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Horizon greater noida


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study of housing in noida

Published in: Education
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Horizon greater noida

  1. 1. Unitech Horizon Housing case study Group members: Abdul noor Aiman naseem Anusha roy Hamza meraj Joman sardar Sufyan Ahmad Sundus husain
  2. 2. Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Circulation. 3. Site surroundings. 4. Site section. 5. Planning. 6. Social spaces. 7. Landscaping. 8. Material. 9. Merit and demerits.
  3. 3. • This housing is owned by the UNITECH LIMITED which is INDIA’S largest real estate builders. • The architect of the project is Timothy Siew. • Location- Sector Pi II Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. • Total Area: 25 Acres • Ground coverage:20% • Maximum FAR =2 Achieved=1.8 • No. of Blocks: 23, each comprising 3 towers. • No. of Floors: 16 • No of basement-01 • No of parking in basement: 600 • No of entry gates- 2 main gates & 01 service entry • Unit type- 3 BHK (157.34-158.46 sqm.) (1693-1705 sqft.) INTRODUCTION
  4. 4. Location map
  5. 5. ACCESSIBILITY • Sector-Phi2 is a very prime locality and well connected with the other parts of the city. • Transport facility is also good in this locality. School, bank, ATM and hospital are available nearby the locality.(within 1-2 kms). DISTANCE FROM DISTANCE IN K.M. Botanic`al garden metro 30 km Sector 18 (commercial area) 32 km Pari Chwok 5km Kalandi kunj 30km New Delhi Railway Station 48 km Indira Gandhi International Airport 52km Site boundaries Unitech horizon road 20 m wide
  6. 6. FACILITIES PRESENT IN UNITECH HORIZON 1. Beautifully landscaped lawns with seating areas 2. Outdoor children’s play area 3. Water Bodies 4. Multipurpose lawn 5. Jogging & cycling tracks 6. Spacious basement parking 7. Visitor car parking 8. Tennis & badminton courts 9. Club house CLUB HOUSE FACILITIES I. Swimming pool Kids pool II. Gymnasium III. Indoor games room IV. Multipurpose hall V. Kids Play Room VI. General Store
  8. 8. Children’s play area Club house located at the center Swimming pool serves as the recreational as well as passive cooling purpose. Open space b/w blocks provide free area for wind movement. An imposing entrance . 10m Water feature cools down the air Ramp leading to basement Surface car parking
  9. 9. CIRCUALTION Vehicular movement Ramps for basement • The planning allows only pedestrian amongst the cluster of modules & vehicular traffic is along the periphery. • Well connected building blocks by internal pedestrian pathways. • Easily accessible by handicap & old people.
  10. 10. BUILT & UN-BUILT AREA % Built-20 % Unbuilt-80 GREEN AREAS Pie chart Built up area-20% Circulation & surface parking-3% Landscape-75% Miscellaneous-2%
  11. 11. Building blocks Sports area Service area Surface parking Each block has its own surface parking which are connected to the peripheral road. DIFFERENT AREAS DEMARCATION. surface parking
  12. 12. morning afternoon evening N
  13. 13. Domestic water supply Underground water tank Overhead water reservoir
  14. 14. drainage
  15. 15. sewage
  16. 16. Fire hydrant Hose reels
  17. 17. Electric supply Electric substation Backup generators
  18. 18. SECTION: CLUB
  20. 20. •No. of floors- G+15 •No. of towers-23 •No refuge area is provided. •Pent house is not present. •public terraces. •All the dwellings have private balconies •Staircases-2 •Lifts-2 TYPE AREA(Sq.ft) Type A 3 1760 Type A 1 3 1760 Type A 2 3 1740 Type A 3 3 1740 Type A 4 3 1760 Type A 5 3 1760 Type A 6 3 1740 Type A 7 3 1740 Type B 3 1695 Type B 1 3 1695 Type B 2 3 1695 Type B 3 3 1695 PLANNING
  21. 21. MERIT •Maximum ventilation on the entrance. •3 private balconies. DEMERIT •All the 3 bedrooms are provided inside which are not getting proper ventilation •None of the bedroom is having a balcony. TYPE A AREA 3 BHK 160 Sq.m. Ventilation of the living room
  22. 22. TYPE AREA 3 BHK A1 180 Sq.m. 3 BHK A2 180 Sq.m.
  23. 23. TYPE AREA 3 BHK A3 180 Sq.m. 3 BHK A4 180 Sq.m.
  24. 24. TYPE AREA 3 BHK A5 180 Sq.m. 3 BHK A6 180 Sq.m.
  25. 25. TYPE AREA 3 BHK B 170 Sq.m. 3 BHK B1 160 Sq.m. MERIT •Maximum ventilation on the entrance. •3 private balconies. DEMERIT •All the 3 bedrooms are provided inside which are not getting proper ventilation •These blocks are well oriented.
  26. 26. PRESENT CONDITION OUR OPINION Ventilation is not proper in all the rooms. Balconies should be provided in the bedrooms also. No proper terraces are provided Proper terraces should be provided. Orientation of all the blocks are different and hence architecturally not fine. Orientation of all the dwellings should be kept in mind. Refuge area is not present Refuge area should be provided Only 3 bhk flats are present Penthouses are not present Most of the blocks are present in the south. Louvers could have been provided so that to get diffused sunlight.
