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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Tasks: Asana, Jira, Notes:Vision/Goals: emails Evernote, droWiki, Sharepoin pbox, emailst, emailsDecisions: Files:In person, Work Local, dropbox, sHipchat, ema haredils. folders, emails Discussions: Content: In person, Wiki, Sharepoint, Hipchat, wiki, emai Wordpress, emails ls.
  2. 2. Tasks NotesVision/Goals Files work Decisions Content Discussions
  3. 3. Centralization of semantic rich information allows for deriving valuablemeaning from them, thus:• Increases transparency• Keeps everybody “in the loop” automatically• Increases productivity by making relevant information visible to you• Smart algorithms help classifying and increases their “findability”For context: successful organizations, according to a top article at HBR, share this trait:- Decisions are communicated and flow fast
  4. 4. Desktop (primarily) and web (secondarily) tool for- Managing tasks, notes, projects and groups- Capturing conversations, discussions and decisions and making them visible to the right people- File (docs, images, videos) management with versioning, reviews, comments- Content/knowledge managementFor an individual For teams For an organizationPersonal and work Everybody is in Visibility of whether therelated sync, always vision is being correctlytasks, content, and executedjournals/notes are Soft links betweencentralized content/tasks and files Visibility on progress are managed for youExtremely quick and Visibility on contentionpleasant experience pointsthat doesn’t get in theway
  5. 5. Individuals Small business Users within a small organization tend to have low friction to adopt a tool for a small team and grow adoption organically within the org
  6. 6. Task management CMS Project management Asana, Jira, Sharepoint, Jira, Basecamp AtTask, Wrike, Confluence, Mingle Flowdock Jive, Huddle, AlfrescoConnectPlex advantage: integrated solution, desktop application with inthe cloud backend and storage.