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{ 2011 Domestic Projects }   Job Creation                                      108                                        ...
Job Creation                                                                       Job Creation10                         ...
Support for Social Enterprises                                                Support for Social Enterprises12            ...
Reducing Unemployment Rates of Recent Graduates                           Reducing Unemployment Rates of Recent Graduates1...
Vitalizing Local Communities                                                  Vitalizing Local Communities16              ...
Fundraising and Campaigns                                                         Fundraising and Campaigns18             ...
Research and Publications                                                        Research and Publications20              ...
{ 2011 International Projects }   International Cooperation and Networking   2422                                         ...
International Cooperation and Networking                                     International Cooperation and Networking24   ...
Smile Together Partnership                                                        Smile Together Partnership26            ...
Smile Together Partnership                                                                             Smile Together Part...
Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit (ASES)                                   Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit (ASES)30     ...
2011 WT Foundation Annual Report
2011 WT Foundation Annual Report
2011 WT Foundation Annual Report
2011 WT Foundation Annual Report
2011 WT Foundation Annual Report
2011 WT Foundation Annual Report
2011 WT Foundation Annual Report
2011 WT Foundation Annual Report
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2011 WT Foundation Annual Report


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2011 WT Foundation Annual Report

  1. 1. Work Together2 Foundation The Work Together Foundation has been issuing annual reports since 2007 in order to help citizens and officials understand Annual Report our activities and outcomes. The fifth edition contains efforts and outcomes the WT has undertaken in 2011 with a focus on 2011 activities related to improving the sustainability of society and individuals. It also introduces our nationwide and international partners who share and support our vision through various projects and businesses.{ 2011 Domestic Projects } 4 Vision and Mission 6 2011 Main Issues { 2011 Domestic Projects } 10 Job Creation 12 Support for Social Enterprises 14 Reducing Unemployment Rates of Recent Graduates 16 Vitalizing Local Communities 18 Fundraising & Campaigns 20 Research & Publications { 2011 International Projects } 24 International Cooperation and Networking 26 Smile Together Partnership 30 Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit (ASES) 32 Business Performance 34 Financial Performance 36 Organizational Governance 40 The WT’s History 42 Main Office Staff
  2. 2. 04 05 Vision and Mission Core Values Specialty Since 2011, the Work Together Foundation has been operating its Smile Together Partnership, a project that supports the establishment of social enterprises and gives operational assistance to alleviate poverty and unemployment faced by people in developing countries. W e aim to be a private think tank, offering highly qualified information and alternative paths to reliable Through its support of social enterprises, the Work Together Foundation suggested employment. a path to fundamental and sustainable solutions to unemployment and poverty Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 issues, positioning itself as the pathfinder.{ Vision and Mission } In addition, the WT will host the 3rd Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit, designed to support networking and cooperation among Asian social entrepreneurs, showing their potential strength. Passion Justice The outstanding work of the WT is now going beyond Korea, reaching abroad. W e seek authenticity through continuous W e support vital social values with communication. courage and wisdom. Vision Our vision is to create a sound society by resolving social polarization and creating sustainable jobs. Creativity Mission Creating decent jobs for the people L owering unemployment rates of a diverse constituency and reducing social polarization Incubating and promoting social enterprises Strengthening the social safety net W e find innovative solutions with an open mind and new ideas. S upporting the capacity building of the civil sector and developing human resources
