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Automating Feature Branch Builds on iOS and Android - Codemobile 2017 Lightning talk

This is a lightning talk from Codemobile 2017 in Chester, UK on Automating Feature Branch Builds on iOS and Android

Video of this talk:

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Automating Feature Branch Builds on iOS and Android - Codemobile 2017 Lightning talk

  1. 1. Quernus Automated Feature Branch Builds on iOS Matt Hamilton @hammertoe Codemobile 19th April 2017
  2. 2. Who am I? • 15 years as Technical Director of web agency • Python developer • Now thrust into the world of mobile • Contractor, currently lead of enquos mobile team
  3. 3. What is enquos?
  4. 4. iOS Build Process • Long • Arcane • Requires variations • Requires certificates / keys
  5. 5. Tools Github Fastlane / Gradle Jenkins Fabric Beta / Testflight Slack
  6. 6. Fastlane • Automates builds • Allows multiple ‘lanes’ to be built • Repeatable, scriptable builds • An ‘API’ for iTunes Connect • Takes the hassle out of the build and deployment process
  7. 7. def do_build(scheme, configuration) increment_build_number( build_number: ENV['BUILD_ID'] ) profile = 'build/nutrition.mobileprovision' if configuration == 'Release' app_identifier = 'com.enquos.nutrition' display_name = 'enquos nutrition' set_istest_false sigh( app_identifier: app_identifier, filename: profile, ) else app_identifier = 'com.enquos.Nutrition.alpha.' + GIT_BRANCH_ID display_name = 'enquos nutrition ' + GIT_BRANCH sigh( app_identifier: '*', adhoc: '1', filename: profile, ) end update_info_plist( app_identifier: app_identifier, display_name: display_name, plist_path: 'Nutrition/Info.plist', xcodeproj: 'Nutrition/Nutrition.xcodeproj', ) update_project_provisioning( xcodeproj: "Nutrition/Nutrition.xcodeproj", build_configuration_filter: ".*Nutrition.*", profile: profile, ) ipa( scheme: scheme, configuration: configuration, embed: profile, xcargs: '-derivedDataPath ./build', ) end
  8. 8. Jenkins • Monitors Github and builds a new app when it sees a change • Has separate jobs for: • develop/ • feature/ • store
  9. 9. Quernus A Typical Flow
  10. 10. Gotchas • Need to change the App ID for watch app / extensions too. • Originally we used completely dynamic app ids, but gets messy with 3rd party APIs (e.g. Facebook) that need to know App ID in advance
  11. 11. Quernus Thanks Matt Hamilton @hammertoe