App concept schedule


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App concept schedule

  1. 1. L3 CMP Games DesignApp Concept ScheduleProject Charter – To produce a commercially viable App concept for smartphone and tablet within 4 weeks. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sundayw/b 09.01.12 Task 1 - Task 2- Task 3- Project What’s out What doInitiation Charter there? people completed enjoy?w/b 16.01.12 Task 4- Task 5- Ideas Market Planning Generation. Research Task 6- To do listw/b 23.01.12 Task 6 – Task 6- Task 6- Execution To do list Breaking Working down the on the Task 7- project into plan. Carry out milestones. the work.w/b 30.01.12Closure Task 8- Task 8- Task 8- Review all Reviewing the Deliver the work. work to the the client. goods.