  3. 3. 66 070 2011 Main Issues Based on the accumulated know-how of assisting and supporting social enterpriese, the WT expands its outstanding work to reach abroad, establishes various partnership and diversifies the project funds and fields. All of the outstanding works of the WT will be the cornerstone for its stepping up. 04 Propose effective C onduct basic research on alternative social safety net models solutions to for unstably employed youths problems faced 01 by youths such Expand the G-Market College Tuition Support Project to a Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 combined fundraiser with the Community Chest of Korea as college tuition Establish B ased on strengthened expertise, support the social enterprise support Asia’s best{ 2011 Main Issues } establishment and endorsement comprehensive F oster new and creative social entrepreneurs based on support system for social accumulated know-how and experience 05 enterprises Run two incubating centers that develop young social enterprises Expanding Interna- Spread social enterprises in Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, and E xpand corporate matching to consistently support social tional cooperation other countries enterprises and networking Host the Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit (ASES) Provide business consulting, assist in pioneering new markets, and help distribute and promote products P rocure additional funding from the Smile Microcredit Bank and further expand loans on social enterprises 06 Innovate human I mproving of the office area and setting up the WT library 02 resources Offering training courses and seminars related to each person’s infrastructure position Promote new 1 2 new projects were developed and implemented in 2011 and development business projects Offering foreign language courses for international capacity C ontinuously propose new projects to major corporations, schemes such as and constantly employee training building public corporations, and local governments suggest new ones Making efforts to develop a personnel rating 07 03 Establish systematic Continuously and actively promote the WT in the press and Diversify routes Through the Community Chest of Korea, seek ways to expand promotion plans for launch promotional campaigns of financial broadcast fundraisers on SBS etc. the Work Together Seek out and use medium, such as SNS, mobile applications and resources and S eek ways to collect special funding for youths, college Foundation develop special e-books, that take full advantage of technological advances to students, and the handicapped promote the WT types of funding Develop an integrated support system to build DB Actively publish the WT-created books
  4. 4. { 2011 Domestic Projects } Job Creation 108 9 Support for Social Enterprises 12 Reducing Unemployment Rates of Recent Graduates 14 Vitalizing Local Communities 16 Fundraising Campaigns 18 Research Publications 20 Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011{ 2011 Domestic Projects }
  5. 5. Job Creation Job Creation10 11 2011 Domestic Projects 2011 Domestic Projects Supporting a Social Enterprise Supporting LH Community near Abandoned Mines in Business Social Enterprise Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 Kangwon Province Startups{ 2011 Domestic Projects } The foundation has contributed The foundation supports com- to creating alternative jobs and a self-suffi- munity-based social enterprise startups cient energy supply in an abandoned mine with sponsorship from the Korea Land region in Kangwon province, thanks to sup- Housing Corporation in the public rental port from the Kangwon Land since 2008. In housing districts where vulnerable groups of 2011, the foundation supported the estab- people, such as single-parent families, North lishment of a social enterprise called Local Korean defectors and multicultural families, ER that manufactures wood pellets and are gathered. distributes wood pellet boilers. Five districts were selected in- cluding Ik-san, Chung-ju, Hwa-seong, Ul- Wood pellets are a type of wood san and Won-ju in 2011 through a business The Work Together Foundation creates sustainable employment models fuel, generally made from com- plan competition. Thirty-nine people were with the cooperation of corporations, the government and NGOs for pacted sawdust or other waste newly employed and 173 people were people excluded from public welfare or employment programs. The WT from sawmills and other wood offered a job training course through the product manufactures. project. especially works to create jobs for the vulnerable, including women and Community business social enter- the elderly, and to improve the quality of the jobs available to them. prises are a new type of social en- terprise which are run and man- aged by residents of the local community, create jobs and offer social services.
