plaster •Cementetious plaster •Fibrous plaster •Intumescent fire proofing Fire proofing material for floors •PCC •Terrazo •Tiles
  37. 37. 4.DRENCHERS • A drencher fire control system provides a discharge of water over roofs, walls and windows to prevent fire spreading from or to adjacent buildings. • Drencher systems provide the necessary curtain of water for protection against internal and external exposure to fire.
  38. 38. THANK YOU