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Take Back Control of your CPD

A presentation used during a workshop with Tunisia TESOL on its 6th National DAY at CREFOC Nabeul.

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Take Back Control of your CPD

  1. 1. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CPD Hamdi Nsir Korba Prep School October, 2016
  2. 2. Definition CPD stands for: ‘…all natural learning experiences and those conscious and planned activities which are intended to be of direct or indirect benefit to the individual, group or school and which contribute through these to the quality of education in the classroom. It is the process by which, alone and with others, teachers … acquire and develop critically the knowledge, skills and emotional intelligence essential to good professional thinking, planning and practice.’ (Day, 1999: 4). Continuing Professional Development.
  3. 3. What do English teachers need to know and be able to do? Paul Woods– British Council Uruguay 30 May , 2014 8th Panama Capacitaciones Conference
  4. 4. Why CPD? Going forward: Continuing Professional Development for English Language Teachers in the UK © British Council 2012
  5. 5. Why CPD?
  6. 6. Why CPD?
  7. 7. Why CPD?  Teachers keep their knowledge and skills up to date .  Teachers build self-confidence and cope with positive change.  Teachers achieve progression and advancement.  Higher positions and higher salaries.  Upgrades, social, interpersonal and cross-cultural skills . adapted from :
  8. 8.  Conferences.  Groups.  Magazines.  Observation.  Pair Coaching.  Workshops. Continuing Professional Development for English Language Teachers in the UK © British Council 2012 CPD Forms
  9. 9. CPD Forms  guides and handbooks  webinars  Seminars (F2F and online)  News  Blogging  podcasts  publications and research papers
  10. 10. Other CPD Forms
  11. 11. About a 100 ways to improve your teaching and career prospects, most of them free. elt/
  12. 12. CPD isn’t an easy task but,
  13. 13. “There’s no such thing as a career path. It’s crazy paving, and you have to lay it yourself.” Sir Dominic Cadbury
  14. 14. Wrap-up Access and invest the various sources of information (blogs, video, podcasts, webinars, sites...) Be the lifelong learner Search for career opportunities Ask the right questions:  How can I get there?  What skills and knowledge do I need?  Who can help me? Make a plan, involve others (PLNs), take action!
  15. 15. Thank You!