  6. 6. Support for Social Enterprises Support for Social Enterprises12 13 2011 Domestic Projects 2011 Domestic Projects Support for Social Enterprise Social Entrepreneurs Capability Establishment, Certification and Building Operation The foundation operates a variety The foundation was officially des- of programs to train social entrepreneurs to ignated by the Ministry of Employment and become professional managers who under- Labor as an integral social enterprises sup- stand and practice the core values of so- port organization from 2007 to 2010, provid- cial enterprise. It does this through a social ing consulting for the establishment and entrepreneurs training program, university certification of social enterprises, as well as curriculum in social entrepreneurship, and accounting and management. scholarships. In 2011, an Academy for So- In 2011, based on our accumu- cial Entrepreneurs, SK Sesang School Acad- lated know-how in the field of social enter- emy and Sungsil University Venture Acad- prise, the foundation was designated by the emy were hosted by the WT. Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 Seoul Metropolitan Government as the of-{ 2011 Domestic Projects } ficial organization monitoring the certifica- Social Enterprise Support through tion of social enterprises in Seoul. Encouraging Ethical Consumption The Hyundai Home Shopping Dis- Capital Loans for Social tribution Support Project for Social Enterpris- Enterprises es and the Mapo District Social Enterprises Since 2003, the foundation has is- Promotion Festival were held in order to give sued credit loans to social enterprises with social enterprises opportunities to expand a fund for the sustainable growth of social their distribution channels and to promote enterprises facing economic difficulties es- their enterprises. The Good-hearted Con- tablished by the Smile Microcredit Bank, the sumption 365 Campaign has been also Ministry of Employment and Labor and the carried out to ask consumers to practice As a mode of alternative employment, the foundation supports social WT. Business consulting services are also healthy consumerism. provided to social enterprises receiving enterprises which provide social services and create jobs in various loans. ways such as by offering business consulting, promotion opportunities and human resource development. The foundation also runs social Support for Preliminary Social Enterprises enterprise incubating centers to discover potential social enterprises The foundation intensively sup- and nurture them through accumulated experience and know-how. ported preliminary social enterprises for their sustainable growth through new prod- uct development, training and facility in- vestment with funds from the following WT partners: British American Tobacco (BAT) Korea, the Kangwon Land, Korea Plant Ser- vice Engineering (KPS), Korea Eximbank, Boeing Korea, Hyosung, LG Electronics and the LG Electronics Labor Union.
  7. 7. Reducing Unemployment Rates of Recent Graduates Reducing Unemployment Rates of Recent Graduates14 15 2011 Domestic Projects 2011 Domestic Projects Social Networking Center and providing a integral incubating pro- ‘The Hope Center’ gram based on accumulated know-how. In its efforts to abate unemploy- ment among young people, the foundation The Social Venture Competition has been taking various approaches since The Social Venture Competition 2006 to help young people seeking alterna- has been held by the Ministry of Employ- tives for finding work. The WT has developed ment and Labor since 2009 to seek out and alternative policies and presented social support social ventures which showcase issues through research, training programs, innovative ideas and creativity. The WT forums, and round-table discussions, with played a central role in the organizing pro- experts in unemployment and young job- cess by carrying out key tasks such as pro- seekers themselves participating. viding nationwide PR, arranging prizes to be The programs implemented in awarded to outstanding contestants, setting 2011 are the Wiggling Planning Group and up screening criteria, providing mentoring Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 the Independence Media Workshop. In methods, and organizing the final contest,{ 2011 Domestic Projects } addition, the Hope Center suggested the which, overall, has contributed to elevating establishment of a mutual aid association general interest in social ventures. based on a survey. Its purpose is to address the weak social safety net and the unmet Supporting School Tuition for goals of young people. Undergraduate Students To break the vicious circle of Social Venture Incubating Center young people who have to do part time work Thanks to a contribution from the under poor conditions to pay for their high Life Insurance Social Project Committee and school tuition, the foundation carried out a Kyobo Life Insurance, the third floor of the project supporting school tuition for 30 un- Work Together Foundation office building dergraduate students and providing school In order to address the problem of youth unemployment, a variety has been converted into the Social Venture loans for 1,000 undergraduate students from of projects are being executed in the interest of helping youths find Incubating Center, providing ten selected low-income families with the sponsorship of solutions by themselves. We develop special programs for unemployed social ventures with space for office use, G-market. Along with financial support, an graduates while helping to build the infrastructure needed to create back-office task assistance, training and alternative internship program was provid- promotion opportunities, expert coaching ed for young people who wish to have work jobs for them. As one of our alternative solutions to this problem, and network expansion. experience. we actively seek out and support social ventures which showcase innovative ideas and creativity. Nurturing Young Social Enterpreneurs The Work Together Foundation was designated as one of the operation organizations for ‘Nurturing Young Social Enterprenerus Project’ by the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency in 2011, estab- lishing the Yang-cheon Incubating Center to support preliminary social entrepreneurs
