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Internet marketing

  1. 1. Internet Marketing WIEF WebReach Internet Marketing Workshop
  2. 2. Internet Marketing Module• URL submission• Generic Online Classifieds• Industry-specific Portals• Photo marketing• Information marketing / – Document (powerpoint / pdf / word doc) – Video• Google Places• QR Code
  4. 4. URL Submission• Search engines uses a ‘crawler’ to scour around the Internet for new content and changes/updates to old content• The crawler then indexes content found into huge databases• When a user perform a keyword search, results are taken from the indexed databases• Due to the super huge number of content created and edited at any given time, crawlers can take weeks to index a new website
  5. 5. URL Submission• One way to help crawlers (such as GoogleBot) find our website is to inform it – via URL submission• Activity 5: – Perform submission to top 3 search engines – Google: • Click on Website Owner • Click on Add your URL – Yahoo! And Bing: • Click on Submit Your Site (under Key Resources – right column) • Scroll down and submit anonymously
  7. 7. Generic Online Directory• Similar to newspaper classifieds or phonebook and yellow-pages• Why advertise on online directories – Visibility • Typically online directories have lots of content and reach; and get good hit rate which translate to good ranking for certain keywords – It’s Free • Doesn’t cost anything to advertise – Help with 3rd party link-back • By redirecting traffic back to your web address or FB page address, it will help improve your website ranking
  8. 8. Generic Online Directory• Tips on registering on online directories – Type of directory • Business listing • Classifieds • Mini website – Popularity of directory • Lots of other listing • Listing of relatively good quality • Get lots of traffic (check – Placement of keywords / tags – Bring back traffic to your website or Fanpage (where applicable) – Check suitability as per target market • If your market is local then look out for local directory listing
  9. 9. Generic Online Directory• Activity : List your website on multiple free directories – Start by performing search / local search for suitable directory – Understand briefly site usage policy – Register and list your company / product / service
  10. 10. Things to take note on Online Directories• Know how to search for relevant online directories – Based on your industry / product type – Based on the market you are targeting• Know the different types of online directories and how you use that to advertise your product / services – You may have to adjust your descriptions etc
  11. 11. Points to remember when performing listing• Business name / listing name – Always use hybrid company / brand together with keywords• Description – Always have a short and concise description ready filled with keywords• Categorization – Make sure suitable categories are selected• Link back to your website – If the platform allows, always link back
  12. 12. Activities on Online Directories• Search for free local online directories• Search for free specific / specialized local online directories• Search for free ‘targeted’ directories (in market that you want to target)
  14. 14. Specific Online Directory• Specific portals or vertical portals that cater to a particular industry, target market, demographic or interest• Engagement can be in the form of: – Online listing – Targeted advertising – Participation in online groups / forums – Advertise in marketplaces (also in FB)• Activity: Conduct search on suitable vertical portals and FB groups/pages; and formulate best engagement strategy
  16. 16. Photo Marketing• Image searches and image sharing is increasingly becoming popular and can be utilized as one of the ways to be found on the Internet• Images indexed by search engines can be – Embedded in your own website – Hosted on photo sharing sites – Uploaded onto directories and other platforms
  17. 17. Photo Marketing• Steps to preparing photos: – Filename: make sure filename is changed to keywords – Include ‘tags’ to photos (where applicable) using keywords – Enter description on photos (where applicable) using keywords – Share photos on photo sharing sites • • •• With emergence of new web applications such as Pinterest, photo marketing can really help generate referral traffic to your website
  19. 19. Information Marketing• An effective way to attract viewers and referral traffic to your website / blog / Fanpage / etc• The underlying principle is ‘knowledge sharing’ – Educating the market on certain aspects of your industry – Sharing of valuable tips and tricks – Sharing of template / check-list – Expert opinion – Technical paper• Can be in multiple formats (word document, notes on FB, video, image, powerpoint, etc)
  20. 20. Information Marketing• Checklist for successful strategy: – Create very good information package; can be in multiple format/medium – Use indirect approach (knowledge sharing vs hard selling) – Upload content to a good distribution platform – Make sure title, tags and description are crafted properly; embed keywords where appropriate• Activity: – Create and Upload a 3-4 page powerpoint presentation on a topic that is related to your industry to – Publish and share the content
  21. 21. Information Marketing• Activity: – Create and Upload a 30 second video onto Youtube using – Publish and share the video
  23. 23. Google Places
  24. 24. Google Places
  25. 25. Google Places• One of the easiest ways to get good ranking for location-based searches• Tips on getting good ranking: – Company/Organization name: use brand name or company name with desired keyword – Description field: include as many keywords as possible – Category: one category should be Google defined category (select from drop down list); the rest should be defined according to keyword areas and can be in multiple language – Fill up all relevant data, include photos and videos (if available)• Activity: Start with
  26. 26. QR CODE
  27. 27. QR Code Basics• QR Code is short for Quick Response Code• It is a 2D barcode that allows for multiple type of information to be coded into a 2D diagram – Browse / bookmark a website – Send SMS or make phone call – Send email – Google Map – Tweet on Twitter – Etc• Uses of QR Code – Can be printed on product brochure, business cards, published on FB Fanpage and website• How to access? – Need QR Code reader – typically available on smartphones or downloadable (search on google)• Activity: Generate your own QR Code and place it on your marketing collaterals – Go to or generator/ – Cool QR Code: