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Supercharge Your Career with Open Source

A talk I gave at the University of Bristol to the 2nd Year Computer Science Students on how to use Open Source Software to further your chances of getting a job. I draw upon the Plone community and software for examples.

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Supercharge Your Career with Open Source

  1. 1. Supercharge Your Career With Open Source Matt Hamilton
  2. 2. A Bit about me • Graduated University of Bristol 2000 • Technical Director, Netsight (2001-present) • Director, Plone Foundation (2004-2005,2008-2013) • Maintainer of Underscore mailing list • Run the BMEX network • Avid tinkerer of motorbike and van
  3. 3. Why are you here?
  4. 4. What sort of job do you want?
  5. 5. How are you going to get there?
  6. 6. Wait? I don’t graduate for another 2 years?!
  7. 7. Go find an Open Source project that interests you. ! contribute!
  8. 8. Take Time to ChoseYourOwnAdventure Whether you are just getting started in open source or trying to build a community around your project, you should decide what else you want out of a project. Communities come in all shapes and sizes. Participating in Open Source can be more than just pushing code around Plone outlasted 2 major relationships, too many minor ones, 3 cities, 4 “normal” jobs, 2 startups First people I talk to in the morning (pre-coffee even!) and the last people I talk to at night Worldwide network of coworkers/friends/ extended family @eleddy
  9. 9. Travel isn’t just for vacation AdventureAsStatusQuo The best part of working with the world is experiencing it! 2013: Plone Strategic Sprints It is not uncommon for the nordic dwellers to go to South America in the winter. And not just for the women... @eleddy
  10. 10. A global, well traveled community creates NaturalDiversity “Diversity” does not mean “women”. It means different countries, backgrounds, sexual preferences, clients and pants. The Plone community is tolerant of slim, straight, tall, short, unisex, imported and even apple bottom. The 2013 Plone Foundation Executive Board: 7 people representing 4 countries, 5 accents, 3 sexual preferences (openly), nonprofit, for profit, big companies, individual contractors, and personalities ranging from troll to peace maker. And we love working together to boot. o/ @eleddy
  11. 11. Travel the World
  12. 12. Arnhem, Netherlands Brasilia, Brazil Budapest, Hungary Dublin, Ireland Geneva, Switzerland Gothenburg, Sweden Munich, Germany Naples, Italy Pennsylvania, USA San Francisco, USA Schruns, Austria Seattle, USA Sorrento, Italy Valletta, Malta Vienna, Austria Washington DC, USA
  13. 13. Network
  14. 14. Get Involved
  15. 15. Find bugs Write documentation Organise / Help at events Write code Submit patches Help on mailing lists / forums Help administer infrastructure !
  16. 16. Questions? ! @hammertoe