  8. 8. Vitalizing Local Communities Vitalizing Local Communities16 17 2011 Domestic Projects 2011 Domestic Projects Supporting for After-school Remodeling an Eco-friendly Program Playground Project The WT has carried out an after- With the sponsorship of the Korea school program for children in low-income Land Housing Corporation, old and dan- families to provide them with educational gerous playgrounds were turned into safe and cultural services and good educational eco-friendly and playgrounds through re- programs with sponsorship from the Shin- modeling, allowing children to play safely han Bank and Mapo-gu Office since 2010. and local people to take a rest. In 2011, the I Fun Creativity Media Class by The Youth I Friend Foundation, a preliminary Caring Service for the social enterprise, and the Leadership and Underprivileged Creativity Skill Learning through Playing Pro- With the sponsorship of the Korea gram by the Central Women’s Association Land Housing Corporation, the Foundation Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 were selected as after-school programs de- provided the underprivileged in Cheonan signed to improve the creativity and leader- city with a care service through the Cheo-{ 2011 Domestic Projects } ship skills of local children. nan Caring Social Service Center. 77 jobs were created through the project. Supporting for Local Children Center and Study Room The Mirae Asset Hope Book Cafe Project, which installs book cafes in local children centers or study rooms, and the LH Rental Housing Residence Study Room Sup- porting Project, which makes study rooms in public spaces in public rental housing The WT works to build a solid foundation where local entities within residences, were carried out to help local children to grow into fine youths under the each community, such as local residents, NGOs, companies and better educational condition. local governments, can discuss and try to solve the employment and welfare problems within the community. The WT also suggests various experiments and business models, enabling local residents to vitalize the local economy and the community by themselves.
  9. 9. Fundraising and Campaigns Fundraising and Campaigns18 19 2011 Domestic Projects 2011 Domestic Projects SBS Hope TV; Broadcasting The Mania Giving Circle Fundraising In 2009, the Mania Giving Circle, We have been running a joint formed by fans of Seo Tai-Ji, signed an fundraising program with six renowned, agreement with the Work Together Founda- nongovernmental organizations in Korea tion to carry out a project to support youths through SBS Hope TV since May 2009. During from low-income households. this one-year period, over 3,000 individuals Since 2010, it has been sup- have made donations through this fundrais- porting the Yoojasalon, a social enterprise ing program, and there were 550 additional which links young people who always stay individual donors in 2011. at home with the world through the music. This meaningful sum of individual The Mania Giving Circle is a new contributions is used to help, through spe- fundraising method, by which donors are cial agencies and social enterprises, chil- able to choose the projects and the people Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 dren and youth with economic difficulties, who benefit from them. It takes innovative so that they will be able to support them- approaches to its nonprofit activities by in-{ 2011 Domestic Projects } selves in their adulthood. corporating and utilizing not only monetary resources but also the knowledge, skills and Light a Lamp experience of its participants, allowing more The Work Together Foundation was established with civil funds collected ‘Light a Lamp’ is a project de- effective and efficient practices. during the financial crisis of the late ‘90s. In continuation of the efforts signed to encourage the self-reliance of made to tackle the issues of mass unemployment triggered by the youths from low-income or unemployed KB Dreaming of the Youth Project households, planning and implementing The foundation has carried out financial crisis, we were giving a boost to our engagement through the various projects with children and youth this project with the sponsorship of the KB collection of civil donations starting in 2009. The funds raised are used to specialized agencies. Kookmin Bank since 2010, hosting a career create jobs and support the unemployed, low-income households with In 2011, the foundation provided camp to help youths discover various types children, and youth in economic and social need. school uniforms to a total of 320 students in of future jobs and provide them with vaca- collaboration with 43 organizations and se- tional training in various fields. lected two children and youth specialized The Work Together Foundation’s accumulated experience and know- agencies and six social enterprises to en- how in implementing projects and managing the fund, networking courage the self-reliance of youths. with useful and practical resources and utilizing professional human resources maximize the value of donations collected from our individual contributors.
