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Sociological Questions by Brandon Hampton


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Published in: Business
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Sociological Questions by Brandon Hampton

  2. 2. How does poverty in any area of the world , dealing with any culture alter their views on any particular society that has disposable wealth? Can poverty in third world societies motivate the American population to change their views and put forth a more involved effort to eliminate poverty?
  3. 3. How dose the American culture view pollution as a community issue as well as a world issue? How has American manufacturing change the views and lifestyles of the younger American generation?
  4. 4. Can overpopulation in urban parts of cities throughout the world negatively effect the views of society on those particular cities? Does society place less value on those races that live in urban parts of cities including little China, little Italy and common ghettos ?
  5. 5. How do the deaths of American Troops affect the views of the American population on the War in Iraq ? How do the parents of fallen soldiers respond to the government in support of mobilization of troops to the middle east?
  6. 6. How did the deaths of the September 11 th victims motivate the American people to come together to support going to war ? Can a national tragedy such as September 11 th be use as propaganda to move a population of people into believing one certain view.?
  7. 7. How has the development of cellular communication affected the teen population throughout the world in regards to staying focus in school ? Can the American population in the business world survive without cellular technology and if so what adverse effect will it have on the way business is conducted ?
  8. 8. Has the home entertainment market taken away the value of quality family time out of today’s society and has it decreased the communication within today’s families? Due to the rise of the entertainment market can modern society place less emphasis on the look of technology and more emphasis on how the technology will bring the family as a whole together?
  9. 9. Has the American society placed to much value on money ? How will the American population respond if the dollar bill ever lost its value on the world currency exchange market?
  10. 10. Can one single religious group influence an entire population of people into believing one single view about god and their place in the world? What role does religion play in the development of youth and their value system throughout the world?
  11. 11. How has the history of slavery in the united states changed the American society and how racism is handled ? How did western civilization effect the African American culture and their views during the time of slavery?