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Odontgenic infections


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Odontgenic infections

  1. 1. *Odontogenic infection 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 1 *Dr. Hamed Orafi
  2. 2. *Odontogenic infections *Infection *Abscess *Cellulitis 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 2
  3. 3. *Factors determining the extent of infection *Microbe *Virulence *Dose, no of infecting microbes *Portal of entry i.e. pulp, periodontal, surgical wounds *Toxic factors released 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 3
  4. 4. *Host *General factors *Health status of patient *Immnuocompetency *Extremes of age 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 4
  5. 5. *Local factors *Local blood supply , vascularity *Local anatomy infection spread along pathways of least resistance i.e. potential fascial planes, tissue spaces 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 5
  6. 6. *Natural history of dental infections Pulpitis Acute subacute chronic Apical periodontitis Acute chronic Periapical granuloma Dental cyst 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 6
  7. 7. pulpitis Facial cellulitis Facial abscess osteomyelitis Apical abscess acute chronic 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 7
  8. 8. Facial cellulitis Ludwig’s angina Cavernous sinus thrombosis mediastinitis septicemiadeath 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 8
  9. 9. *Buccinator below facial, above intraoral swelling *Mylohyoid below deep sublingual space above superficial. Sublingual *Masseter in-between submasseteric lateral temporal space *Medial pterygoid lateral pterygomandibular space, medially lateral pharyngeal, post. Retropharyngeal space *Buccinator laterally above buccal space Below intraoral swelling Hard palate medially palatal abscess Maxillary sinus superiorly Maxillary sinusitis *Anatomical pathways of spread of dental infections 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 9
  10. 10. *Pain toothache *Erythema gingivitis *Oedema I/O or E/O swelling *Pus discharge *Fistula formation *Pyrexia *Tachycardia *Tachypnea *Lymphadenopathy *Malaise *leukocytosis *Clinical features of dental infections 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 10
  11. 11. *Principles of management of simple dental infections *Local measures *Systemic measures 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 11
  12. 12. *Local measures *Drainage *Maintain drainage *Eliminate the cause 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 12
  13. 13. *drainage *Incision into fluctuant swelling *Open root canal *Extract tooth 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 13
  14. 14. *Maintain drainage *Insert corrugated drain tube or strip *Warm salt water mouth rinses 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 14
  15. 15. *Eliminate the cause *Extraction of the non-vital tooth *Debridement of necrotic tissue *Root canal therapy *Periodontal therapy 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 15
  16. 16. *Systemic measures *In conjunction with systemic measures *Bed rest *Maintain fluid intake maybe iv *Analgesics *Antibiotics 12/16/2014Dr Hamed Orafi 16