  27. 27. SOCIAL SPACES WATER BODY LAWNS AND PAVILION PLAYGROUND AREA COURTS CLUB B-WATER FEATURE K- SHADE PAVILION L- PLAYGROUND E-MULTIPURPOSE LAWN G- CLUB HOUSE H- FORMAL LAWN M-BADMINTON COURT I/J- SWIMMING POOL N- TENNIS COURT F-WATER PAVILION segregation of vehicular and pedestrian movement • The presence of water feature near the entrance creates a micro climate giving a pleasing and refreshing welcome to the site. • Each block is facilitated with open green area and water feature having facilities for seating or playground. The multipurpose lawns are located near the entrance in between two blocks giving a good view as one enters into the housing and at the same time maintaining a privacy
  28. 28. CLUB HOUSE Located at the center marked by a lawn on the top is an attraction to the site. • Swimming pool • Fitness center • Indoor games room • Multipurpose hall • General store Net preventing the mud to fall from the slope sitting Multi purpose hall Entry to the club Path around the club
  29. 29. Fitness Centre Indoor games room General store LAWNS 75% of the area is soft landscaped and for the pedestrian movement, different types of pathways are provided like concrete pavers and interlocked pavements
  30. 30. Lawns marked with dividers mounds seating Proper care was given to the landscaped area. Small pipes were installed to water the grass.
  31. 31. sitting spaces like gazebos are provided in the lawns. marked by pathways
  32. 32. PATHWAYS Entrance to the tower through the lawn kota stone on the lawns for pathway kota stone on the lawns for pathway Coloured concrete tiles
  33. 33. channel drains are covered with the pebbles making it aesthetically sound. Drainage board lamp post are provided along the walkways and floodlights in the lawns.
  34. 34. SWIMMING POOL Kids swimming pool Main swimming pool Plant surrounding the swimming pool preventing dust and pleasing view The seating covered by creepers on the top The water bodies near the blocks crates a micro climate at the place
  35. 35. PLAYGROUND, BADMINTON AND TENNIS COURT The courts are located at the periphery each block has its individual play area playground near the electric substation is dangerous Tennis court Orientation north-south preferable Badminton court Orientation north south (preferable)
  36. 36. Material Living and dinning Flooring Vitrified tile with wooden skirting. Bed room Laminated wooden flooring. • Living room having Large window making the interiors well lit Living area: aluminum window and glass is used Bed room Kitchen Dado: ceramic tiles up to 2 feet height above the platform. Platform: granite counter.
  37. 37. Wall finish Internal Living /dinning painted in pleasing Shades of oil bound distemper paint. external Combination of stone and textured paint finish. Exterior facade Outside sitting space Pathway in lawn Stone covering on drainage pipe
  39. 39. Good views from most of the flats. Pool area surrounded by trees thus cooling the surrounding area. Good spacing between group of building blocks, thus creating good communal & interaction spaces. No intersection of pedestrian movement by vehicular movement. SITE
  40. 40. Contours on the site are used efficiently by making sitting spaces. Surface parking is provided for the people visiting the complex. Well maintained paved spaces for jogging, exercises & movement along the lawns. Lush green ground cover provides cooler environment to the site.
  41. 41. Easy movement for handicap people in site, building blocks, landscape areas & other areas. Services like electricity & sewage available either in basement or to the periphery of the site. 02 staircases provided in each building one for general use & other for fire. 02 lifts provided one for service & other for passengers. S E R V I C E S
  42. 42. Hose pipes are provided in front of each block. Sprinklers are provided in the flats also. • Each tower is provided with fire alarms, sprinklers, hose pipes and valve units.
  43. 43. B A S E M E N T At regular interval cut-outs are given for the intake of Fresh air & light. • Each block’s parking is identifiable & accessible by service core. • Maximum utilisation of basement area. Hose reels & sprinklers positioned at regular interval.
  44. 44. ELEVATIONS & FAÇADE TREATMENET • Elevation gives a very conventional residential look. • Due to severe warm climate white & light yellow colour is used in elevation. • Large windows to increase aesthetics and increased view from inside. STRUCTURE • Structure is purely earthquake resistance. • RCC framed structure with raft pile foundations.
  45. 45. DEMERITS • No refugee area provided. • No balcony in any of the bedroom, except living room. • No provision for servants or maids. • No mechanical techniques for harnessing solar energy & conservation of water. • Club house & pool area comparatively small as compared to the no of residents.
  46. 46. Thank you