  10. 10. Research and Publications Research and Publications20 21 2011 Domestic Projects 2011 Domestic Projects Specialized Research Issuing of Professional The WT has been conducting re- Publications and Source Books search on social issues faced by society, In order to share the outcomes of especially regarding the recent graduate projects and research done by the founda- unemployment problem, job creation, the tion and to provide information on world- securing of a social safety net and the vital- wide trends related to social enterprises ization of social enterprises. Based on this re- and employment policy, the WT has been search, the WT offers alternative policy sug- publishing series of books, source books gestions for social issues to the government and translations. and new strategies to solve the problems. In 2011, “Research on Developing an Al- ternative Social Safety Net Model for Young People,” “Research on the Trends of the Ko- Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 rean Cooperative Federation Sector and its Possibility of Being Linked with a Social{ 2011 Domestic Projects } Enterprise” and “A Study on the Methods to Find the Real Condition of Social Enterprises and the Formation of Lists of Research” were published. Research and Policy Discussion Forum The WT supports policy research Since the Institute of Policy and Strategy Research was established related to social enterprises and employ- within the foundation in 2006, it has been carrying out various projects ment, linking the outcomes to projects which in the form of research, publication and domestic/international are being implemented. In addition, policy exchanges. We analyze new paradigms in the labor market and discussion forums were held to publish the outcomes of the research and to discuss the propose perspectives and alternative policies based on them. social issues faced by society. In 2011, the We conduct realistic research and policy development about the Policy Discussion Forum was held in com- changing environment for the unemployed poor. memoration of the 8th anniversary of the WT’s founding. An international symposium with the theme of “the change of social se- curity law and welfare policy in 3 East-asian countries” was held, co-organized by the Korea Researching Consulting Institute on Poverty, the Law Center of Kookmin Univer- sity and The Korean Association of Social Security Law.
  11. 11. { 2011 International Projects } International Cooperation and Networking 2422 23 Smile Together Partnership 26 Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit (ASES) 30 Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011{ 2011 Domestic Projects }
  12. 12. International Cooperation and Networking International Cooperation and Networking24 25 2011 International Projects 2011 International Projects International Cooperation Public Relations for International I ntroducing the projects of the WT and Communications the trend of Korean social enterprises by U pdating home pages (English / Japanese meeting international social entrepreneurs / Chines) or researchers visiting the foundation Updating social networking services Hosting the information session for a busi- ublishing the WT Online Newsletter (Eng- P ness plan competition for social enterpris- lish / Japanese) es supported by the Toyota Foundation in ublishing a report on the 2nd ASES (Ko- P Japan rean / English) International Capacity Building for Domestic Social Enterprises O ffered translation service for domestic Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 social enterprises (Touch 4 Good, the So-{ 2011 International Projects } cial Venture Incubating Center, the Korea Heritage Center, the Korea Housing Wel- fare Association and Art Stage ‘San’) I ntroducing news and trends of interna- tional social enterprises through translation We contribute to the construction and actualization of an Asian social (updating on on a monthly entrepreneurship network through various activities such as organizing basis) T ranslating and publishing foreign books international symposiums, raising funds, acquiring advanced practices on social enterprise and social economy from abroad, and introducing the Korean social entrepreneurship model into Korean (Volume 1: Nothing Ventured, to the international community. Nothing Gained / Volume2: Community Business Financing Manual) We introduced the model, the status of social enterprises of Korea, and its supporting system externally, and tried to encourage the role of Korean social entrepreneurship, especially in Asia. To attain a continuous network of social entrepreneurs and related professionals, we laid out ‘Bridge,’ A Language Translation Pro-bono Group a foundation of collaboration programs and conferences with other ‘Bridge’ is the official translation volunteer group of the Work To- gether Foundation, launched in July 2009 with the purpose of linking the intermediaries supporting social enterprise. Moreover, we tried to provide world to social enterprises through different languages. Aside from the tra- a business field—specific database which details problems social ditional translation volunteering, it introduces both local and international entrepreneurs face, along with the attempted solutions. social enterprises and acts as a “bridge” to build practical cooperative sys- tems by providing different language translating services.
