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Deal zone pod


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Deal zone pod

  1. 1. eZeeLINK – Hotel Website Booking Engine Return on investment Deal Zone POD Version 1.0 Next Review Date: 1 Jan 2012
  2. 2. Deal Zone POD – What is it?An advanced „plug and play‟, sales and marketing widgetfor a Hotel WebsiteFacilitates different options to entice Guests while bookingon Hotel WebsiteNon Technical tool for implementing marketing ideasCaptures your attention on first point of contact
  3. 3. Deal Zone POD – The ConceptHighlight the right contentDynamically design & show case dealsCost effectiveComplete control of the hotel without external interventionEasy to useSave on advertising and publishing dealsImprove loyalty by giving deals on own website
  4. 4. Deal Zone POD – What it does?Show what you got Room rate discounts Additional room nights Room upgrades Compliments Hotel partner compliments
  5. 5. Deal Zone POD – What other websites do?What traditional websites do Static or too heavy Information over load Don‟t guide a customer towards selection Don‟t capture interest
  6. 6. Deal Zone POD – What other websites do
  7. 7. Hotel Website – Vertical Deal Zone POD For live demo visit Hotel website with vertical deal POD
  9. 9. Hotel Website - Horizontal Deal Zone POD
  10. 10. Hotel Website - Horizontal Deal Zone POD
  11. 11. Deal Zone POD – Configure dealsJust click on add deal
  12. 12. Deal Zone POD – Configure deals
  13. 13. Deal Zone POD – Customise
  14. 14. Deal Zone POD – Configure deals Customize & Publish!
  15. 15. Customizable Horizontal Deal Pod Configuration
  16. 16. Customizable Vertical Deal Pod Configuration
  17. 17. Traditional way of advertising Hotel Best Inn – Avail Great seasonal discountsContact – 001 – 1127689763 & book now! Sorry, I cant hear What deal you.. did you Helloo! Do You say? speak Or the Classic… End of call! English! Number busy! But that was last years offer
  18. 18. Traditional way of advertising Hotel Best Inn – Avail Great seasonal & book now! Lets consider online booking Same old deals High costs to publish on website Static site doesn‟t lead to conversion Customer feels “Lack of new offers” Looks for better deals
  19. 19. To see your marketing strategies in actionPlan offers and deals, send to web designer – 1dayDesigners job - 1 dayEducate receptionist about new dealsDeals require modifications when they fail to workRepeat the entire process every timeRoom availability cannot be updated on websiteWebsites and traditional adverts don‟t convert, they onlyhighlight
  20. 20. Deal Zone POD – Return on investmentOne time purchase cost - INR 5,000Annual maintenance cost - INR 1,000 e.g. Consider room prices @ INR 2000/roomConsider a hotel with 100 rooms and 40% occupancyi.e. 40 rooms occupied40 rooms x 30 days = 1200 bookings per month1200 x 12 months = 14,400 bookings per year
  21. 21. Deal Zone POD – Return on investmentOccupancy rate to break even = (3/14,400)x100 =0.02% per yearOr 0.02/12 = 0.001 % per monthIf 1 customer books 1 room for 3 nights you‟re alreadygenerating profit!Configure, experiment, grow
  22. 22. Deal Zone POD – Top 5 Reasons to BuyTop 5 Reasons to BuyConception to action in 60 secondsSell more rooms – Increase OccupancyDeals are placed in the Home page in an attractiveformat.Guests come to know about the deals without going tobooking engineDynamic scrolling of deals on the Hotel home pageHassle free installation
  23. 23. Thank You very much for your time. We feel Privileged.