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Commerce in 30 minutes (November 15, 2018 at MODX Meetup Maastricht)


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Several years in the making, Commerce is modmore's premium extra for MODX that aims to make it easy to sell online, any way you want.

At the MODX Meetup in Maastricht I gave a talk introducing Commerce at a high level, showcasing a couple of shops in production, and discussing what's coming before 1.0.

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Commerce in 30 minutes (November 15, 2018 at MODX Meetup Maastricht)

  1. 1. Commerce in 30 minutes
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Mark
  3. 3. est. 2013
  4. 4. Redactor €25 per site -
  5. 5. ContentBlocks €79 per site -
  6. 6. MoreGallery €25 per site -
  7. 7. SiteDash €9/mo for 25 sites -
  8. 8. Commerce
  9. 9. Jan 2015 First commit Nov 2015 MODXpo 2015 in Munich Jan 2017 Invite-only Alpha July 2017 Invite-only Beta Nov 2017 Public beta Almost... Commerce 1.0
  10. 10. Commerce makes it easy to sell online, exactly the way you want
  11. 11. “I've found Commerce to be the most easily customisable e-commerce solution I've ever had the pleasure of using.” Murray Wood
  12. 12. “I was able to set up an e-Commerce Webstore within just a few days using Commerce. What can I say.. I love it!” Alexander Jekic
  13. 13. “Commerce enabled us to quickly build a scalable and secure shopping platform. It’s a simple solution which brings back the joy of setting up web shops.” Nathanael McMillan
  14. 14. ✅ Cart & checkout flow ✅ Products with stock, weight, barcode ✅ 9 supported payment providers ✅ Flexible shipping costs ✅ Coupon codes ✅ Order dashboard ✅ Reports & exports ✅ Event system for extensions ✅ Statuses
  15. 15. First available shipping method automatically selected Settings for email header image and footer text Online payments via 10 payment providers Order shipment management (tracking code, changing shipping method) in order view Shipping price by destination (up to zip code) and weight Event fired when displaying item in dashboard to add contextual info Send emails to customer from the order view Event for modules to add actions to order shipments Primary image support on products JavaScript modules for the dashboard rendering Separator property on get_cart, get_products snippets Taxes applied to shipping method fees, by delivery type Transactions track extra information (e.g. bank or partial card number) Define default product type on Products TV Register JS/CSS/HTML fragments to the dashboard in modules Duplicating products from the grid in the dashboard ItemData module to store arbitrary information with an order item getOrderDetailRow method on products to add product information in orders Event for modules to add information to order messages Hide or force the shipping method step to be shown Coupon codes available in order messages (emails) Payment event providers OmniPay response object Dashboard supports dynamic tabs in forms Barcode field on products Event fired when a product is added to the cart Structured errors provided in AJAX response for address validation Custom order shipments for automated delivery Coupons limited to specific products
  16. 16. What’s different about Commerce?
  17. 17. collection of user-facing Products !== Catalog
  18. 18. Catalog is how your products are managed, navigated, and displayed to the customer, including all relevant information ● Product list ● Categories and/or tags ● Images (and other media) ● Reviews ● Related products ● Different product variations ● Wishlists ● Social integrations
  19. 19. Product is an individual item in your warehouse, with a name, price, stock, weight, etc. ● No variations - a specific item ● SKU, name, description ● Price ● Number of items in stock ● Weight of product ● Primary image ● Tax group, delivery type
  20. 20. Commerce e.g. Products TV, Resource Products, or custom Catalog e.g. Collections, Tagger, mSearch2, or custom MODX
  21. 21. Collections Commerce “Products TV”
  22. 22. ● Products TV recommended ● Product Matrix TV coming in v0.12 ● Resource Products ● Custom / third party Connecting your catalog and products
  23. 23. Connecting your catalog and products with the Products TV
  24. 24. Connecting your catalog and products with the Products Matrix coming in v0.12
  25. 25. Connecting your catalog and products with Resource Products
  26. 26. Custom Catalogs + Products
  27. 27. Powerful templating with Twig template files
  28. 28. core/components/commerce/templates/ ● Simple default theme ● Set commerce.theme to directory name of your templates ● Set commerce.theme_path to move outside Commerce directory ● Automatic fallback to default
  29. 29. if/elseif/else logic Lexicons with support for parameters Iterating over data
  30. 30. Delivery Types & Order Shipments
  31. 31. Delivery types can be used for... ● Different types of products ○ Books / ebooks ○ Licenses / merchandise ○ Individual items / wholesale pallets ● Different fulfillment partners ○ Dropshipping or regional partners ● Different warehouses
  32. 32. Order shipments are created per delivery type ● Customer must choose a shipping method per shipment ● Order items are automatically assigned to shipment
  33. 33. Buying a book: one delivery type, one shipment
  34. 34. Buying a book and an ebook: two delivery types and shipments
  35. 35. Status + Status Change + Status Change Action = Status Workflow
  36. 36. Draft Received Ready for pickup Shipped Out of stock Backorder ● Email customer about delay in order Order paid ● Email customer confirmation ● Notify merchant ● Send order data to CRM* Picked up by carrier ● Email tracking code to customer Processing ● Print packing slip* ● Prepare shipping label through carrier API* Restocked ● Email customer the backordered items are back in stock Refunded Refund ● Email return instructions ● Issue refund* * = not available out of the box
  37. 37. Extendable
  38. 38. 6 official extensions
  39. 39. 7 third party extensions
  40. 40. Want to look at more features?
  41. 41. Commerce in the wild
  42. 42. FedEx live shipping calculator coming soon powered by
  43. 43. ● 6500+ unique products ● 8 distributors (and counting) ● Custom built catalog management
  44. 44. The road to Commerce 1.0
  45. 45. v0.12 Before end of year ● Product Matrix TV ● PDF invoice generation ● Product pricing strategies (bulk and sale prices) ● User + user group discounts ● Dashboard permissions (ACLs)
  46. 46. v1.0 Q1 2019 ● Configurable order numbering ● Summarized tax report ● Editing order details in backend
  47. 47. Want to learn how to build a shop with Commerce?
  48. 48. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Can Commerce do X? Most likely (but maybe not out of the box) 2. Is Commerce integrated with service Y? Probably not yet (but send in your requests) 3. Is Commerce suitable for my project? Let’s talk.
  49. 49. Thank you! Get in touch: @modmore @mark_hamstra Learn more at