  13. 13. Smile Together Partnership Smile Together Partnership26 27 2011 International Projects 2011 International Projects Principles nstitution’s ability to conduct the enter- I We are seeking projects with fol- prise responsibly lowing principles: E ffective budgeting and ensuring transpar- project physically based in a local com- A ency munity and working with residents project nurturing leadership in local peo- A The Details of the Implementation ple Financial support: project which created a sustainable A O n average $30,000 (USD) for a fiscal year business model without harming the local (from $20,000 to $200,000 for each project) community Non-financial support: B usiness consultancy services with the Evaluation Criteria uGET program of the School of Manage- C larity of social purpose and the social ment at Yonsei University and pro-bono Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 problem that needs to be solved business consultants{ 2011 International Projects } F easibility or actual establishment of social P ro-bono professional consultancy servic- enterprises that aim to provide solutions for es from the business industry impoverished children onnecting business field related resources C P ossibility of providing direct support to im- and networks for facilitating further support poverished children N etworking with the local community E nterprise sustainability even after support from the Work Together Foundation Since 2011, the Work Together Foundation has been promoting its Smile Together Partnership (STP), a project that supports the establishment of social enterprises and operational assistance in developing countries. Through the project, it has been working to alleviate poverty faced by children in various developing countries. In addition, STP attempts to support the creation of employment opportunities that respect the local uGET Project culture while maintaining its sustainability. Through social enterprises, The Work Together Foundation has been cooperating with Yon- STP strives to provide employment for parents so that their children can sei University for the undergraduate Global Experience Team project (uGET receive better care at home. It also supports social enterprises that Project) since 2009. This project is designed to give students opportunities to broaden their global perspective and experience through conducting provide employment and educational opportunities for youths who projects and research overseas. have to work, allowing them to take their first step in society. The Work Together Foundation has sent uGET project groups to the sites where the Smile Together Partnership projects are going on for con- sultation. The outcome of the uGET project is maximized through the collab- oration with the WT’s professional pro-bono business management and ac- counting consultants. The outcome of the research and consulting through the uGET Project is implemented and adopted in practice.
  14. 14. Smile Together Partnership Smile Together Partnership28 29 2011 International Projects 2011 International Projects Phnom Penh, Cambodia establishment and operation of the CraftPEACE Vang Vieng, Lao P.D.R addition, it will propel the center to become The WT Foundation helps to run Ban- Café. The establishment of the CraftPEACE Café The WT Foundation supports the self-reliant financially and structurally as the teay Prieb, a job training center for the disabled, would generate more jobs for the Banteay Prieb establishment of Café ZoomSun for the generated revenue is going back to oper- by providing consistent and structured job trainees. All the earnings from the CraftPEACE Phoudindaeng Youth Center to manage and ating the center. We envision growing more training programs to the disabled and youths. Café will go back to operating Banteay Prieb; operate in Vang Vieng, Laos. The operation competent young leaders who can contrib- Through the Smile Project Partnership, we hope hence, it becomes self-reliant and creates more of Café ZoomSun by the Phoudindaeng ute to their society and fostering economic to help Banteay Prieb to become self-reliant and jobs and for the disabled and youths. Youth Center generate jobs for youths in the development. sustainable. In order to do so, we support the poverty-stricken region of Vang Vieng. In Project Title Establishment of the CraftPEACE Café under the management of Banteay Project Title Establishment of Café ZoomSun under the management of the Prieb to create more jobs for the disabled and youths and to help them Phoudindaeng Youth Center to bring up more young leaders become self-reliant Project Details Support the establishment and operation of Café ZoomSun to generate Project Details Support the establishment and operation of the CraftPEACE Café revenue and jobs to generate revenue and jobs Support child education and raise the standard of living Provide wheelchairs and housing to the disabled and youths Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 Expected Create more jobs for unemployed people{ 2011 International Projects } Expected Promote the financial self-reliance of families with disabled members Outcomes and I mprove the quality of life of deprived and vulnerable villagers