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Ases fair outline


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Ases fair outline

  1. 1. FAIR Outline & RequirementASES FAIR, taking place in Korean traditional house Hanok,will be quite different from what “Fair” is traditionally thought of.We’ve attached following explanations to fill in the gaps betweenwhat the ASES team has in mind, which is not accuratelydelivered by traditional definitions of exhibition, fair, andshowcase, and what participants have in mind.
  2. 2. Blueprint of each Hanok follows, and 1 to 2 clusters will be displayed here.
  3. 3. Each Han-ok has a courtyard, and either easels or x banners that introduce each company will be installed.
  4. 4. Depending on the amount of displayed materials, the company will be given an individual room
  5. 5. Or a larger space, shared by companies inside a cluster.
  6. 6. Signboard with Signboard with LOGO LOGO Exhibit Space Exhibit Space(Product, Creature) (Product, Creature)Basic organization of booth will include a sign board imprinted with company logo. Brochures and products can be displayed on the additional space (maru) extended from each Hanok.
  7. 7. Using company images and introductions that will be decoratedin and out of the room. Inside will be a perfect place for business meetings, away from hot and humid summer of Korea.
  8. 8. Additionally, temporary cafes that provide cold beverages will be installed to encourage networking within each Hanok.
  9. 9. Companies that are participating as EXHIBITORS have to send the followingfiles to the ASES team for designing a poster and ASES fair index book topromote their own enterprises. Please send the below information beforeJune 10, 2012.1. Company Logo Image (illustrator, photo shop file will be preferred)2. 20 Company photos (which can see your business model or activities)3. Company Introduction (which can attract people’s interest and explain your business model4. E-brochures and publications, if you have (as a sample design)
  10. 10. *Poster sample from ANIS