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Organizational Development - How to Build a Workforce That Rocks


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Organizational Development - Learn the four-step process that transforms your workforce into a highly productive, innovative organization. Then download the free companion report that takes it to the next level...

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Organizational Development - How to Build a Workforce That Rocks

  1. How To Build aWORKFORCEThatROCKSphoto credit: marfis75 via photopin cc
  2. You want aWorkforcethat…
  3. C0mmunicatesphoto credit: ScoRDS via photopin cc
  4. Innovatesphoto credit: Vermin Inc via photopincc
  5. photo credit: Kadath via photopin ccBuildsHigh-PerformingTeams
  6. ManagesChangephoto credit: EJP Photo via photopin cc
  7. You wantEMPLOYEESwho…
  8. LISTENphoto credit: Bindaas Madhavi via photopin cc
  9. LEADphoto credit: Mike Morbeck via photopin cc
  10. ResolveConflicts
  11. ThinkCritically
  13. You MustDevelopyourorganization
  14. FOUR SIMPLESTEPSto follow…
  15. SelF-AwarenessStep 1:Step 1:Step 1:Step 1:
  16. Your PeopleMustUnderstandTheir Brains
  17. …how theyThink…
  18. …and how theyBehave
  19. The IdealTOOLTo MakeThisHappen:
  20. SelF-ManagementStep 2:Step 2:Step 2:Step 2:
  21. Once YourPeopleUnderstandTheirOWNBrains…
  22. …They’ll Value Theirstrengths
  23. …And LearnHow ToBuild ThesKILLSThey Lack
  24. groupAwarenessStep 3:Step 3:Step 3:Step 3:
  25. Now ThatI KnowMYBrain…
  26. I Can UnderstandYOUR Brain…
  27. You Can UnderstandMy Brain…
  28. …And TheBrains OfTheWholegroup
  29. groupDevelopmentStep 4:Step 4:Step 4:Step 4:
  30. Once YourPeople GetTHIS…
  31. They Comprehend TheirMost PowerfulAsset…
  32. MentalDiversity
  33. They BeginToTRUST…
  34. Manage TheirDifferences…
  36. MakeGreat Decisions
  37. Solve Problemsphoto credit: colemama via photopin cc
  38. …COLLABORATE……COACHone another…
  39. …And BecomeBetterEngaged
  40. An Organization ThatHarnesses ItsMental DiversityCan DoANYTHING
  41. SelF-AwarenessStep 1:Step 1:Step 1:Step 1:SelF-ManagementStep 2:Step 2:Step 2:Step 2:FOUR SIMPLE STEPS:groupDevelopmentStep 4:Step 4:Step 4:Step 4:groupAwarenessStep 3:Step 3:Step 3:Step 3:
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