Outcomes and Create more jobs for the disabled by fostering their participation and en- Influence Influence hancing work-site safety Partner AVAN Korea Improve the quality of life and drinking water, and enhance mobility Partner Jesuit Service Cambodia Towerville, the Philippines offers sewing training programs to Towerville The WT Foundation established women. It generates revenue by operating Siem Reap, Cambodia help poor children, especially girls, to be- the CAMP Sewing Center in Towerville in co- jobs and prepares the trainees to enter the The WT Foundation opened the come self-reliant by offering cosmetology operation with CAMP Asia in order to sup- workforce. The participating women benefit Lotus Hope Beauty and Hair Center in 2011 training programs. Furthermore, we hope for port refugees forced to move from homes from working at home, which allows them to as a part of the Smile Together Partner- it to grow into a sustainable and self-reliant that were demolished by inhumane govern- take care of their children. ship projects in Siem Reap, Cambodia in center by providing beauty services to local ment policies or natural disasters. The center cooperation with Lotus World. The Lotus residents and generating revenue. Hope Beauty and Hair Center attempts to Project Title Establishment of the CAMP Sewing Center to relieve poverty for Towerville refugees Project Title Establishment of the Lotus Hope Beauty and Hair Center to help poor children, especially young girls, become self-reliant Project Details upport the establishment and operation of the CAMP Sewing Center to S create jobs for women in Towerville Project Details Provide cosmetology training to poor children at the Lotus Hope Beauty Provide support for child care and school meals for undernourished and Hair Center children Attempt to generate revenue by providing beauty services to local Expected uild a model for relieving poverty in Asian countries through social B residents Outcomes and enterprises Expected tabilize household economic conditions and increase the number of self S Influence G enerate revenue and create more jobs, which in turn attempts to relieve Outcomes and supporting individuals poverty Influence S hift Cambodian’s negative perception on hairdressers by providing R educe number of children suffering from undernourishment and a lack Korea’s advanced cosmetological techniques of child care Partner Lotus World Partner CAMP Asia
  15. 15. Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit (ASES) Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit (ASES)30 31 2011 International Projects 2011 International Projects Vision A ssist Asian social entrepreneurs and Promote cooperation and ex- create synergy by increasing mutual ex- change among social entrepreneurs who change share the cultural and geographical bond B reak away from only using social enter- of being of Asian and create sustainable so- prises from developed areas, such as the cial enterprises in Asia US and EU, as models, and share indepen- dent and original Asian social enterprise Mission models and their results Based on mutual understanding of the D evelop Asian social enterprises accord- unique geographical, economic, and cul- ing to Asia’s socio-cultural and geographi- tural situations within Asia, it strives to cre- cal characteristics ate a cooperative system of social entre- preneurs and establish an infrastructure for Work Together Foundation Annual Report 2011 transactions inside the system.{ 2011 International Projects } 2008 The First ASES 2012 The Third ASES Date October 28, 2008 (Tuesday) ~ D ate July 3, 2012 (Tuesday) ~ October 30, 2008 (Thursday) July 4, 2012 (Wednesday) Venue Olympic Parktel, Seoul, Venue Jeollabukdo, Jeonju, Korea South Korea T heme Creating Solidarity among Asian Theme We are Social Entrepreneurs Social Enterprises and an Environment that in ASIA Promotes Sustainable Growth The Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit (ASES) aims to empower Asian O rganizers Work Together Foundation, H osts and Organizers Work Together social entrepreneurs as community organizers and innovators and National Council of Social Enterprises in Foundation, the Ministry of Employment to help Asian social enterprises find practical ways to collaborate in Korea, Korea Health Cooperative and Labor, the Jeonbuk Provincial Federation, the Hope Institute, Hankyoreh Government, Korea Social Enterprise order to improve society. We try to provide a business field—specific Economic Research Institute, Global Links Promotion Agency database, which details problems social entrepreneurs face and the Initiative, SVP Tokyo, ETIC attempted solutions. This database also highlights the best practices 2010 The Second ASES ASES Website for social enterprises in Asia through the biannual Asian Social Date November 29, 2010 (Monday) ~ Entrepreneurs Summit. November 30, 2010 (Tuesday) Venue Seoul KyoYuk MunHwa HoeKwan T heme Asian Poverty and Social E ntrepreneurship, a Wave of Change in Asia Organizers Work Together Foundation, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, National Council of Social Enterprises in Korea, Social Enterprise Network, The Hope Institute, Institute of Sustainable Development