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Physiotherapy calgary


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Dr.Ikram - Physiotherapy in Calgary Northwest provides Chiropractic care along with Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Chiropractor in Calgary NW, AB at his clinic.
Dr.Ikram - Physiotherapy in Calgary Northwest provides Chiropractic care along with Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Chiropractor in Calgary NW, AB at his clinic.

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Physiotherapy calgary

  1. 1. Physiotherapy Calgary • Hamptons Chirocare one of the best Physiotherapy treatment in Canada (Calgary) • Call (403) 547-9011 for Northwest Calgary Physiotherapy solutions, decrease your back pain and improve your function quickly at our NW Calgary clinic by expert physiotherapist.
  2. 2. Hamptons Chirocare • If you cannot find your condition listed here, you can call us and we will let you know how we can help you out to ease your condition. We have the best practitioners in Calgary who have years of experience in giving their best to the patient. Our treatment plan is designed in such a way that every person with different needs will be able to take the advantage of them. Main motto here is to help you recover completely so you can regain your normal life. Below is the list of some common health conditions that we deal with clients on a daily basis –
  3. 3. Health conditions • Pain in neck or back • Arthritic conditions • Weakness or pain related to joint or any muscle group • Pre or post surgical conditions • Injuries related to sports • Injuries happened during work or driving any vehicle
  4. 4. Physiotherapy • Physiotherapy treatment, which is also known as physical therapy, is a paramedical service that helps in rehabilitation of the patients who have gone through injuries or surgery. • Most often after a surgery, doctors refer their patient to a physiotherapist for treatment with the ultimate goal of speeding up healing time and restoring normal biomechanics to the area of repair or injury. However, physiotherapy is not just for people who have had surgery. We are also experts in decreasing pain and discomfort for all acute injuries, chronic pain, or increasing your performance in a sport or hobby. The treatment will vary depending on the reason you are seeing a physiotherapist. Patients who go through treatment could be of any age from young children to older adult.
  5. 5. Treatment Founded • If you look into Calgary’s Physiotherapy Treatment clinics, you will see there are many who are offering a lots of services. The biggest difference you will find at Pro Health is our approach to treatment. We believe in ONE on ONE care. We spend a lot of ONE on ONE time with each individual patient. The biggest complaint about physiotherapy is therapists usually have multiple patients they are treating at the same time and the patient is given minimal individual attention. At Pro Health the ONE on ONE care we provide helps patients heal quicker and more effectively. Here are some of the conditions, which are commonly treated at time of physiotherapy treatment:
  6. 6. Some conditions commonly treated by physiotherapists include: • Acute injuries • chronic injuries • Running injuries • Foot injuries • Shoulder pain • Knee pain • Joint pain & body aches • Muscle strains • Bursitis • Headaches • Sports injuries • Sports performance enhancement • Pre and post-operative orthopedic conditions • Repetitive stress injuries such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. • Whiplash • Nerve impingement • Stroke rehabilitation • Post surgical rehab • Degenerative conditions including degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis
  7. 7. If you do not see your condition listed on here, please call us and ask if we can help you.
  8. 8. What To Expect At Your First Rehabilitation Appointment The first step is to book your initial appointment to assess the root cause of the problem. The physiotherapist will take a detailed history on your discomfort as well as a full medical history. They then will apply different tests to assess the tissue that is damaged. They will then review with you what they have found, explain the course of action and apply the first treatment. It is usually a good idea for patients to wear/bring loose fitting clothes , however if you forget we have some that you can borrow.
  9. 9. Kamal Ikram Pro Health Chiropractic 614-1000 Hamptons Dr NW Calgary - AB T3A 6A7 + 1 403 547 9011